Lifting Database


Date Name Sanction # State Results Homepage
04/06/2024 Paragon Open V AUS-2024-14 Australia
04/06/2024 Iron Souls II KOR-2024-03 South Korea
04/06/2024 Kingdom Charity Clash SC-2024-12 South Carolina
04/06/2024 Avengers Spring Classic II PA-2024-09 Pennsylvania
04/06/2024 POD April TX-2024-33 Texas
04/06/2024 Pittsburgh Spring Classic PA-2024-17 Pennsylvania
03/30/2024 F.Q. Spring SBD NV-2024-06 Nevada
03/30/2024 New Hampshire State Championships NH-2024-01 New Hampshire
03/23/2024 Melee Madness GA-2024-06 Georgia
03/23/2024 Soda Town Showdown SC-2024-09 South Carolina
03/23/2024 North Carolina State Championships NC-2024-08 North Carolina
03/23/2024 Maine State Championship ME-2024-01 Maine
03/23/2024 Oakland Max Out CA-2024-16 California
03/23/2024 8th Annual Capital City Barbell Championship FL-2024-10 Florida
03/23/2024 Spring Classic
03/23/2024 Reign of Iron CO-2024-02 Colorado
03/23/2024 East Ave Spring Iron NY-2024-01 New York
03/23/2024 SoCal Showdown 3: Revenge of the Lifts CA-2024-11 California
03/23/2024 DCF End Game PA-2024-15 Pennsylvania
03/23/2024 Battle at Bionic Barbell NM-2024-01 New Mexico
03/23/2024 Bay Area Barbell's March BABness CA-2024-14 California
03/17/2024 Whippany Athletic Clash of the Immortals NJ-2024-11 New Jersey
03/16/2024 OneUp Shamrock Classic NE-2024-04 Nebraska
03/16/2024 Madness Open WI-2024-03 Wisconsin
03/16/2024 Oregon State Championships OR-2024-01 Oregon
03/16/2024 Make Your Own Luck Open CA-2024-08 California
03/16/2024 New York State Championships NY-2024-02 New York
03/16/2024 Shamrock Showdown VA-2024-07 Virginia
03/16/2024 Military, Fire and Police National Championship NS-2024-06 Texas
03/16/2024 The Irish Bout FL-2024-01 Florida
03/16/2024 Connecticut State Championships CT-2024-02 Connecticut
03/10/2024 TBS Rookie Roundup TX-2024-05 Texas
03/10/2024 Resurgence Open NJ-2024-09 New Jersey
03/10/2024 AMF Spring Classic IN-2024-03 Indiana
03/09/2024 Cajun Pride Qualifier LA-2024-10 Louisiana
03/09/2024 Rocky Rumble II NY-2024-16 New York
03/09/2024 TBS Rodeo Open TX-2024-07 Texas
03/09/2024 Rumble at The Ranch WI-2024-013 Wisconsin
03/09/2024 Nevada State Championships NV-2024-01 Nevada
03/09/2024 14th Annual Ryan Moore New England High School Championships MA-2024-04 Massachusetts
03/09/2024 TSF Team Champs at the Fort AUS-2024-01 Australia
03/09/2024 Tampa Showdown III FL-2024-17 Florida
03/09/2024 Missouri State Championship & Primetime MO-2024-01 Missouri
03/03/2024 Arnold - Pro Series Equipped Finals NS-2024-03 Ohio
03/03/2024 Arnold - Arnold Bench Bash NS-2024-03 Ohio
03/03/2024 Arnold - Pro Series Bench Finals NS-2024-03 Ohio
03/03/2024 Brisbane Classic AUS-2024-07 Australia
03/02/2024 Texas Strength Classic TX-2024-11 Texas
03/02/2024 Winter Thaw VA-2024-08 Virginia
03/02/2024 Pelican State Open LA-2024-02 Louisiana
03/02/2024 Longhorn Open TX-2024-20 Texas
03/02/2024 Arnold - A7 Raw Challenge NS-2024-03 Ohio
03/02/2024 Arnold - Grand Prix NS-2024-03 Ohio
03/02/2024 Arnold - Pro Series Raw Finals NS-2024-03 Ohio
03/02/2024 Illinois State Championships and Primetime IL-2024-01 Illinois
03/02/2024 STS Shamrock Showcase CA-2024-04 California
03/02/2024 WHSPA State Championships WI-2024-10 Wisconsin
03/02/2024 Hidden Strength Spring Brawl CA-2024-10 California
03/01/2024 Arnold - Masters of Iron NS-2024-03 Ohio
03/01/2024 Arnold - Masters of Iron Bench NS-2024-03 Ohio
03/01/2024 Arnold - Masters Pro Series Bench Finals NS-2024-03 Ohio
03/01/2024 Arnold - Masters Pro Series Finals NS-2024-03 Ohio
02/24/2024 Arizona State Championships AZ-2024-01 Arizona
02/24/2024 Liberty Bell Classic PA-2024-14 Pennsylvania
02/24/2024 Absolute Flex Appeal Spring Fling CA-2024-01 California
02/24/2024 Full Send MI-2024-02 Michigan
02/24/2024 Hometown Winter Clash MD-2024-03 Maryland
02/24/2024 Alabama State Championship AL-2024-01 Alabama
02/24/2024 Leinster Championship IRL-2024-01 Ireland
02/24/2024 Delaware State Championships DE-2024-01 Delaware
02/24/2024 2nd Annual North Garland Classic TX-2024-21 Texas
02/24/2024 Elemental Strength Summer Showdown AUS-2024-03 Australia
02/24/2024 The Honam Royal Rumble KOR-2024-02 South Korea
02/24/2024 Colorado State Championship CO-2024-01 Colorado
02/23/2024 Georgia State Championship GA-2024-03 Georgia
02/18/2024 Qualifier Meet for High School Nationals TX-2024-31 Texas
02/18/2024 Husky Classic NH-2024-03 New Hampshire
02/18/2024 Rookie 2.0 Competition WA-2024-09 Washington
02/18/2024 Garden State Winter War NJ-2024-01 New Jersey
02/17/2024 Tacoma Rookie Competition WA-2024-03 Washington
02/17/2024 Rookie Ruckus 2 NY-2024-03 New York
02/17/2024 Iron Built Open VA-2024-15 Virginia
02/17/2024 Val-Lift-Time Open WI-2024-02 Wisconsin
02/17/2024 Oak City Open NC-2024-01 North Carolina
02/17/2024 Horned Frog Collegiate Clash TX-2024-22 Texas
02/17/2024 Raging Romantics PA-2024-01 Pennsylvania
02/17/2024 Project Barbell CA-2023-09 California
02/17/2024 Ukiyo Grand Prix HI-2024-01 Hawaii
02/11/2024 Heartbreaker High School & Collegiate Special CA-2024-07 California
02/11/2024 Boston Open MA-2024-02 Massachusetts
02/11/2024 Yo Levanto Sola IL-2024-06 Illinois
02/10/2024 Friends University Open KS-2024-02 Kansas
02/10/2024 Words Have Weight SC-2024-06 South Carolina
02/10/2024 Aggie Showdown TX-2024-18 Texas
02/10/2024 Virginia Pretty Good Meet VA-2024-10 Virginia
02/10/2024 Heavy Singles TX-2024-08 Texas
02/10/2024 Iowa State Open IA-2024-01 Iowa
02/10/2024 Heartbreaker Open CA-2024-05 California
02/10/2024 Wolfpack High School Open MA-2024-01 Massachusetts
02/10/2024 Oklahoma State Championships OK-2024-01 Oklahoma
02/10/2024 Evergreen State Showdown WA-2024-04 Washington
02/10/2024 Illinois Open IL-2024-10 Illinois
02/04/2024 Colorado Collegiate Qualifier CO-2024-04 Colorado
02/04/2024 Ghost Strong Miami Open FL-2024-05 Florida
02/03/2024 Lexington High School Open NE-2024-02 Nebraska
02/03/2024 Beyond Limits Classic OH-2024-03 Ohio
02/03/2024 Tasmanian State Championships AUS-2024-04 Australia
02/03/2024 Mustache Mayhem 7 NY-2024-10 New York
02/03/2024 3rd Annual Capital City Classic LA-2024-06 Louisiana
02/03/2024 Battle at Vicksburg MS-2024-01 Mississippi
02/03/2024 Midwest Collegiate Regionals IL-2024-02 Illinois
02/03/2024 Resolution Reload NV-2024-02 Nevada
01/28/2024 All Academy NY-2024-19 New York
01/27/2024 Midwest Collegiate Cup OH-2024-02 Ohio
01/27/2024 Rookie Riot SC-2024-07 South Carolina
01/27/2024 Valkyrie Rising KOR-2024-01 South Korea
01/27/2024 Wyoming State Championship WY-2024-01 Wyoming
01/27/2024 West Loop Winter Classic IL-2024-03 Illinois
01/27/2024 Bars' Loaded MD-2024-01 Maryland
01/27/2024 SBWC Winter Classic NY-2024-14 New York
01/27/2024 Nebraska State Championship NE-2024-03 Nebraska
01/27/2024 DCF Philly January Jawn PA-2024-13 Pennsylvania
01/27/2024 Pittsburgh Winter Classic PA-2024-12 Pennsylvania
01/27/2024 Kansas State Championships KS-2024-01 Kansas
01/27/2024 Florida Rookie Rumble I FL-2024-02 Florida
01/20/2024 Texas State Championship TX-2024-06 Texas
01/20/2024 AF-Mauston Qualifier WI-2024-15 Wisconsin
01/20/2024 Virginia Winter Open VA-2024-13 Virginia
01/20/2024 Big Horn Bash TX-2024-03 Texas
01/20/2024 Wisconsin Warrior Open WI-2024-01 Wisconsin
01/20/2024 BBT Winter Mayhem UT-2024-01 Utah
01/20/2024 Frozen Iron High School Classic IL-2024-05 Illinois
01/20/2024 SoCal Winter Classic CA-2024-02 California
01/20/2024 Sumus Primi MA-2024-10 Massachusetts
01/20/2024 Keystone Cup PA-2024-16 Pennsylvania
01/20/2024 Central Florida Open FL-2024-03 Florida
01/20/2024 Michigan High School & Collegiate Open MI-2024-01 Michigan
01/14/2024 Cajun Prep Open LA-2024-01 Louisiana
01/14/2024 NJ High School and Youth Championship NJ-2024-02 New Jersey
01/14/2024 Worcester Open MA-2024-04 Massachusetts
01/13/2024 Uncle Sam's Winter Classic SC-2024-04 South Carolina
01/13/2024 New Years ReSWOLLution IN-2024-02 Indiana
01/13/2024 Lions Den Open NC-2024-07 North Carolina
01/13/2024 New Year Open OH-2024-01 Ohio
01/13/2024 Winter Games of Texas TX-2024-09 Texas
01/13/2024 Georgia Southeast Collegiate Cup GA-2024-04 Georgia
01/13/2024 9th Annual St. John's High School Classic MA-2024-03 Massachusetts
01/13/2024 Snowflake Showdown CT-2024-01 Connecticut
01/13/2024 Battle at the Beach FL-2024-04 Florida
01/07/2024 Georgia High School State Championships GA-2024-02 Georgia
01/06/2024 TruBorn Rookie Rumble GA-2024-01 Georgia
01/06/2024 Odyssey Barbell Winter Open NH-2024-02 New Hampshire
01/06/2024 Virginia Capitol City Classic VA-2024-09 Virginia
01/06/2024 AAO New Years Bash CA-2024-03 California
01/06/2024 TSS ROOKIE RIOT TX-2024-10 Texas
01/06/2024 Avengers Winter Smash II PA-2024-08 Pennsylvania
01/01/2024 Eastern China New Year Classic CHN-2024-02 China
12/17/2023 Adelante Winter Heat NJ-2023-10 New Jersey
12/17/2023 Paragon Open IV AUS-2023-32 Australia
12/16/2023 Electric City Open SC-2023-10 South Carolina
12/16/2023 Intrepid Classic NY-2023-26 New York
12/16/2023 Strong Hawk Invitational LA-2023-11 Louisiana
12/16/2023 Christmas Miracle MS-2023-02 Mississippi
12/16/2023 Winter Classic CHN-2023-04 China
12/16/2023 Holiday Hoist ID-2023-03 Idaho
12/16/2023 South Florida Showdown FL-2023-15 Florida
12/16/2023 ANYONE CAN LIFT KOR-2023-07 South Korea
12/16/2023 Lifelong Classic KS-2023-06 Kansas
12/16/2023 Cougar Classic TX-2023-39 Texas
12/16/2023 Klash at Kingdom TX-2023-30 Texas
12/16/2023 Bay Area Barbell Winter Swolestice II CA-2023-31 California
12/16/2023 Team GPT Invitational CT-2023-09 Connecticut
12/09/2023 Michigan Rookie Rumble MI-2023-12 Michigan
12/09/2023 Liftmas Open WI-2023-11 Wisconsin
