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Female - Rhode Island State Raw Records Raw Open -63 Total push-pull
Name Weight Date Location Status Certificate
Maria Capuano 245 kg 10/10/2017 2017 Raw National Championships Confirmed Certificate
Maria Capuano 225 kg 05/06/2017 2017 Massachusetts and Rhode Island State Championships Confirmed Certificate
Bintou Marong 220 kg 12/03/2016 2016 New England Open Confirmed Certificate
Heather Wolfenden 210 kg 11/07/2015 USAPL Connecticut Strength Sports Festival Confirmed Certificate
Bintou Marong 197.5 kg 05/28/2016 MA and RI Open State Championships Confirmed Certificate
Alexandra Mackenzie 157.5 kg 04/14/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals Confirmed Certificate