Lifting Database


Date Name Sanction # State Results Homepage
12/19/2020 Jingle Jam NY-2020-04 New York
12/06/2020 Long Island Winter Showdown III NY-2020-13 New York
10/24/2020 Halloween Havoc III NY-2020-14 New York
03/14/2020 Squats and Science Championship NY-2020-10 New York
02/22/2020 Ivy League Invitational II NY-2020-09 New York
02/15/2020 New York State Championships NY-2020-02 New York
02/09/2020 3rd Annual Mustache Mayhem NY-2020-06 New York
01/25/2020 SBWC Box of Rats Invitational NY-2020-01 New York
01/18/2020 Northeast Iron Beast Pro Winter Classic VII NY-2020-03 New York
12/14/2019 United Barbell Winter Classic NY-2019-19 New York
12/08/2019 Long Island Winter Showdown II NY-2019-14 New York
11/09/2019 Salute to Service III NY-2019-18 New York
10/27/2019 SBWC High School Fall Classic NY-2019-21 New York
10/26/2019 Halloween Havoc II NY-2019-15 New York
09/28/2019 SBWC Fall Classic NY-2019-20 New York
09/15/2019 Rochester Rumble II NY-2019-17 New York
07/20/2019 2nd Annual Eat Rite Sports Expo NY-2019-11 New York
07/13/2019 Liberty Games NY-2019-12 New York
06/29/2019 New York State Bench Press Championships NY-2019-13 New York
06/15/2019 New York State Championships NY-2019-16 New York
05/11/2019 Western NY Championships NY-2019-04 New York
05/04/2019 New York Ladies of Iron NY-2019-09 New York
04/27/2019 SBWC Spring Classic NY-2019-06 New York
04/13/2019 Spring Break Throwdown II NY-2019-02 New York
03/23/2019 Squats & Science Championship NY-2019-08 New York
02/16/2019 2nd Annual Mustache Mayhem NY-2019-03 New York
02/16/2019 Murder of Crows Open NY-2019-10 New York
02/02/2019 SBWC Box of Rats Invitational NY-2019-07 New York
01/19/2019 Northeast Iron Beast Winter Classic VI NY02019-01 New York
01/12/2019 United Barbell Classic NY-2019-05 New York
12/02/2018 Long Island Winter Showdown NY-2018-14 New York
12/02/2018 Murder of Crows December Open NY-2018-18 New York
11/10/2018 Salute to Service II NY-2018-09 New York
11/03/2018 Ivy League Invitational Championships NY-2018-17 New York
10/27/2018 SBWC Fall Classic NY-2018-16 New York
07/28/2018 Buffalo Sports Expo NY-2018-12 New York
07/07/2018 Liberty Games NY-2018-15 New York
06/02/2018 NY State Champonships NY-2018-01 New York
05/19/2018 Long Island Spring Showdown NY-2018-13 New York
05/12/2018 Rochester Rumble NY-2018-11 New York
04/28/2018 2018 SBWC Spring Classic NY-2018-06 New York
04/14/2018 Spring Break Throwdown NY-2018-02 New York
03/10/2018 2018 Squats & Science Championship NY-2018-08 New York
02/18/2018 2018 Murder of Crows Barbell Club Open NY-2018-05 New York
02/17/2018 2018 Mustache Mayhem NY-2018-04 New York
02/03/2018 2018 SBWC Winter Invitational NY-2018-07 New York
01/20/2018 Northeast Iron Beast Winter Classic V NY-2018-03 New York
12/02/2017 2017 Army-Navy Invitational NY-2017-16 New York
11/18/2017 Long Island Gobbler Open NY-2017-14 New York
11/11/2017 Salute to Service NY-2017-12 New York
11/04/2017 Ivy League Championships II NY-2017-15 New York
10/28/2017 Finger Lakes Championships NY-2017-13 New York
10/27/2017 2017 SBWC Fall Classic NY-2017-05 New York
07/08/2017 Liberty Games 2017 NY-2017-10 New York
06/10/2017 Syracuse Summer Showdown NY-2017-11 New York
05/13/2017 Westchester County Championships II NY-2017-07 New York
04/29/2017 2017 SBWC Spring Classic NY-2017-02 New York
04/15/2017 Buffalo Battle at the Border NY-2017-06 New York
03/25/2017 Squats & Science Powerlifting Championship NY-2017-09 New York
03/11/2017 2017 Spring Forward Championship NY-2017-01 New York
02/19/2017 2017 Murder of Crows Open NY-2017-08 New York
02/05/2017 2017 SBWC Winter Invitational NY-2017-04 New York
01/28/2017 Northeast Iron Beast Classic IV NYS Championships NY-2017-03 New York
11/12/2016 Ivy League Championship NY-2016-13 New York
11/05/2016 2016 SBWC Fall Classic NY-2016-07 New York
10/02/2016 New York State Championships NY-2016-01 New York
09/17/2016 Buffalo Fall Powerfest NY-2016-12 New York
09/10/2016 Squats & Science Raw Powerlifting Challenge NY-2016-11 New York
08/13/2016 Northern NY Championships NY-2016-10 New York
07/30/2016 Staten Island Championships NY-2016-08 New York
07/09/2016 Liberty Games NY-2016-09 New York
05/14/2016 Westchester Championships NY-2016-06 New York
04/30/2016 SBWC Spring Classic NY-2016-03 New York
03/19/2016 Western NY Championships NY-2016-05 New York
02/13/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Northeast Regional Championships NY-2016-04 New York
01/23/2016 Northeast Iron Beast USA Powerlifting Winter Classic III NY-2016-02 New York
10/03/2015 Northeast Iron Beast Fall USAPL Push/Pull NY-2015-09 New York
09/12/2015 SBWC Raw Open Powerlifting Fall Classic 2015 NY-2015-08 New York
08/15/2015 2015 USAPL Limitless Championship NY-2015-07 New York
07/11/2015 Liberty Games NY-2015-03 New York
06/28/2015 SBWC Summer Invitational 2015 NY-2015-06 New York
05/02/2015 Orange County Powerlifting Championships NY-2015-02 New York
04/25/2015 SBWC Raw Open Powerlifting Spring Classic 2015 NY-2015-04 New York
04/25/2015 SBWC Raw Open Powerlifting Spring Classic 2015 New York
03/13/2015 2 MAN QUALIFIER NY-2015-05 New York
01/25/2015 Northeast Iron Beast Winter Classic II NY-2015-01 New York
10/18/2014 SBWC Raw Open Powerlifting Fall Classic 2014 NY-2014-06 New York
09/13/2014 New York State Championships 2014 NY-2014-04 New York
02/22/2014 Albany Strength USAPL POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIP NY-2014-02 New York
01/19/2014 Northeast Iron Beast Winter Classic NY-2014-01 New York