12/09/2023 Heavy Liftmas WY-2023-07 Wyoming
12/09/2023 STS Winter Wars CA-2023-33 California
12/09/2023 Teen and Collegiate Open WI-2023-20 Wisconsin
12/09/2023 Alpha Omega Christmas Classic OH-2023-17 Ohio
12/09/2023 Warrior Collegiate Open NE-2023-09 Nebraska
12/09/2023 Clash at the Colosseum MA-2023-14 Massachusetts
12/09/2023 Carrie Boudreau Big Pullooza ME-2023-05 Maine
12/09/2023 TSF Open 2023 AUS-2023-20 Australia
12/09/2023 Philadelphia Winter War PA-2023-10 Pennsylvania
12/09/2023 Texas Open TX-2023-29 Texas
12/09/2023 Solstice Showdown NV-2023-06 Nevada
12/09/2023 Kilo Showdown II TX-2023-49 Texas
12/09/2023 Rhode Island State Championships RI-2023-02 Rhode Island
12/09/2023 Missouri State Bench Press Championship MO-2023-09 Missouri
12/03/2023 Virginia Winter Wrecker VA-2023-17 Virginia
12/02/2023 Teen and Academic Iron Games AUS-2023-30 Australia
12/02/2023 Dig Deep Rookie/Novice Showcase NY-2023-18 New York
12/02/2023 Philadelphia Love Championship PA-2023-28 Pennsylvania
12/02/2023 Ataraxis Open II NY-2023-29 New York
12/02/2023 New Jersey State Collegiate Championship NJ-2023-09 New Jersey
12/02/2023 Krampus is Coming to Town V2 CO-2023-10 Colorado
12/02/2023 21st Annual Team Phoenix Holiday Classic WA-2023-08 Washington
12/02/2023 Collegiate Cup TX-2023-28 Texas
12/02/2023 Alaska State Championship AK-2023-06 Alaska
12/02/2023 Barbell Brigade Winter Finale CA-2023-37 California
12/02/2023 Holiday Havoc GA-2023-14 Georgia
11/25/2023 Avia Performance Open II AUS-2023-24 Australia
11/25/2023 EuroTour Round 1 - The Inauguration ENG-2023-02 England
11/25/2023 Hobart Championships AUS-2023-19 Australia
11/25/2023 South Coast Championships AUS-2023-31 Australia
11/25/2023 Winter Mania HGK-2023-04 Hong Kong
11/19/2023 Underground Showdown CA-2023-32 California
11/19/2023 Virginia Commonwealth Cup VA-2023-18 Virginia
11/18/2023 Winter Classic UT-2023-02 Utah
11/18/2023 Casper Chill WY-2023-06 Wyoming
11/18/2023 Surge Classic IL-2023-11 Illinois
11/18/2023 Crossroads Collegiate Showdown IN-2023-04 Indiana
11/18/2023 Whiz Wit Classic PA-2023-27 Pennsylvania
11/18/2023 Beginner's Brawl OH-2023-16 Ohio
11/18/2023 Arkansas State Championships AR-2023-02 Arkansas
11/18/2023 Massachusetts State Championships MA-2023-03 Massachusetts
11/18/2023 Sioux Empire Open SD-2023-04 South Dakota
11/18/2023 Michigan State Championships MI-2023-11 Michigan
11/18/2023 Florida Collegiate State Championship FL-2023-20 Florida
11/18/2023 Paradigm Strength Classic TX-2023-42 Texas
11/18/2023 Central Collegiate Regionals NE-2023-08 Nebraska
11/18/2023 Sincere Training Systems Classic II NY-2023-21 New York
11/18/2023 Brewhouse Brawl OK-2023-04 Oklahoma
11/18/2023 Strength Culture Cup #3 AUS-2023-28 Australia
11/18/2023 Louisiana State Meet LA-2023-08 Louisiana
11/18/2023 Lokahi Open HI-2023-06 Hawaii
11/12/2023 Kentucky State Championship KY-2023-02 Kentucky
11/12/2023 New Jersey Iron Gobbler Championship NJ-2023-08 New Jersey
11/12/2023 Collegiate Invite MO-2023-10 Missouri
11/11/2023 Maine Event: Harvest Moon Classic ME-2023-06 Maine
11/11/2023 Ohio State Championship OH-2023-12 Ohio
11/11/2023 Ohio Open OH-2023-12 Ohio
11/11/2023 Fall Festival of Power NC-2023-05 North Carolina
11/11/2023 Georgia Collegiate Championship GA-2023-16 Georgia
11/11/2023 Brawl in the Falls TX-2023-35 Texas
11/11/2023 Strong Island Open NY-2023-13 New York
11/11/2023 Ivy League Cup NY-2023-28 New York
11/11/2023 South Carolina State Championship SC-2023-07 South Carolina
11/11/2023 Southeast Open SC-2023-07 South Carolina
11/11/2023 Piney Woods Open TX-2023-47 Texas
11/11/2023 Western Collegiate Cup CA-2023-25 California
11/11/2023 Tennessee State Classic TN-2023-04 Tennessee
11/11/2023 Thanksgiving Throwdown CA-2023-35 California
11/11/2023 Philadelphia Far Beyond Driven PA-2023-04 Pennsylvania
11/11/2023 South Omaha Stock Yard Classic NE-2023-06 Nebraska
11/11/2023 West Houston Open TX-2023-50 Texas
11/11/2023 Florida State Championships FL-2023-19 Florida
11/11/2023 Strong Enough MI-2023-13 Michigan
11/05/2023 Wisconsin Pro PRO-2023-01 Wisconsin
11/05/2023 Ghost Fall Fest FL-2023-18 Florida
11/05/2023 Virginia State Championships VA-2023-13 Virginia
11/04/2023 New Mexico State Championships NM-2023-03 New Mexico
11/04/2023 Winter Wrath OH-2023-18 Ohio
11/04/2023 5th Annual Winter War of Waco TX-2023-23 Texas
11/04/2023 Gainsgiving Open WI-2023-06 Wisconsin
11/04/2023 South Georgia Barbell Brawl GA-2023-13 Georgia
11/04/2023 Olympia International Pro Qualifier NS-2023-09 Florida
11/04/2023 Kansas Fall Brawl KS-2023-05 Kansas
11/04/2023 Squats & Science Fall Brawl NY-2023-30 New York
11/04/2023 Fall Brawl 2023 CO-2023-09 Colorado
11/04/2023 Pittsburgh Fall Classic PA-2023-25 Pennsylvania
11/04/2023 Raw Collegiate Cup and Massachusetts Collegiate State Championships MA-2023-11 Massachusetts
11/04/2023 Yokozuna CA-2023-36 California
11/04/2023 Liftsgiving Open CT-2023-05 Connecticut
11/04/2023 BBB Unite #2 AUS-2023-29 Australia
11/04/2023 Hometown Money Meet MD-2023-09 Maryland
11/04/2023 RGV Fall Classic TX-2023-27 Texas
11/03/2023 Olympia Raw Challenge NS-2023-09 Florida
10/28/2023 Georgia State Bench Press Championships GA-2023-09 Georgia
10/28/2023 Day of the Deads GA-2023-08 Georgia
10/28/2023 Western MASSacre MA-2023-13 Massachusetts
10/28/2023 Korea Spartan Series KOR-2023-08 South Korea
10/28/2023 AAO Lift Games CA-2023-30 California
10/28/2023 Philadelphia Fall Showdown PA-2023-26 Pennsylvania
10/28/2023 Resurgence Autumn Classic NJ-2023-11 New Jersey
10/28/2023 H-Town Showdown TX-2023-33 Texas
10/28/2023 Arizona Fall Classic AZ-2023-03 Arizona
10/28/2023 JPS Spring Showdown AUS-2023-10 Australia
10/28/2023 North Alabama Open AL-2023-02 Alabama
10/21/2023 D-Town Showdown TX 2023-43 Texas
10/21/2023 SBWC Fall Classic NY-2023-25 New York
10/21/2023 Pittsburgh Collegiate Cup PA-2023-24 Pennsylvania
10/21/2023 Odyssey Barbell Club Classic NH-2023-05 New Hampshire
10/21/2023 The Nightmare Before Liftmas CA-2023-29 California
10/15/2023 Rookie Rumble II FL-2023-11 Florida
10/14/2023 Monster Mass Showdown CT-2023-08 Connecticut
10/14/2023 Push/Pull for Pink TX-2023-48 Texas
10/14/2023 Bay Area Barbell's Breaking BAB CA-2023-34 California
10/14/2023 Beyond Limits Fall Classic OH-2023-15 Ohio
10/14/2023 KILOS for Cancer VT-2023-02 Vermont
10/14/2023 Raleighwood Rumble NC-2023-09 North Carolina
10/14/2023 Stay in Your Lane Thrasher NY-2023-17 New York
10/14/2023 Anniversary Chaos VA-2023-10 Virginia
10/14/2023 Chi-Town Showdown IL-2023-08 Illinois
10/14/2023 Jacked O'Lantern Open WI-2023-18 Wisconsin
10/14/2023 Hidden Strength Showdown CA-2023-28 California
10/14/2023 Maryland Death by Iron MD-2023-07 Maryland
10/14/2023 Iron Pumpkin Brawl PA-2023-31 Pennsylvania
10/08/2023 Windy City Open IL-2023-09 Illinois
10/07/2023 California State Championship CA-2023-26 California
10/07/2023 Avengers Monsters Smash II PA-2023-30 Pennsylvania
10/07/2023 Culnan Classic NY-2023-16 New York
10/07/2023 Night of the Living Deadlift LA-2023-12 Louisiana
10/07/2023 Oregon Open OR-2023-02 Oregon
10/07/2023 Boro Battle GA-2023-15 Georgia
10/07/2023 Battle in the Valley OH-2023-14 Ohio
10/07/2023 Alamo City Rookie Rumble TX-2023-40 Texas
10/07/2023 Strong Husker Powerlifting NE-2023-05 Nebraska
10/07/2023 Missouri River Open MO-2023-05 Missouri
10/07/2023 Washington State Championship WA-2023-04 Washington
10/07/2023 UAP Showdown MI-2023-10 Michigan
10/07/2023 West Texas Open 5 TX-2023-44 Texas
10/01/2023 Whippany Athletic Metal War NJ-2023-06 New Jersey
09/30/2023 2023 Spartan Raw Fall Brawl WI-2023-19 Wisconsin
09/30/2023 INTERNAL TEST EVENT END-2023-01 England
09/30/2023 Northwoods Showdown II WI-2023-14 Wisconsin
09/30/2023 Beer City Brawl NC-2023-08 North Carolina
09/30/2023 Montana State Championships MT-2023-01 Montana
09/30/2023 Battle at Bull Run VA-2023-19 Virginia
09/30/2023 Philly Special PA-2023-20 Pennsylvania
09/30/2023 2L2Q Classic AL-2023-03 Alabama
09/30/2023 East coast Open II FL-2023-21 Florida
09/24/2023 New England Strength Solstice MA-2023-10 Massachusetts
09/24/2023 Heavy Metal Classic NJ-2023-07 New Jersey
09/23/2023 Mo-Kan Border War MO-2023-08 Missouri
09/23/2023 Spokane Rookie Competition WA-2023-07 Washington
09/23/2023 Australian Junior Open and Master Nationals AUS-2023-26 Australia
09/23/2023 Iron Wars TX-2023-26 Texas
09/23/2023 Connecticut Fall Classic CT-2023-04 Connecticut
09/16/2023 Honam ASSEMBLE! KOR-2023-06 South Korea
09/16/2023 Orlando Powerfest FL-2023-16 Florida
09/14/2023 Raw Nationals NS-2023-03 Tennessee
09/10/2023 War at the Workshop NY-2023-27 New York
09/09/2023 OneUp Barbell Bash NE-2023-07 Nebraska
09/09/2023 Virginia Fall Finale VA-2023-09 Virginia
09/09/2023 Mckendree University Bearcat Classic IL-2023-10 Illinois
09/09/2023 LLS Space City Bash TX-2023-46 Texas
09/09/2023 Lifting the House GA-2023-10 Georgia
09/09/2023 Staying Alive Championships II CO-2023-04 Colorado
09/09/2023 Rochester Rumble V NY-2023-11 New York
09/09/2023 BATTLE ON THE BORDER NC-2023-01 North Carolina
09/03/2023 Indiana Fall Brawl IN-2023-05 Indiana
09/03/2023 Ohio Summer Showdown OH-2023-13 Ohio
09/02/2023 Bon Temps RAW Power Challenge LA-2023-07 Louisiana
09/02/2023 Stars And Stripes Open WI-2023-05 Wisconsin
09/02/2023 Maryland State Bench & Deadlift MD-2023-04 Maryland
09/02/2023 CT Rookies Represent CT-2023-10 Connecticut
09/02/2023 Wahine Open & Kane Classic HI-2023-05 Hawaii
08/27/2023 Summer End WA-2023-05 Washington
08/26/2023 New York State Bench Championships NY-2023-22 New York
08/26/2023 Virginia Heat VA-2023-15 Virginia
