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Female - Massachusetts Raw State Records Raw Teen 1 -72 Bench press
Name Weight Date Location Status Certificate
Lauren Pimentel 67.5 kg 08/18/2018 Northeast Regionals Confirmed Certificate
Lauren Pimentel 65 kg 06/03/2018 Massachusetts And Rhode Island State Championship Confirmed Certificate
Lauren Pimentel 62.5 kg 03/11/2018 8th Annual Ryan Moore New England States High School States Championships Confirmed Certificate
Gabriella Cummins 55 kg 03/15/2015 5th Ryan Moore New England HS Open Confirmed Certificate
Gabriella Cummins 52.5 kg 02/08/2015 Elite Sports and Fitness High School Open Confirmed Certificate
Taylor O'Connor 45 kg 02/08/2014 Eltie S&F High School Open Confirmed Certificate