08/26/2023 Mighty Mick's Classic PA-2023-19 Pennsylvania
08/26/2023 Florida Man Classic FL-2023-17 Florida
08/26/2023 Absolute Recomp Rookie Meet TX-2023-25 Texas
08/26/2023 Hong Kong Championships HGK-2023-03 Hong Kong
08/20/2023 Urban Powerhouse Open MA-2023-12 Massachusetts
08/20/2023 Alaska State Fair Showdown AK-2023-04 Alaska
08/19/2023 North Texas Open TX-2023-41 Texas
08/19/2023 Paragon Open III AUS-2023-27 Australia
08/19/2023 AAO Battle CA-2023-24 California
08/19/2023 Tournament of Power MI-2023-06 Michigan
08/19/2023 Philadelphia Summer Showdown PA-2023-03 Pennsylvania
08/19/2023 2nd Annual Power of Rise TX-2023-22 Texas
08/13/2023 Sin City Pro Qualifier NV-2023-05 Nevada
08/12/2023 Korea Nationals KOR-2023-04 South Korea
08/12/2023 Jefferson Barbell Classic NY-2023-20 New York
08/12/2023 Summer Sizzle ME-2022-04 Maine
08/12/2023 Stillwater Showdown OK-2023-03 Oklahoma
08/12/2023 TruBorn Knockout GA-2023-12 Georgia
08/12/2023 Lioness Arise NC-2023-04 North Carolina
08/12/2023 West Coast Regional Championships REG-2023-06 Nevada
08/12/2023 Ozark Mountain Classic MO-2023-07 Missouri
08/06/2023 Apex Strong Open I AUS-2023-22 Australia
08/06/2023 Mulch Making Rookie Madness NY-2023-04 New York
08/06/2023 Colorado Summertime Showdown CO-2023-08 Colorado
08/06/2023 Blazing Sun FL-2023-13 Florida
08/05/2023 RVA Iron Barbell Classic VA-2023-11 Virginia
08/05/2023 Battle on the Border TX-2023-20 Texas
08/05/2023 STS Sunset Showdown CA-2023-22 California
08/05/2023 Youth Nationals NS-2023-06 Arizona
08/05/2023 Bench Nationals NS-2023-07 Arizona
08/05/2023 Dennis Gleason Memorial CT-2023-03 Connecticut
08/05/2023 Waco Wars TX-2023-36 Texas
07/30/2023 P3 No Mercy PA-2023-29 Pennsylvania
07/29/2023 Kilo for Veterans WY-2023-05 Wyoming
07/29/2023 California Summer Open CA-2023-27 California
07/29/2023 Limitless Open WI-2023-04 Wisconsin
07/29/2023 Southwest Championships CHN-2023-03 China
07/29/2023 Santa Fe Show of Strength NM-2023-02 New Mexico
07/29/2023 Scenic City Open TN-2023-03 Tennessee
07/23/2023 Rocky Mountain State Games CO-2023-06 Colorado
07/23/2023 Elemental Strength Society Showdown AUS-2023-07 Australia
07/22/2023 920 Barbell Bash WI-2023-16 Wisconsin
07/22/2023 South Texas Showdown TX-2023-24 Texas
07/22/2023 All About The Benjamins Classic PA-2023-18 Pennsylvania
07/22/2023 Summer Smash KS-2023-03 Kansas
07/22/2023 Barbells and Barbecue IL-2023-06 Illinois
07/22/2023 Cornhusker State Games NE-2023-03 Nebraska
07/22/2023 Honolulu Night Lift HI-2023-04 Hawaii
07/22/2023 Barbell Brigade Open CA-2023-19 California
07/16/2023 Hot Hot Meet TX-2023-34 Texas
07/16/2023 Queensland State Qualifier AUS-2023-25 Australia
07/15/2023 Palmetto Classic SC-2023-06 South Carolina
07/15/2023 The Mecca Gym's Iron Inferno ID-2023-02 Idaho
07/15/2023 Northeast Regionals REG-2023-04 New York
07/15/2023 Avengers Summer Throwdown PA-2023-22 Pennsylvania
07/15/2023 Arizona Summer Sizzle AZ-2023-02 Arizona
07/15/2023 SoCal Summer Smash CA-2023-23 California
07/15/2023 Stimulus Showdown NV-2023-04 Nevada
07/13/2023 Alaska High School Summer Championship AK-2023-05 Alaska
07/08/2023 Pow(HER)ful Women's Classic NY-2023-10 New York
07/08/2023 Raw Strength Summer Showdown MI-2023-05 Michigan
07/08/2023 GRSF Iron Triathlon WY-2023-04 Wyoming
07/08/2023 22nd Street Barbell Classic IA-2023-02 Iowa
07/08/2023 Summer Classic LA-2023-09 Louisiana
07/08/2023 Indiana eclipse Classic IN-2023-01 Indiana
07/07/2023 Mid Atlantic Regional Championship REG-2023-01 New Jersey
07/02/2023 Iron Baddies NV-2023-03 Nevada
07/02/2023 Synergy Strength Open AUS-2023-16 Australia
07/01/2023 Sunshine State Showdown FL-2023-07 Florida
07/01/2023 Virginia DMV Iron Insanity VA-2023-16 Virginia
07/01/2023 Lift Fueled GA-2023-11 Georgia
07/01/2023 Stars & Stripes Showdown OH-2023-11 Ohio
07/01/2023 TBS Pro Qualifier TX-2023-37 Texas
07/01/2023 Southern Regionals REG-2023-03 Texas
07/01/2023 The Empire Lifts Back CA-2023-18 California
06/25/2023 Florida Rookie Rumble I FL-2023-12 Florida
06/24/2023 Legion Open 2023 CA-2023-20 California
06/24/2023 CT Summer Showdown CT-2022-07 Connecticut
06/24/2023 Wolf Open WI-2023-10 Wisconsin
06/24/2023 STL Toasted Summer Throwdown MO-2023-06 Missouri
06/24/2023 Beyond Limits Summer Classic OH-2023-10 Ohio
06/24/2023 Greedy Saturday Invitational FL-2023-14 Florida
06/24/2023 Pittsburgh Summer Classic PA-2023-23 Pennsylvania
06/24/2023 Maryland Power Outage MD-2023-06 Maryland
06/24/2023 Odyssey Barbell Summer Open NH-2023-03 New Hampshire
06/24/2023 Summer Power Fest TX-2023-19 Texas
06/24/2023 PRs in Paradise FL-2023-04 Florida
06/24/2023 Battle In The IE CA-2023-17 California
06/18/2023 South Australia Breakout Open AUS-2023-21 Australia
06/18/2023 South Australia Breakout Open AUS-2023-21 Australia
06/17/2023 Sport of Iron III NY-2023-06 New York
06/17/2023 Southeast Regionals REG-2023-02 North Carolina
06/17/2023 Equipped Nationals NS-2023-05 Nationals
06/17/2023 Illinois State Championship IL-2023-05 Illinois
06/11/2023 Virginia Summer Slam VA-2023-07 Virginia
06/10/2023 Maine Event: SummerSlam ME-2023-03 Maine
06/10/2023 Philly Gritty Face-Off PA-2023-16 Pennsylvania
06/10/2023 Savannah Summer Classic GA-2023-04 Georgia
06/10/2023 TSF 6th Birthday Bash AUS-2023-08 Australia
06/10/2023 Superhero Open CA-2023-09 California
06/10/2023 Nebraska State Bench Press Championships NE-2023-04 Nebraska
06/10/2023 Paragon Open II AUS-2023-23 Australia
06/04/2023 Inland Empire Strength Fest CA-2023-16 California
06/03/2023 Wyoming Open WY-2023-03 Wyoming
06/03/2023 Virginia Battle at the Beach VA-2023-12 Virginia
06/03/2023 Korea Summer Slam KOR-2023-05 South Korea
06/03/2023 Carolina Primetime Pro Qualifier SC-2023-03 South Carolina
06/03/2023 Maple Mayhem MI-2023-07 Michigan
06/03/2023 Barbell & Brine 3 NY-2023-03 New York
06/03/2023 Bay Area Barbell Open CA-2023-15 California
06/03/2023 Gateway to Champions TN-2023-02 Tennessee
06/03/2023 Midsummer Madness HGK-2023-02 Hong Kong
05/28/2023 Iron Game CHN-2023-02 China
05/28/2023 Thunderstruck FL-2023-10 Florida
05/27/2023 Central and Midwest Regional Championships REG-2023-05 Wisconsin
05/27/2023 Vermont Raw MAYhem VT-2023-01 Vermont
05/27/2023 Meet Me At The Bar TX-2023-12 Texas
05/21/2023 Georgia High School State Championship GA-2023-07 Georgia
05/21/2023 Massachusetts/ New Hampshire Single Lift State Championships NH-2023-04 New Hampshire
05/21/2023 Spring Siege 2 OH-2023-09 Ohio
05/21/2023 Adelante Classic NJ-2023-05 New Jersey
05/20/2023 Spring Siege OH-2023-06 Ohio
05/20/2023 2nd Annual West Florida Open FL-2023-09 Florida
05/20/2023 Atlanta Open and Primetime GA-2023-06 Georgia
05/20/2023 Masters World Cup TX-2023-18 Texas
05/20/2023 Louisiana State Games LA-2023-02 Louisiana
05/20/2023 Rocky Rumble NY-2023-14 New York
05/20/2023 Mayhem Open WI-2023-03 Wisconsin
05/20/2023 P3 Grand Prix TX-2023-17 Texas
05/20/2023 Pennsylvania Primetime PA-2023-21 Pennsylvania
05/20/2023 Absolute Flex Appeal Muscle Mayhem CA-2023-21 California
05/20/2023 Maryland State Championships MD-2023-05 Maryland
05/14/2023 The Tasmanian Open AUS-2023-13 Australia
05/13/2023 Philadelphia Freedom Championship PA-2023-15 Pennsylvania
05/13/2023 Ghost Summer Slam FL-2023-08 Florida
05/13/2023 WARCAT Open III CA-2023-07 California
05/13/2023 Ladies of Steel SC-2023-09 South Carolina
05/13/2023 SBWC Spring Classic NY-2023-24 New York
05/13/2023 East Texas Open TX-2023-13 Texas
05/13/2023 Paragon Open I AUS-2023-18 Australia
05/07/2023 SoCal Showdown 2 CA-2023-14 California
05/07/2023 Boston Barbell Open MA-2023-09 Massachusetts
05/06/2023 Kentucky Showdown KY-2023-01 Kentucky
05/06/2023 Alpha Omega Open OH-2023-07 Ohio
05/06/2023 Washington Ladies of Iron WA-2023-03 Washington
05/06/2023 JPS Autumn Lift Off AUS-2023-03 Australia
05/06/2023 SoCal Ladies of Iron CA-2023-11 California
05/06/2023 Wyoming Ladies of Iron WY-2023-01 Wyoming
05/06/2023 NorCal Ladies of Iron CA-2023-05 California
05/06/2023 Branch Warren Classic CO-2023-03 Colorado
05/06/2023 Massachusetts Ladies of Iron MA-2023-08 Massachusetts
05/06/2023 United Ladies of Iron WA-2023-04 Washington
05/06/2023 Georgia Ladies of Iron GA-2023-03 Georgia
05/06/2023 Squats & Science Spring Fling NY-2023-23 New York
05/06/2023 Michigan Ladies of Iron MI-2023-04 Michigan
05/06/2023 New York Ladies of Iron NY-2023-08 New York
05/06/2023 Texas Ladies of Iron TX-2023-09 Texas
05/06/2023 Maryland Ladies of Iron MD-2023-02 Maryland
05/06/2023 DMV Iron Madness VA-2023-08 Virginia
05/06/2023 Kansas Ladies of Iron KS-2023-02 Kansas
05/06/2023 Missouri Ladies of Iron MO-2023-04 Missouri
05/06/2023 Connecticut Ladies of Iron CT-2023-06 Connecticut
05/06/2023 South Dakota State Bench Press Championships SD-2023-03 South Dakota
04/30/2023 Ottawa Open KS-2023-04 Kansas
04/30/2023 MetroEast Rookie Novice Showdown IL-2023-07 Illinois
04/30/2023 Virginia Mega Novice Open VA-2023-03 Virginia
04/29/2023 PowerMania MMXXIII OH-2023-07 Ohio
04/29/2023 Big Queen Energy #2 AUS-2023-09 Australia
04/29/2023 Ukiyo Grand Prix HI-2023-02 Hawaii
04/29/2023 Spring Break Throwdown III NY-2023-19 New York
04/29/2023 Utah State Championships UT-2023-01 Utah
04/29/2023 Stand Strong Spring Storm ME-2023-02 Maine
04/29/2023 Iron Souls KOR-2023-03 South Korea
04/29/2023 Spring Showdown PA-2023-02 Pennsylvania
04/29/2023 Baltimore Single-Lift Raw Open MD-2023-03 Maryland
04/29/2023 Iron Triathlon TX-2023-10 Texas
04/29/2023 Star City Showdown NE-2023-02 Nebraska
04/29/2023 Yokey Returns CO-2023-05 Colorado
04/23/2023 Chicagoland Open IL-2023-02 Illinois
04/22/2023 West Virginia State Championship WV-2023-02 West Virginia
04/22/2023 Upstate Classic SC-2023-02 South Carolina
04/22/2023 Georgia Spring Open GA-2023-05 Georgia
04/22/2023 Crystal Coast Classic NC-2023-03 North Carolina
04/22/2023 Bens Army Services Tribute AUS-2023-05 Australia
04/22/2023 Empire Classic WA-2023-01 Washington
04/22/2023 Louisiana High School State Meet and Hub City Open LA-2023-06 Louisiana
04/22/2023 Massachusetts Spring Classic MA-2023-07 Massachusetts
04/22/2023 Exceed Full Send Classic CA-2023-08 California
04/22/2023 Wild Hog Throwdown AR-2023-01 Arkansas
04/22/2023 New Jersey State Championship NJ-2023-02 New Jersey
04/22/2023 Pennsylvania State Championship PA-2023-13 Pennsylvania
04/22/2023 Oklahoma Open OK-2023-02 Oklahoma
04/22/2023 Kilo Showdown TX-2023-32 Texas
04/22/2023 3rd Annual SSS Rookie Meet TX-2023-14 Texas
04/16/2023 Adonis Athletics Open AUS-2023-14 Australia
04/15/2023 Wooder Ice Classic PA-2023-14 Pennsylvania
04/15/2023 Thunderwolf Open CO-2023-07 Colorado
04/15/2023 7th Annual Capital City Barbell Championships FL-2023-05 Florida
04/15/2023 Hometown Spring Showdown MD-2023-08 Maryland
04/13/2023 Collegiate Nationals NS-2023-04 Texas
04/08/2023 RI Peak Performance at Top Strength RI-2023-01 Rhode Island
04/08/2023 Got 'Em Classic NY-2023-02 New York
04/08/2023 Big Rapids Brawl MI-2023-03 Michigan
04/08/2023 Rebel Rumble AK-2023-03 Alaska
04/08/2023 Avengers Spring Fling PA-2023-17 Pennsylvania
04/08/2023 Idaho State Championships ID-2023-01 Idaho
04/08/2023 San Diego Validus Open VI CA-2023-12 California
04/08/2023 Pittsburgh Spring Classic PA-2023-06 Pennsylvania
04/08/2023 2nd Annual Montgomery Showdown AM-2023-01 Alabama
04/02/2023 Brisbane Classic AUS-2023-12 Australia
04/02/2023 Steed Strength Showdown II AUS-2023-15 Australia
04/01/2023 Spring Open TX-2023-31 Texas
04/01/2023 Korea DR. STRENGTH Spring Classic KOR-2023-01 South Korea
04/01/2023 Battle at Bionic Barbell NM-2023-01 New Mexico
03/30/2023 High School Nationals NS-2023-01 South Carolina
03/25/2023 South Dakota State Championships SD-2023-02 South Dakota
03/25/2023 Avia Performance Open AUS-2023-02 Australia
03/25/2023 Korea Battle of Busan KOR-2023-02 South Korea
03/25/2023 Virginia Shamrock Showdown VA-2023-06 Virginia
03/25/2023 3rd Annual Heart of Texas TX-2023-04 Texas
03/25/2023 Iron Ice Novice Classic MN-2023-03 Minnesota
03/25/2023 New Hampshire State Championships NH-2023-02 New Hampshire
03/25/2023 Resurgence Open NJ-2023-03 New Jersey
03/25/2023 Arizona State Championships AZ-2023-01 Arizona
03/25/2023 Missouri State Primetime and Championship MO-2023-01 Missouri
03/25/2023 Elevate Barbell Championship Day 2 CO-2023-03 Colorado
03/24/2023 Elevate Barbell Championship Day 1 CO-2023-03a Colorado
03/19/2023 Badger Classic WI-2023-15 Wisconsin
03/19/2023 Virginia Winter Thaw VA-2023-02 Virginia
03/18/2023 Hong Kong Judgement Day 2023 HGK-2023-01 Hong Kong
03/18/2023 New York State Championships NY-2023-09 New York
03/18/2023 DCF End Game PA-2023-09 Pennsylvania
03/18/2023 Maine State Championship ME-2023-01 Maine
03/18/2023 North Carolina State Championships NC-2023-07 North Carolina
03/18/2023 Words Have Weight SC-2023-08 South Carolina
03/18/2023 Make Your Own Luck Open CA-2023-03 California
03/18/2023 Connecticut State Championships CT-2023-02 Connecticut
03/18/2023 Indiana State Championships IN-2023-03 Indiana
03/18/2023 2nd Annual Tampa Showdown Fl-2023-02 Florida
03/12/2023 Whippany Athletic Gods of Iron NJ-2023-04 New Jersey
03/12/2023 Texas State Benchpress Championships TX-2023-21 Texas
03/12/2023 Ryan Moore New England States High School Championships MA-2023-04 Massachusetts
03/12/2023 Team Champs at the Fort AUS-2023-01 Australia
03/11/2023 Cajun Pride Closed Qualifier LA-2023-10 Louisiana
03/11/2023 Poker Face NV-2023-02 Nevada
03/11/2023 Shamrock the Compound IL-2023-04 Illinois
03/11/2023 Wolverine Classic MI-2023-09 Michigan
03/11/2023 Madness Open WI-2023-08 Wisconsin
03/11/2023 AAO Spring Classic CA-2023-10 California
03/11/2023 Rising Tide TX-2023-05 Texas
03/11/2023 Military/Police/Fire Fighters National Championships NS-2023-02 Texas
03/05/2023 Strength Lab Open AUS-2023-11 Australia
03/05/2023 Arnold - Pro-Am (Pro) NS-2023-03 Ohio
03/05/2023 Arnold - Pro-Am Bench NS-2023-03 Ohio
03/05/2023 Arnold - Pro Bench NS-2023-03 Ohio
03/05/2023 Arnold - Pro Series Bench Finals NS-2023-03 Ohio
03/04/2023 Pelican State Open LA-2023-04 Louisiana
03/04/2023 China Spring Classic CHN-2023-01 China
03/04/2023 Oregon State Championships OR-2023-01 Oregon
03/04/2023 Arnold - Pro-Am (Amateur) NS-2023-03 Ohio
03/04/2023 Arnold - Pro Series Finals NS-2023-03 Ohio
03/04/2023 WHSPA State Championship WI-2023-01 Wisconsin
03/04/2023 Womens Florida Open FL-2023-02 Florida
03/03/2023 Arnold - Masters of Iron Bench NS-2023-03 Ohio
03/03/2023 Arnold - Masters Pro Bench Finals NS-2023-03 Ohio
03/03/2023 Arnold - Masters of Iron NS-2023-03 Ohio
03/03/2023 Arnold - Masters Pro Series Finals NS-2023-03 Ohio
02/25/2023 Rookie Ruckus NY-2023-05 New York
02/25/2023 Hidden Strength Spring Brawl CA-2023-06 California
02/25/2023 Oak City Open NC-2023-06 North Carolina
02/25/2023 Delaware State Championships DE-2023-01 Delaware
02/25/2023 Strength Culture Cup AUS-2023-04 Australia
02/25/2023 Hardcore Huskies Collegiate Showdown MA-2023-06 Massachusetts
02/25/2023 Rookie Meet WA-2023-06 Washington
02/25/2023 Midwest Collegiate Cup OH-2023-05 Ohio
02/25/2023 Texas Strength Classic TX-2023-03 Texas
02/19/2023 Garden State Winter War NJ-2023-01 New Jersey
02/19/2023 The Murder Open NY-2023-15 New York
02/18/2023 Virginia River CIty Rampage VA-2023-05 Virginia
02/18/2023 Dakota HS & Collegiate Champs SD-2023-01 South Dakota
02/18/2023 Battle in the Valley 2 OH-2023-02 Ohio
02/18/2023 Liberty Bell Classic PA-2023-08 Pennsylvania
02/18/2023 Absolute Flex Appeal Spring Fling CA-2023-02 California
02/18/2023 Central Florida Open FL-2023-03 Florida
02/18/2023 Hawai’i Qualifier HI-2023-03 Hawaii
02/18/2023 Rookie/Novice Showcase MO-2023-02 Missouri
02/18/2023 Alaska High School Championship AK-2023-01 Alaska
02/17/2023 Georgia State Championships GA-2023-01 Georgia
02/12/2023 Elemental Strength Society Open I AUS-2023-07 Australia
02/12/2023 Minnesota State High School Teen and Youth Championships MN-2023-01 Minnesota
02/12/2023 San Diego Collegiate Qualifier CA-2023-13 California
02/11/2023 Wolfpack High School Open MA-2023-05 Massachusetts
02/11/2023 Beyond Limits Classic OH-2023-03 Ohio
02/11/2023 Full Send MI-2023-02 Michigan
02/11/2023 StrengthBuilt Rookie Meet TX-2023-06 Texas
02/11/2023 Minnesota Junior Open and Master State Championships MN-2023-02 Minnesota
02/11/2023 Heartbreaker Open CA-2023-04 California
02/11/2023 Cupid Classic IN-2023-02 Indiana
02/11/2023 Colorado State Championships CO-2023-01 Colorado
02/11/2023 Aggie Showdown TX-2023-11 Texas
02/11/2023 High School Barbell Brawl SC-2023-05 South Carolina
02/11/2023 Friends University Open KS-2023-01 Kansas
02/11/2023 Heartbreaker's Brawl TN-2023-01 Tennessee
02/11/2023 2nd Annual Capital City Claasic LA-2023-03 Louisiana
02/05/2023 Mustache Mayhem 6 NY-2023-01 New York
02/05/2023 Beast of the Metro East IL-2023-01 Illinois
02/05/2023 Iron Sharpens Iron Classic TX-2023-15 Texas
02/04/2023 Young Gunz Invitational OH-2023-04 Ohio
02/04/2023 Golden Eagle Teen Qualifier WI-2023-12 Wisconsin
02/04/2023 Iowa State Open IA-2023-01 Iowa
02/04/2023 Red White and Blue Lift Off MI-2023-08 Michigan
02/04/2023 Raging Romantics PA-2023-01 Pennsylvania
02/04/2023 Third Street Barbell Open CA-2023-01 California
01/29/2023 Legacy Series Finals MO-2023-03 Missouri
01/28/2023 Rookie Riot SC-2023-01 South Carolina
01/28/2023 Nevada State Championships & Fight or Quit Open NV-2023-01 Nevada
01/28/2023 Nebraska State Championships NE-2023-01 Nebraska
01/28/2023 Pittsburgh Winter Classic PA-2023-05 Pennsylvania
01/21/2023 All-Academy NY-2023-12 New York
01/21/2023 Horned Frog Collegiate Clash TX-2023-16 Texas
01/21/2023 Wyoming State Championships WY-2023-02 Wyoming
01/21/2023 Oklahoma State Championships OK-2023-01 Oklahoma
01/21/2023 Blue Mountain College Collegiate Championships and Open MS-2023-01 Mississippi
01/21/2023 Wisconsin State Open WI-2023-09 Wisconsin
01/21/2023 Virginia Winter Open VA-2023-01 Virginia
01/21/2023 Elk Mound High School National Qualifier WI-2023-11 Wisconsin
01/21/2023 Keystone Cup PA-2023-11 Pennsylvania
01/21/2023 Michigan High School & Collegiate Open MI-2023-01 Michigan
01/21/2023 Lifting In A Winter Wonderland IL-2023-03 Illinois
01/21/2023 Big Horn Bash TX-2023-07 Texas
01/21/2023 Home Barbell Club Winter Bulk TX-2023-08 Texas
01/21/2023 Hometown Winter Games MD-2023-01 Maryland
01/15/2023 Cajun Prep Openb LA-2023-01 Louisiana
01/15/2023 Worcester Open MA-2023-02 Massachusetts
01/14/2023 New Year Open OH-2023-01 Ohio
01/14/2023 Philly January Jawn PA-2023-07 Pennsylvania
01/14/2023 St. John's High School Classic MA-2023-01 Massachusetts
01/14/2023 CT Winter Classic CT-2023-01 Connecticut
01/14/2023 Lions Den Open NC-2023-02 North Carolina
01/07/2023 TruBorn Rookie Rumble GA-2023-02 Georgia
01/07/2023 Virginia Commonwealth Cup Sabre Schnitzer Virginia
01/07/2023 New York Primetime NY-2023-07 New York
01/07/2023 Avengers Winter Smash PA-2023-12 Pennsylvania
01/07/2023 Odyssey Barbell Winter Open NH-2023-01 New Hampshire
01/07/2023 Winter Games of Texas TX-2023-01 Texas
12/18/2022 Adelante Winter Heat NJ-2022-07 New Jersey
12/18/2022 Santa Fe Show of Strength NM-2022-03 New Mexico
12/18/2022 Liftmass CO-2022-10 Colorado
12/18/2022 Masters Mash TX-2022-45 Texas
12/17/2022 Next Gen Classic SC-2022-10 South Carolina
12/17/2022 Korea Winter Showdown KOR-2022-02 South Korea
12/17/2022 Cougar Classic TX-2022-44 Texas
12/17/2022 LA Tech Rookie Meet LA-2022-14 Louisiana
12/17/2022 Illinois Collegiate & Open IL-2022-07 Illinois
12/17/2022 Rumble at Rvmpvge TX-2022-30 Texas
12/17/2022 Alabama State Open AL-2022-02 Alabama
12/17/2022 GPT Invitational CT-2022-07 Connecticut
12/11/2022 Festivus Feats of MASS Strength MA-2022-14 Massachusetts
12/11/2022 Virginia Masters Pro VA-2022-15 Virginia
12/10/2022 NY Rookie Meet 2 NY-2022-10 New York
12/10/2022 Heavy Liftmas WY-2022-04 Wyoming
12/10/2022 MO River Open MO-2022-10 Missouri
12/10/2022 Philadelphia Love Championship PA-2022-15 Pennsylvania
12/10/2022 Nebraska Collegiate State Championships NE-2022-09 Nebraska
12/10/2022 Battle of the Frozen Tundra MN-2022-08 Minnesota
12/10/2022 Virginia Pro VA-2022-09 Virginia
12/10/2022 Kansas State Championships KS-2022-04 Kansas
12/10/2022 Bay Area Barbell Winter Swolestice CA-2022-22 California
12/10/2022 Dench Winter Showdown HKG-2022-01 Hong Kong
12/10/2022 Texas Open TX-2022-29 Texas
12/10/2022 Holiday Hoist ID-2022-03 Idaho
12/10/2022 4th Husky Invitational AK-2022-06 Alaska
12/10/2022 Zephyrs Winter Classic OH-2022-18 Ohio
12/10/2022 Schotime Schodown LA-2022-15 Louisiana
12/04/2022 Buff Bagel Rookie/Novice Showcase NY-2022-17 New York
12/03/2022 Holiday Classic WA-2022-08 Washington
12/03/2022 Carrie Boudreau Big Pullooza II ME-2022-04 Maine
12/03/2022 Florida Collegiate States FL-2022-11 Florida
12/03/2022 North Garland Classic TX-2022-48 Texas
12/03/2022 New Jersey Collegiate State Championship NJ-2022-06 New Jersey
12/03/2022 Florida State Championships FL-2022-13 Florida
12/03/2022 GA Holiday Havoc GA-2022-13 Georgia
12/03/2022 Krampus is Coming to Town CO-2022-11 Colorado
12/03/2022 Australia Nationals & International Open AUS-2022-08 Australia
12/03/2022 Annual Eau Claire Open WI-2022-20 Wisconsin
12/03/2022 Collegiate Cup TX-2022-28 Texas
12/03/2022 Liftmas Open WI-2022-14 Wisconsin
12/03/2022 Route 66 Classic AZ-2022-05 Arizona
12/02/2022 5th Annual Florida High School State Championships FL-2022-12 Florida
12/01/2022 Southeast Regional Champs FL-2022-18 Florida
11/27/2022 Greed island Showdown FL-2022-19 Florida
11/20/2022 Thanksgiving Throwdown CA-2022-17 California
11/20/2022 Sincere Training Systems Classic NY-2022-25 New York
11/19/2022 Pelican State Open & Collegiate South Regionals LA-2022-13 Louisiana
11/19/2022 Longhorn Open TX-2022-41 Texas
11/19/2022 Brisbane Classic AUS-2022-15 Australia
11/19/2022 Salt Lake Powerlifting Classic UT-2022-03 Utah
11/19/2022 Glass City Open OH-2022-16 Ohio
11/19/2022 Casper Chill WY-2022-05 Wyoming
11/19/2022 Five Thirteen Strength Brewery Classic OH-2022-14 Ohio
11/19/2022 Midwest Collegiate Championship MO-2022-08 Missouri
11/19/2022 Maryland State Bench & Deadlift Championships MD-2022-02 Maryland
11/19/2022 Brawl in the Falls TX-2022-35 Texas
11/19/2022 Whiz Wit Classic PA-2022-14 Pennsylvania
11/13/2022 Makahiki Open HI-2022-05 Hawaii
11/13/2022 Beginner's Brawl OH-2022-15 Ohio
11/13/2022 New Jersey Iron Gobbler Championship NJ-2022-05 New Jersey
11/13/2022 San Diego Validus Open V.1 CA-2022-24 California
11/12/2022 Coastal Clash AK-2022-04 Alaska
11/12/2022 RVA Iron Barbell Classic VA-2022-13 Virginia
11/12/2022 Piney Woods Open TX-2022-47 Texas
11/12/2022 Kentucky State Championships KY-2022-01 Kentucky
11/12/2022 Raw Collegiate Cup and Massachusetts Collegiate States MA-2022-13 Massachusetts
11/12/2022 Strong Island Open NY-2022-22 New York
11/12/2022 Gainsgiving Open WI-2022-10 Wisconsin
11/12/2022 Southeast Open SC-2022-05 South Carolina
11/12/2022 South Carolina State Championships SC-2022-05 South Carolina
11/12/2022 San Diego Validus Open V CA-2022-19 California
11/12/2022 Barbell Babes Brigade Unite AUS-2022-14 Australia
11/12/2022 Naval Academy Veterans Day Classic MD-2022-05 Maryland
11/12/2022 Brewhouse Brawl OK-2022-04 Oklahoma
11/06/2022 Ivy League Cup and Collegiate Open NY-2022-26 New York
11/05/2022 Corrupted Strength Classic TX-2022-36 Texas
11/05/2022 Fall Festival of Power NC-2022-06 North Carolina
11/05/2022 RGV Fall Classic TX-2022-43 Texas
11/05/2022 Ballarat Open AUS-2022-12 Australia
11/05/2022 5th Annual Champions Fall Classic MN-2022-09 Minnesota
11/05/2022 Ataraxis Open NY-2022-23 New York
11/05/2022 4th Annual Winter War of Waco TX-2022-16 Texas
11/05/2022 South Georgia Barbell Brawl GA-2022-07 Georgia
11/05/2022 Spartan Collegiate Qualifier & Open CA-2022-23 California
11/05/2022 Michigan State Championships MI-2022-08 Michigan
11/05/2022 Far Beyond Driven Fall Showdown PA-2022-23 Pennsylvania
11/05/2022 Pittsburgh Fall Classic PA-2022-20 Pennsylvania
11/05/2022 Arkansas State Championships AR-2022-02 Arkansas
11/05/2022 Maryland State Championships MD-2022-07 Maryland
11/05/2022 CT Liftsgiving Open CT-2022-08 Connecticut
11/05/2022 South Omaha Stock Yard Classic NE-2022-08 Nebraska
11/01/2022 Roadrunner Rookie Qualifier TX-2022-46 Texas
10/30/2022 Nightmare Before Liftmass - Daytona FL-2022-15 Florida
10/29/2022 Georgia State Bench Press Championships GA-2022-11 Georgia
10/29/2022 Monsters Bash MN-2022-07 Minnesota
10/29/2022 TSS H-Town Showdown TX-2022-12 Texas
10/29/2022 Western MASSacre MA-2022-10 Massachusetts
10/29/2022 Northwoods Showdown WI-2022-19 Wisconsin
10/29/2022 Stronger Lifts CA=2022-21 California
10/29/2022 Hometown Classic MD-2022-06 Maryland
10/29/2022 DAT Dawn of the Deadlifts KS-2022-03 Kansas
10/29/2022 Squats & Science Fall Brawl NY-2022-27 New York
10/23/2022 Classic City Collegiate GA-2022-08 Georgia
10/22/2022 2nd Annual Push/Pull for Pink TX-2022-40 Texas
10/22/2022 Virginia Winter Wrecker VA-2022-05 Virginia
10/22/2022 Philadelphia Fall Showdown PA-2022-13 Pennsylvania
10/22/2022 Odyssey Barbell Club Classic NH-2022-04 New Hampshire
10/22/2022 SBWC Fall Classic NY-2022-20 New York
10/22/2022 All Valley Raw Championships MT-2022-02 Montana
10/22/2022 Windy City Open IL-2022-06 Illinois
10/22/2022 Santa Barbara Showdown CA-2022-18 California
10/22/2022 Pittsburgh Collegiate Cup PA-2022-21 Pennsylvania
10/16/2022 Missouri State Championship MO-2022-08 Missouri
10/15/2022 Virginia Absolute Chaos VA-2022-14) Virginia
10/15/2022 Beyond Limits Fall Classic OH-2022-13 Ohio
10/15/2022 Arizona Fall Classic AZ-2022-04 Arizona
10/15/2022 Ogre Fall Classic TN-2022-03 Tennessee
10/15/2022 Calcasieu Cup LA-2022-12 Louisiana
10/15/2022 Grand Slam Open CA-2022-11 California
10/15/2022 Carolina Primetime SC-2022-09 South Carolina
10/15/2022 Deviant Strength Classic TX-2022-24 Texas
10/15/2022 Spartan Raw Fall Brawl WI-2022-18 Wisconsin
10/15/2022 Gameday Anniversary Open TX-2022-42 Texas
10/09/2022 JPS Spring Showdown AUS-2022-07 Australia
10/09/2022 Mr. America All American Sports Festival Championships NJ-2022-10 New Jersey
10/08/2022 Baystate Bench Deadlift and Novice Open MA-2022-12 Massachusetts
10/08/2022 Avengers Monsters Smash PA-2022-23 Pennsylvania
10/08/2022 Stay in Your Lane Thrasher NY-2022-21 New York
10/08/2022 Warrior Collegiate Open NE-2022-07 Nebraska
10/08/2022 Raleighwood Rumble NC-2022-08 North Carolina
10/08/2022 Valhalla Awaits-Open GA-2022-12 Georgia
10/08/2022 Valhalla Awaits GA-2022-12 Georgia
10/08/2022 Washington State Championship WA-2022-07 Washington
10/08/2022 Alamo City Rookie Rumble TX-2022-27 Texas
10/08/2022 West Texas Open 4 TX-2022-32 Texas
10/01/2022 Willpower 3 Invitational CA-2022-20 California
10/01/2022 Penguin Classic OH-2022-12 Ohio
10/01/2022 Muscle Beach Powerlifting Classic TX-2022-30 Texas
10/01/2022 Raw Strength Championships 7 AUS-2022-13 Australia
10/01/2022 Nightmare Before Liftmass II CO-2022-06 Colorado
09/25/2022 Titan Barbell Open MA-2022-11 Massachusetts
09/25/2022 Bon Temps RAW Challenge LA-2022-11 Louisiana
09/25/2022 New Jersey Heavy Metal Classic NJ-2022-04 New Jersey
09/25/2022 Supertotal Weekend NY-2022-24 New York
09/24/2022 Delaware Purge DE-2022-01 Delaware
09/24/2022 Michigan Rookie Rumble MI-2022-07 Michigan
09/24/2022 Vermont Fall Brawl VT-2022-01 Vermont
09/24/2022 Montgomery Showdown AL-2022-01 Alabama
09/24/2022 TBS Prime Time and Open TX-2022-21 Texas
09/24/2022 PRs in Paradise FL-2022-09 Florida
09/24/2022 Connecticut Fall Classic CT-2022-06 Connecticut
09/24/2022 Iron Braves Open KS-2022-05 Kansas
09/18/2022 Illinois Raw Novice IL-2022-05 Illinois
09/17/2022 New York State Bench Championships NY-2022-09 New York
09/17/2022 Spokane Rookie WA-2022-05 Washington
09/17/2022 Words Have Weight SC-2022-04 South Carolina
09/17/2022 Minnesota Youth and Teen Show of Strength MN-2022-12 Minnesota
09/17/2022 Philly Special PA-2022-12 Pennsylvania
09/17/2022 Lokahi Open HI-2022-04 Hawaii
09/17/2022 Ethos Strength Open AUS-2022-11 Australia
09/11/2022 Land of the Free Weights - Patriot Showdown FL-2022-16 Florida
09/11/2022 Whippany Athletic Liberty Lift Off NJ-2022-09 New Jersey
09/10/2022 Rochester Rumble IV NY-2022-16 New York
09/10/2022 Absolute Flex Appeal - Fall Sizzle CA-2022-16 California
09/10/2022 Staying Alive Championships CO-2022-08 Colorado
09/10/2022 Iron Wars TX-2022-11 Texas
09/10/2022 Lifting the House GA-2022-10 Georgia
09/10/2022 Legacy Series #2 MO-2022-06 Missouri
09/10/2022 Sydney Invitational AUS-2022-04 Australia
09/04/2022 Virginia Fall Finale VA-2022-08 Virginia
09/03/2022 Lost Wages in Paradise NV-2022-02 Nevada
09/03/2022 Ohio Summer Showdown OH-2022-11 Ohio
09/03/2022 Baltimore Raw Open MD-2022-04 Maryland
09/03/2022 TSF Open AUS-2022-10 Australia
09/03/2022 Stars And Stripes Open WI-2022-12 Wisconsin
09/03/2022 Battle at Bionic Barbell NM-2022-02 New Mexico
08/28/2022 Korea Summer Classic KOR-2022-01 South Korea
08/27/2022 Nebraska State Fair Open NE-2022-06 Nebraska
08/27/2022 East Coast 5 Bar SC-2022-07 South Carolina
08/27/2022 Summer End WA-2022-06 Washington
08/27/2022 Absolute Recomp Rookie Meet TX-2022-31 Texas
08/27/2022 Tournament of Power MI-2022-06 Michigan
08/27/2022 East Coast Open FL-2022-10 Florida
08/21/2022 Perth Power Series AUS-2022-09 Australia
08/21/2022 Ronnie Burnett Memorial Meet AK-2022-07 Alaska
08/20/2022 Masters Brawl MN-2022-06 Minnesota
08/20/2022 Wolf Open WI-2022-16 Wisconsin
08/20/2022 Buffalo Bayou Bash TX-2022-38 Texas
08/20/2022 Mighty Mick's Classic PA-2022-11 Pennsylvania
08/20/2022 Dennis Gleason Memorial CT-2022-05 Connecticut
08/13/2022 Kilos for Veterans WY-2022-03 Wyoming
08/13/2022 TruBorn Knockout GA-2022-09 Georgia
08/13/2022 Lioness Arise NC-2022-07 North Carolina
08/13/2022 Ozark Mountain Classic MO-2022-07 Missouri
08/13/2022 Central Florida Open FL-2022-08 Florida
08/13/2022 California State Championships CA-2022-10 California
08/13/2022 War at the Workshop NY-2022-18 New York
08/13/2022 Strength Culture Cup 1 AUS-2022-08 Australia
08/06/2022 Virginia Novice Open #2 VA-2022-04 Virginia
08/06/2022 Louisiana State Meet LA-2022-03 Louisiana
08/06/2022 Obtain Strength Open OK-2022-03 Oklahoma
08/06/2022 Summer Showdown PA-2022-16 Pennsylvania
08/06/2022 UBU Phoenix Expo AZ-2022-50 Arizona
07/30/2022 New York Rookie Meet NY-2022-13 New York
07/30/2022 Maine Event: Summer Showdown ME-2022-03 Maine
07/30/2022 Cambridge Summer Smash MA-2022-09 Massachusetts
07/30/2022 Pennsylvania State Championship PA-2022-19 Pennsylvania
07/30/2022 Atlanta Open GA-2022-04 Georgia
07/23/2022 Virginia River City Rampage VA-2022-12 Virginia
07/23/2022 Barbells and Barbecue IL-2022-03 Illinois
07/23/2022 DC Barbell Club Pro Invitational PA-2022-10 Pennsylvania
07/23/2022 Rocky Mountain State Games CO-2022-09 Colorado
07/23/2022 Bay Area Barbell Summer Sideshow CA-2022-15 California
07/23/2022 South Texas Showdown TX-2022-34 Texas
07/23/2022 Gameday Summer Solstice TX-2022-39 Texas
07/23/2022 Iron Sight Classic TX-2022-33 Texas
07/16/2022 Utah Power Trip UT-2022-02 Utah
07/16/2022 Odyssey Barbell Summer Open NH-2022-03 New Hampshire
07/16/2022 2nd Annual Barbell and Brine Summer Classic NY-2022-04 New York
07/16/2022 Mecca Gym Iron Inferno ID-2022-02 Idaho
07/16/2022 Palmetto Classic SC-2022-03 South Carolina
07/16/2022 Cornhusker State Games NE-2022-04 Nevada
07/16/2022 Gold Coast Classic AUS-2022-05 Australia
07/10/2022 Indiana eclipse Classic IN-2022-01 Indiana
07/09/2022 Limitless Open WI-2022-11 Wisconsin
07/09/2022 Lake Superior Clash MN-2022-11 Minnesota
07/09/2022 Raw Strength Summer Showdown MI-2022-05 Michigan
07/09/2022 Viking Summer Raid WV-2022-02 West Virginia
07/08/2022 New Jersey State Championship NJ-2022-03 New Jersey
07/03/2022 Hawai'i State Championships HI-2022-03 Hawaii
07/02/2022 UBU Orlando Expo FL-2022-17 Florida
06/25/2022 Summer Classic LA-2022-09 Louisiana
06/25/2022 Festival of Steel WA-2022-04 Washington
06/25/2022 Philly Gritty Face-Off PA-2022-08 Pennsylvania
06/25/2022 Massachusetts State Championships MA-2022-04 Massachusetts
06/25/2022 Summer Power Fest TX-2022-22 Texas
06/25/2022 King of Kilos Raw Open MN-2022-10 Minnesota
06/25/2022 Risk Barbell Summer Smash KS-2022-02 Kansas
06/25/2022 Pittsburgh Summer Classic PA-2022-22 Pennsylvania
06/25/2022 Legacy Series #1 MO-2022-05 Missouri
06/25/2022 Alaska State Championship AK-2022-05 Alaska
06/25/2022 Nebraska State Bench Championships NE-2022-05 Nebraska
06/18/2022 Bad Dog Barbell Classic OH-2022-10 Ohio
06/18/2022 Grand Slam Rookie Teen and Junior Classic CA-2022-14 California
06/18/2022 Badger Open WI-2022-17 Wisconsin
06/18/2022 West Florida Open FL-2022-07 Florida
06/18/2022 North Carolina State Championships NC-2022-05 North Carolina
06/18/2022 UBU Dallas Expo TX-2022-50 Texas
06/18/2022 The Strength Fortress 5th Birthday Bash AUS-2022-06 Australia
06/08/2022 Bench Nationals NS-2022-04 Nevada
06/08/2022 Mega Nationals NS-2022-04 Nevada
06/07/2022 Youth Nationals NS-2022-04 Nevada
06/07/2022 Teen-Junior Primetime NS-2022-04 Nevada
06/04/2022 Virginia Battle at the Beach VA-2022-10 Virginia
06/04/2022 Connecticut State Championships CT-2022-04 Connecticut
06/04/2022 Big Queen Energy 1.0 AUS-2022-03 Australia
05/29/2022 Virginia Open State Championships VA-2022-03 Virginia
05/28/2022 Philadelphia Freedom Championship PA-2022-07 Pennsylvania
05/28/2022 Ohio State Championships OH-2022-04 Ohio
05/28/2022 Ohio Open OH-2022-04 Ohio
05/28/2022 StrengthBuilt Rookie Meet TX-2022-25 Texas
05/22/2022 Chicagoland Open IL-2022-04 Illinois
05/21/2022 Big Rapids Brawl MI-2022-04 Michigan
05/21/2022 Meet Me at the Bar TX-2022-09 Texas
05/21/2022 New York State Championships NY-2022-05 New York
05/21/2022 Compound Open CA-2022-07 California
05/21/2022 Louisiana State Games LA-2022-01 Louisiana
05/21/2022 Pueblo Powerlifting Home of Heroes CO-2022-07 Colorado
05/21/2022 Savannah Showdown GA-2022-05 Georgia
05/14/2022 SBWC Spring HS Classic NY-2022-19 New York
05/14/2022 New Mexico State Championships NM-2022-01 New Mexico
05/14/2022 Tampa Showdown FL-2022-07 Florida
05/14/2022 Avia Performance Throwdown AU-2022-01 Australia
05/08/2022 Ragin' Cajun Senior Farewell LA-2022-07 Louisiana
05/07/2022 East Texas Open TX-2022-10 Texas
05/07/2022 Ladies of Steel SC-2022-06 South Carolina
05/07/2022 Spring Siege OH-2022-09 Ohio
05/07/2022 Branch Warren Classic CO-2022-03 Colorado
05/07/2022 Adelante Classic NJ-2022-03 New Jersey
05/07/2022 Louisiana High School State Championship LA-2022-06 Louisiana
05/07/2022 Mayhem Open WI-2022-10 Wisconsin
05/01/2022 PowerMania MMXXII OH-2022-02 Ohio
05/01/2022 Rhode Island State Championships RI-2022-01 Rhode Island
04/30/2022 Michigan Ladies of Iron MI-2022-02 Michigan
04/30/2022 Squats and Science Spring Fling NY-2022-14 New York
04/30/2022 Texas Ladies of Iron TX-2022-07 Texas
04/30/2022 California Ladies of Iron CA-2022-03 California
04/30/2022 Georgia Ladies of Iron GA-2022-03 Georgia
04/30/2022 Connecticut Ladies of Iron CT-2022-03 Connecticut
04/30/2022 Ohio Ladies of Iron OH-2022-01 Ohio
04/30/2022 Missouri Ladies of Iron MO-2022-02 Missouri
04/30/2022 Rise of the Kilonator CP-2022-02 Colorado
04/30/2022 Honolulu Night Lift HI-2022-02 Hawaii
04/30/2022 United Ladies of iron WA-2022-02 Washington
04/30/2022 New York Ladies of Iron NY-2022-01 New York
04/30/2022 Wyoming Open WY-2022-02 Wyoming
04/30/2022 Wisconsin Ladies of Iron WI-2022-03 Wisconsin
04/30/2022 2nd Annual Heart of Texas TX-2022-08 Texas
04/30/2022 Bench Qualifier SD-2022-03 South Dakota
04/30/2022 Washington Ladies of Iron WA-2022-03 Washington
04/30/2022 Iron Triathlon TX-2022-05 Texas
04/30/2022 Wooder Ice Classic PA-2022-06 Pennsylvania
04/30/2022 Minnesota Ladies of Iron MN-2022-05 Minnesota
04/30/2022 Maryland Ladies of Iron MND-2022-03 Maryland
04/23/2022 Rough Rider Showdown AZ-2022-03 Arizona
04/23/2022 Badger Classic WI-2022-07 Wisconsin
04/23/2022 Texas State Championships TX-2022-20 Texas
04/23/2022 Empire Classic WA-2022-01 Washington
04/23/2022 Cenla Open and Masters RAW Power Wars LA-2022-08 Louisiana
04/23/2022 New Hampshire State Championships NH-2022-02 New Hampshire
04/23/2022 West Virginia State Championship WV-2022-01 West Virginia
04/23/2022 Nebraska State Powerlifting Championships NE-2022-01 Nebraska
04/23/2022 AAO Spring Rumbling CA-2022-13 California
04/23/2022 Oklahoma State Championships OK-2022-02 Oklahoma
04/16/2022 Crystal Coast Classic NC-2022-04 North Carolina
04/16/2022 WARCAT's Iron Initiative II CA-2022-02 California
04/16/2022 Quickie Qualifier PA-2022-18 Pennsylvania
04/16/2022 6th Annual USA Powerlifting Capital City Barbell Championships FL-2022-04 Florida
04/16/2022 Georgia Highschool State Championship GA-2022-06 Georgia
04/10/2022 Mill City Classic MA-2022-08 Massachusetts
04/09/2022 SBWC Box of Rats Invitational III NY-2022-15 New York
04/09/2022 KC Metro Rookie/Novice Showdown MO-2022-04 Missouri
04/09/2022 P3 Grand Prix TX-2022-19 Texas
04/09/2022 Wild Hog Throwdown AR-2022-01 Arkansas
04/09/2022 Upstate Classic SC-2022-08 South Carolina
04/09/2022 SoCal Showdown CA-2022-06 California
04/09/2022 Pittsburgh Spring Classic PA-2022-17 Pennsylvania
04/03/2022 Got 'Em Mustache Classic NY-2022-08 New York
04/02/2022 Nevada State Championships NV-2022-01 Nevada
04/02/2022 Virginia Novice Open #3 VA-2022-11 Virginia
04/02/2022 PF Series 1 WI-2022-04 Wisconsin
04/02/2022 All Bets are Off Last Chance Qualifier TN-2022-02 Tennessee
04/02/2022 South Dakota State Championships SD-2022-02 South Dakota
04/02/2022 Madness Open WI-2022-10 Wisconsin
04/02/2022 Gameday Barbell Open TX-2022-18 Texas
03/30/2022 Junior Nationals NS-2022-03b Illinois
03/26/2022 DCF End Game PA-2022-05 Pennsylvania
03/26/2022 Maine State Championship ME-2022-02 Maine
03/26/2022 Rosie the Riveter Women's Championship FL-2022-05 Florida
03/26/2022 Big Iron Classic State Championships MT-2022-01 Montana
03/26/2022 Top Crop Open KS-2022-01 Kansas
03/26/2022 Sandoval Strength Systems Rookie Meet TX-2022-23 Texas
03/26/2022 Collegiate Nationals NS-2022-03a Illinois
03/26/2022 Idaho State Championships ID-2022-01 Idaho
03/23/2022 Teen Nationals NS-2022-02a Illinois
03/22/2022 High School Nationals NS-2022-02b Illinois
03/20/2022 Cajun Prep Closed Qualifier LA-2022-10 Louisiana
03/20/2022 Whippany Athletic Masters of Power NJ-2022-8 New Jersey
03/19/2022 Zephyrs Spring Classic OH-2022-08 Ohio
03/19/2022 Military-Police-Firefighter Nationals NS-2022-01 Georgia
03/19/2022 Massachusetts Spring Classic MA-2022-05 Massachusetts
03/19/2022 Battle on the Border NC-2022-02 North Carolina
03/19/2022 Elevate Barbell Championship CO-2022-01 Colorado
03/19/2022 Capital City Classic TX-2022-03 Texas
03/19/2022 Boss of NorCal Winter Classic CA-2022-09 California
03/13/2022 Iron Ice Novice Classic MN-2022-01 Minnesota
03/13/2022 Colorado State Championships CO-2022-04 Colorado
03/13/2022 12th Annual Ryan Moore New England States High School Championships MA-2022-07 Massachusetts
03/12/2022 Capital City Classic LA-2022-04 Louisiana
03/12/2022 TORISTRONG NY-2022-07 New York
03/12/2022 Star City Showdown NE-2022-02 Nebraska
03/12/2022 Winter Classic II AK-2022-01 Alaska
03/12/2022 TSS Houston Rookie Meet TX-2022-04 Texas
03/06/2022 Arnold - A7 Raw Challenge NS-2022-01 Ohio
03/06/2022 Arnold - Pioneer Belt Pro Deadlift NS-2022-01 Ohio
03/05/2022 Arnold - A7 Pro-Am Bench NS-2022-01 Ohio
03/05/2022 Arnold - A7 Pro Bench Bash NS-2022-01 Ohio
03/05/2022 Arnold - A7 Pro-Am Equipped - Pro Raw NS-2022-01 Ohio
03/05/2022 Arnold - A7 Grand Prix NS-2022-01 Ohio
03/05/2022 Utah State Championship UT-2022-01 Utah
03/05/2022 Virginia Winter Thaw VA-2022-07 Virginia
03/05/2022 Arizona State Championships AZ-2022-02 Arizona
03/05/2022 CT Spring Classic CT-2022-02 Connecticut
03/05/2022 WHSPA State Championship WI-2022-02 Wisconsin
03/04/2022 Arnold - Masters of Iron Pro Bench NS-2022-01 Ohio
03/04/2022 Arnold - Masters of Iron Pro NS-2022-01 Ohio
02/26/2022 Liberty Bell Classic PA-2022-04 Pennsylvania
02/26/2022 Ogre Presidential Classic TN-2022-01 Tennessee
02/26/2022 Illinois State Championships IL-2022-01 Illinois
02/26/2022 Texas Strength Classic TX-2022-02 Texas
02/26/2022 Garden State Winter War NJ-2022-01 New Jersey
02/26/2022 Power of Rise Classic TX-2022-17 Texas
02/26/2022 Absolute Flex Appeal Spring Fling CA-2022-05 California
02/20/2022 The Justin Thacker Memorial Event MO-2022-01 Missouri
02/20/2022 The Murder Open NY-2022-11 New York
02/20/2022 Cajun Pride LA-2022-05 Louisiana
02/19/2022 Rebel Rumble AK-2022-02 Alaska
02/19/2022 Midwest Collegiate Invitational OH-2022-07 Ohio
02/19/2022 Iowa State Open IA-2022-01 Iowa
02/19/2022 Validus Open IV CA-2022-08 California
02/19/2022 Georgia State Championships GA-2022-01 Georgia
02/19/2022 Oak City Open NC-2022-03 North Carolina
02/13/2022 Teen Qualifier WI-2022-15 Wisconsin
02/13/2022 Minnesota State High School, Teen and Youth Championships MN-2022-02 Minnesota
02/12/2022 Beyond Limits Classic OH-2022-05 Ohio
02/12/2022 Full Send MI-2022-03 Michigan
02/12/2022 Virginia Novice Open VA-2021-06 Virginia
02/12/2022 Wolfpack High School Open MA-2022-06 Massachusetts
02/12/2022 Northeast Collegiate Regionals MA-2022-03 Massachusetts
02/12/2022 Minnesota Junior, Open and Master State Championships MN-2022-04 Minnesota
02/12/2022 High School Barbell Bash SC-2022-02 South Carolina
02/12/2022 Raging Romantics PA-2022-02 Pennsylvania
02/06/2022 Mustache Mayhem 5 NY-2022-03 New York
02/05/2022 Aggie Showdown TX-2022-15 Texas
02/05/2022 Spartan Collegiate and High School Open CA-2022-01 California
02/05/2022 Dakota High School and Collegiate Championship SD-2022-01 South Dakota
01/29/2022 Wyoming State Championships WY-2022-01 Wyoming
01/29/2022 DCF January Jawn PA-2022-03 Pennsylvania
01/29/2022 South East Iron Beast Winter Classic SC-2022-01 South Carolina
01/29/2022 Red River Showdown OK-2022-01 Oklahoma
01/29/2022 Longhorn Qualifier TX-2022-14 Texas
01/29/2022 Chiseled Winter Classic MD-2022-01 Maryland
01/29/2022 Aloha Open HI-2022-01 Hawaii
01/29/2022 Beast of The Metro East IL-2022-02 Illinois
01/29/2022 AAO Winter Classic CA-2022-04 California
01/22/2022 Elk Mound High School National Qualifier WI-2022-08 Wisconsin
01/22/2022 Keystone Cup PA-2022-09 Pennsylvania
01/22/2022 WI Open and Masters State Championship WI-2022-02 Wisconsin
01/22/2022 Michigan High School and Collegiate Open MI-2022-01 Michigan
01/22/2022 Northeast Iron Beast Winter Classic IX NY-2022-02 New York
01/22/2022 Virginia Winter Open VA-2022-01 Virginia
01/22/2022 Odyssey Barbell Winter Open NH-2022-01 New Hampshire
01/22/2022 Lake Pleasant Classic AZ-2022-01 Arizona
01/22/2022 Big Horn Bash TX-2022-06 Texas
01/16/2022 Mississippi State Championship MS-2022-01 Mississippi
01/16/2022 Worcester Open MA-2022-01 Massachusetts
01/16/2022 Ragin' Cajun Open LA-2022-02 Louisiana
01/15/2022 Missouri Valley College Last Chance Qualifier MO-2022-03 Missouri
01/15/2022 The Dombrowski All Academy NY-2022-06 New York
01/15/2022 Capitol City Clash NE-2022-02 Nebraska
01/15/2022 New Year Open OH-2022-03 Ohio
01/15/2022 Lion's Den Classic NC-2022-01 North Carolina
01/15/2022 Winter Open - Youth / HS / Collegiate PA State Championships PA-2022-01 Pennsylvania
01/15/2022 Winter Games of Texas TX-2022-01 Texas
01/15/2022 CT Winter Classic CT-2022-01 Connecticut
01/15/2022 POD Winter Seasonal TX-2022-13 Texas
01/09/2022 TruBorn Rookie Rumble GA-2022-02 Georgia
01/08/2022 Maine Event: Winter Open ME-2022-01 Maine
01/08/2022 Minnesota State Bench Press Championship MN-2022-03 Minnesota
12/19/2021 Illinois Collegiates IL-2022-04 Illinois
12/19/2021 Cougar Classic TX-2021-33 Texas
12/18/2021 Soul Open FL-2021-20 Florida
12/18/2021 Roswell Winter Classic NM-2021-03 New Mexico
12/18/2021 Rampage Holiday Throwdown TX-2021-31 Texas
12/18/2021 CT GPT Invitational CT-2021-07 Connecticut
12/12/2021 Midwest Collegiate Regionals NE-2021-07 Nebraska
12/12/2021 Florida Senior Games FL-2021-14 Florida
12/12/2021 Baystate Series III MA-2021-13 Massachusetts
12/12/2021 MO River Open MO-2021-08 Missouri
12/12/2021 Pure Focus Winter Classic NJ-2021-08 New Jersey
12/11/2021 Red River Ruckus LA-2021-10 Louisiana
12/11/2021 Battle of the Frozen Tundra MN-2021-08 Minnesota
12/11/2021 Power for a Purpose WV-2021-03 West Virginia
12/11/2021 Georgia Holiday Havoc GA-2021-08 Georgia
12/11/2021 South Carolina State Championship SC-2021-06 South Carolina
12/11/2021 3rd Husky Invitational AK-2021-04 Alaska
12/11/2021 Fire and Ice Classic OH-2021-17 Ohio
12/11/2021 Winter Wolf Open WI-2021-18 Wisconsin
12/11/2021 Holiday Hoist ID-2021-02 Idaho
12/11/2021 Holiday Havoc PA-2021-17 Pennsylvania
12/11/2021 Texas Open TX-2021-20 Texas
12/04/2021 RedHawk Collegiate Qualifier OH-2021-19 Ohio
12/04/2021 1st Annual Utica's Strongest NY-2021-08 New York
12/04/2021 Long Island Winter Showdown IV NY-2021-12 New York
12/04/2021 Greater Tampa Classic Open Championships FL-2021-15 Florida
12/04/2021 Kansas State Championship KS-2021-02 Kansas
12/04/2021 New Jersey Collegiate Championship NJ-2021-06 New Jersey
12/04/2021 Maryland State Benchpress Championships MD-2021-04 Maryland
12/04/2021 Virginia Pro VA-2021-09 Virginia
12/04/2021 Mass Barbell Winter Classic MA-2021-12 Massachusetts
12/04/2021 Collegiate Cup TX-2021-19 Texas
12/04/2021 Wisconsin Collegiate State Championships WI-2021-17 Wisconsin
12/04/2021 Savannah Winter Classic GA-2021-02 Georgia
12/04/2021 Team Phoenix Holiday Classic WA-2022-05 Washington
12/04/2021 Kilos on the Coosa AL-2021-04 Alabama
11/21/2021 Cambridge Strength Classic MA-2021-14 Massachusetts
11/21/2021 Florida Collegiate State Championships FL-2021-10 Florida
11/21/2021 Ron Falcone Invitational NJ-2021-10 New Jersey
11/20/2021 Team Turkey Brawl NY-2021-14 New York
11/20/2021 Northeast Collegiate Showdown CT-2021-08 Connecticut
11/20/2021 Glass City Open OH-2021-15 Ohio
11/20/2021 Five Thirteen Strength Brewery Classic OH-2021-16 Ohio
11/20/2021 Blue Mountain College Collegiate Championships and Open MS-2021-03 Mississippi
11/20/2021 Against All Odds CA-2021-13 California
11/20/2021 Trinity Str3ngth Showdown OK-2021-03 Oklahoma
11/20/2021 Gainsgiving Open WI-2021-06 Wisconsin
11/20/2021 Upstate Novice Open SC-2021-08 South Carolina
11/20/2021 Longhorn Open TX-2021-32 Texas
11/20/2021 Maryland State Championships MD-2021-07 Maryland
11/20/2021 Pelican State Open LA-2021-03 Louisiana
11/20/2021 South Omaha Stockyard Classic NE-2021-09 Nebraska
11/14/2021 Raw Collegiate Cup MA-2021-15 Massachusetts
11/14/2021 New Jersey Iron Gobbler Championship NJ-2021-09 New Jersey
11/13/2021 Cowboy State Raw WY-2021-04 Wyoming
11/13/2021 I-STEP 5th Annual Veterans Day Meet MD-2021-08 Maryland
11/13/2021 Fall Beginner's Brawl OH-2021-14 Ohio
11/13/2021 4th Annual Champions Fall Classic MN-2021-12 Minnesota
11/13/2021 Brawl in the Falls TX-2021-17 Texas
11/13/2021 Buckeye Warrior Collegiate Invitational MO-2021-10 Missouri
11/13/2021 WSS Power Fest 2021 AZ-2021-05 Arizona
11/13/2021 Veteran's Day Championships PA-2021-16 Pennsylvania
11/13/2021 RMLC Championships CO-2021-05 Colorado
11/13/2021 Veterans Day Open CA-2021-08 California
11/07/2021 Illinois Novice IL-2021-05 Illinois
11/07/2021 Pittsburgh Fall Classic PA-2021-15 Pennsylvania
11/06/2021 Connecticut Bench and Deadlift State Championships CT-2021-05 Connecticut
11/06/2021 StrengthBuilt Rookie Meet TX-2021-14 Texas
11/06/2021 Carrie Boudreau Big Pullooza ME-2021-02 Maine
11/06/2021 South Georgia Barbell Brawl GA-2021-07 Georgia
11/06/2021 Warcat Open CA-2021-04 California
11/06/2021 3rd Annual USA Powerlifting Winter War of Waco TX-2021-29 Texas
11/06/2021 Fall Festival of Power NC-2021-03 North Carolina
11/06/2021 Virginia Winter Wrecker VA-2021-07 Virginia
11/06/2021 Montana State Championships MT-2021-02 Montana
11/06/2021 Michigan State Championships MI-2021-09 Michigan
11/06/2021 San Diego Validus Open III CA-2021-12 California
10/30/2021 Monsters Bash MN-2021-07 Minnesota
10/30/2021 TSS H-Town Showdown TX-2021-21 Texas
10/30/2021 Odyssey Barbell Club Classic NH-2021-03 New Hampshire
10/24/2021 Halloween Havoc IV NY-2021-11 New York
10/23/2021 PF Welcome Back Meet WI-2021-21 Wisconsin
10/23/2021 Thunder Open CO-2021-04 Colorado
10/23/2021 Calcasieu Cup LA-2021-08 Louisiana
10/23/2021 Denali Fall Classic AK-2021-06 Alaska
10/23/2021 Austin Fall Frenzy TX-2021-22 Texas
10/23/2021 Legions Sports Festival NV-2021-02 Nevada
10/18/2021 Michigan Rookie Rumble MI-2021-08 Michigan
10/16/2021 Penguin Classic OH-2021-13 Ohio
10/16/2021 Legacy Series Finals MO-2021-07 Mississippi
10/16/2021 Philadelphia Fall Showdown PA-2021-14 Pennsylvania
10/16/2021 Elite Season Throwdown NY-2021-07 New York
10/16/2021 920 Raw Open WI-2021-20 Wisconsin
10/16/2021 Chiseled Fall Finale MD-2021-06 Maryland
10/16/2021 Texas State Championships TX-2021-27 Texas
10/16/2021 Spartan Raw Fall Brawl WI-2021-19 Wisconsin
10/10/2021 Delaware State Championships DE-2021-01 Delaware
10/10/2021 Rhode Island Fall Classic RI-2021-01 Rhode Island
10/09/2021 Warrior Collegiate Open NE-2021-06 Nebraska
10/09/2021 Ogre Fall Classic TN-2021-03 Tennessee
10/09/2021 West Texas Open #3 TX-2021-30 Texas
10/09/2021 4th Annual USA Powerlifting North Florida Open Championships FL-2021-16 Florida
10/02/2021 CT Fall Classic CT-2021-06 Connecticut
10/02/2021 Valhalla Awaits GA-2021-06 Georgia
10/02/2021 Muscle Beach Powerlifting Classic TX-2021-25 Texas
10/02/2021 Virginia Pro Qualifier VA-2021-08 Virginia
10/02/2021 Washington State Championship WA-2021-04 Washington
10/02/2021 Missouri State Championship and Open MO-2021-09 Missouri
09/26/2021 Cattle Festival Meet LA-2021-07 Louisiana
09/26/2021 Lowell Open MA-2021-07 Massachusetts
09/26/2021 New Jersey Heavy Metal Classic NJ-2021-05 New Jersey
09/25/2021 Power Mountain Showcasre NC-2021-04 North Carolina
09/25/2021 Words Have Weight SC-2021-05 South Carolina
09/25/2021 Philly Special PA-2021-13 Pennsylvania
09/25/2021 RC Classic MI-2021-06 Michigan
09/25/2021 Brother Bennett MS-2021-02 Mississippi
09/23/2021 World Men's Classic Championships IPF
09/18/2021 Baystate Series II MA-2021-08 Massachusetts
09/18/2021 3rd Annual USA Powerlifting Ocala Open Super Total X3 Championships FL-2021-08 Florida
09/18/2021 Youth and Teen Show of Strength MN-2021-11 Minnesota
09/18/2021 California State Championships CA-2021-10 California
09/18/2021 South Dakota State Championships SD-2021-03 South Dakota
09/12/2021 Windy City Raw Open IL-2021-03 Illinois
09/12/2021 Rochester Rumble III NY-2021-01 New York
09/12/2021 September Smash NJ-2021-07 New Jersey
09/11/2021 Stars And Stripes Open WI-2021-05 Wisconsin
09/11/2021 Gorilla Warfare: Resurrection CO-2021-02 Colorado
09/11/2021 Iron Wars YX-2021-15 Texas
09/11/2021 Raw Ruckus ID-2021-03 Idaho
09/05/2021 Nebraska State Fair Invitational NE-2021-08 Nebraska
09/04/2021 Ohio Summer Showdown OH-2021-09 Ohio
09/04/2021 Festival of Steel WA-2021-03 Washington
09/04/2021 Baltimore Raw Open MD-2021-03 Maryland
09/04/2021 TFX Developmental Meet FL-2021-17 Florida
08/28/2021 Lifting the House GA-2021-05 Georgia
08/28/2021 Tournament of Power MI-2021-07 Michigan
08/28/2021 Barrels and Bars OH-2021-11 Ohio
08/21/2021 Mighty Mick's Classic PA-2021-12 Pennsylvania
08/21/2021 WILLPOWER Invitational 2 CA-2021-11 California
08/21/2021 Rumble at Rampage TX-2021-16 Texas
08/21/2021 Masters Brawl MN-2021-06 Minnesota
08/21/2021 Women Of Power Open WI-2021-16 Wisconsin
08/21/2021 Granite State Grand Prix V NH-2021-04 New Hampshire
08/14/2021 Massachusetts/ Rhode Island State Championships MA-2021-06 Massachusetts
08/07/2021 Boynton Barbell Center Invitational FL-2021-19 Florida
08/07/2021 Obtain Strength Open OK-2021-02 Oklahoma
08/07/2021 Virginia Novice Open 2 VA-2021-06 Virginia
08/07/2021 TBS Summer Open TX-2021-13 Texas
08/07/2021 Raleighwood Rumble NC-2021-02 North Carolina
08/07/2021 CT Dennis Gleason Memorial CT-2021-04 Connecticut
08/06/2021 Europa Games 2021 AZ-2021-05 Arizona
08/01/2021 4th Annual Southern States Championship FL-2021-15 Florida
07/31/2021 Kilos For Veterans WY-2021-03 Wyoming
07/31/2021 WARCATs Iron Initiative CA-2021-02 California
07/31/2021 Odyssey Barbell Club Summer Open NH-2021-02 New Hampshire
07/31/2021 Absolute Recomp Rookie Meet TX-2021-26 Texas
07/31/2021 CRCL Classic TX-2021-28 Texas
07/31/2021 Iron Office Summer Classic CA-2021-07 California
07/24/2021 Sport of Iron II NY-2021-13 New York
07/24/2021 Lake Superior Open MN-2021-01 Minnesota
07/24/2021 DC Barbell Club Pro Invitational PA-2021-11 Pennsylvania
07/24/2021 Palmetto Classic SC-2021-04 South Carolina
07/24/2021 Assault on Gravity OH-2021-07 Ohio
07/24/2021 New Mexico State Championship NM-2021-01 New Mexico
07/24/2021 Maine State Championships ME-2021-01 Maine
07/24/2021 South Texas Showdown TX-2021-24 Texas
07/24/2021 Masters of Iron Showdown AK-2021-02 Alaska
07/18/2021 Bon Temps Raw Challenge LA-2021-06 Louisiana
07/17/2021 Cornhusker State Games NE-2021-05 Nebraska
07/17/2021 Midwest Performance Championship MI-2021-05 Michigan
07/17/2021 Wolf Open WI-2021-12 Wisconsin
07/17/2021 Mass Barbell Summer Slam 2k21 MA-2021-11 Massachusetts
07/17/2021 Summer Slam PA-2021-07 Pennsylvania
07/17/2021 Absolute Power Bench 2 Impress CA-2021-09 California
07/10/2021 Dakota High School and Collegiate Championship SD-2021-02 South Dakota
07/10/2021 Barbell and Brine Summer Classic NY-2021-06 New York
07/10/2021 22nd Street Barbell Classic IA-2021-02 Iowa
07/10/2021 Viking Summer Raid WV-2021-02 West Virginia
07/10/2021 North Carolina State Championships NC-2021-01 North Carolina
07/10/2021 3rd Annual Arkansas State Championships AR-2021-01 Arkansas
07/09/2021 New Jersey State Championship NJ-2021-02 New Jersey
07/03/2021 Battle in the Valley OH-2021-10 Ohio
07/02/2021 2021 Europa Games Expo FL-2021-02 Florida
06/26/2021 Baystate Series I MA-2021-04 Massachusetts
06/26/2021 RPG Summer Kickoff MI-2021-04 Michigan
06/26/2021 Kansas Heavy Metal Open KS-2021-01 Kansas
06/26/2021 Virginia Battle at the Beach VA-2021-04 Virginia
06/26/2021 Europa Dallas Showdown TX-2021-08 Texas
06/26/2021 King of Kilos Raw Open MN-2021-10 Minnesota
06/26/2021 Nebraska State Bench Press NE-2021-02 Nebraska
06/26/2021 CT Summer Showdown CT-2021-03 Connecticut
06/26/2021 Summer Power Fest TX-2021-09 Texas
06/26/2021 Atlanta Open GA-2021-03 Georgia
06/26/2021 Alabama State Championship AL-2021-03 Alabama
06/26/2021 Big Iron Classic 2021 MT-2021-01 Montana
06/19/2021 Philly Gritty Face-Off PA-2021-10 Pennsylvania
06/14/2021 Youth Nationals NS-2021-03 Florida
06/14/2021 Raw Master's Nationals NS-2021-03 Florida
06/14/2021 Equipped Master's Nationals NS-2021-03 Florida
06/14/2021 Equipped Bench Nationals NS-2021-03 Florida
06/14/2021 Raw Bench Nationals NS-2021-03 Florida
06/14/2021 Raw Nationals NS-2021-03 Florida
06/14/2021 Equipped Nationals NS-2021-03 Florida
06/12/2021 Ryan Moore New England States High School Championships MA-2021-10 Massachusetts
06/12/2021 Carolina Primetime SC-2021-07 South Carolina
06/12/2021 Colorado State Championships CO-2021-03 Colorado
06/05/2021 2021 USA Powerlifting Miami International Fitness Expo Championships fl-2021-01 Florida
05/29/2021 Oklahoma State Championships OK-2021-01 Oklahoma
05/29/2021 Ohio Open OH-2021-05 Ohio
05/29/2021 Ohio State Championship OH-2021-05 Ohio
05/29/2021 42nd Annual USA Powerlifting Florida Sunshine State Games FL-2021-13 Florida
05/27/2021 High School and Teen National Championship NS-2021-02 Colorado
05/23/2021 Virginia Open State Championships VA-2021-05 Virginia
05/22/2021 New York Ladies of Iron NY-2021-09 New York
05/22/2021 Minnesota Ladies of Iron MN-2021-05 Minnesota
05/22/2021 Massachusetts Mayhem MA-2021-05 Massachusetts
05/22/2021 UAP Spring Showdown MI-2021-03 Michigan
05/22/2021 Unleash The Beast WA-2021-02 Washington
05/22/2021 Avenger Spring Fling PA-2021-06 Pennsylvania
05/22/2021 Legacy Series #3 MO-2021-06 Missouri
05/16/2021 Arizona State Championships AZ-2021-02 Arizona
05/15/2021 Meet Me at The Bar TX-2021-05 Texas
05/15/2021 Alaska State Championship AK-2021-03 Alaska
05/15/2021 3rd Husky Invitational AK-2021-07 Alaska
05/15/2021 Mayhem Open WI-2021-04 Wisconsin
05/09/2021 Atlas Strength Showcase LA-2021-04 Louisiana
05/08/2021 Ladies Of Steel SC-2021-03 South Carolina
05/08/2021 East Texas Open TX-2021-10 Texas
05/02/2021 Pure Focus Spring Classic NJ-2021-04 New Jersey
05/01/2021 East Tennessee Spring Classic TN-2021-01 Tennessee
05/01/2021 Iron Triathlon TX-2021-04 Texas
05/01/2021 Eau Claire Open WI-2021-08 Wisconsin
05/01/2021 Squats and Science Championship NY-2021-10 New York
05/01/2021 4th Annual USA Powerlifting Florida High School State Championships FL-2021-09 Florida
05/01/2021 Clash in Central Cali CA-2021-06 California
05/01/2021 Naval Academy Qualifier MD-2021-05 Maryland
05/01/2021 Nebraska State Championships NE-2021-02 Nebraska
05/01/2021 Connecticut State Championships CT-2021-02 Connecticut
04/25/2021 Minnesota State Championship MN-2021-03 Minnesota
04/25/2021 Chicagoland Womens Open IL-2021-02 Illinois
04/25/2021 Family of Iron Classic NV-2021-01 Nevada
04/24/2021 Nodak Open Championships ND-2021-01 North Dakota
04/24/2021 CPC Youth and Teen Qualifier OH-2021-12 Ohio
04/24/2021 Louisiana State Games LA-2021-02 Louisiana
04/24/2021 TSS High School Nationals Qualifier TX-2021-23 Texas
04/24/2021 Youth and Teen Qualifier WI-2021-14 Wisconsin
04/24/2021 Georgia State Championships GA-2021-04 Georgia
04/24/2021 I STEP 1st Annual Spring Fling MD-2021-02 Maryland
04/24/2021 Minnesota High School Teen Youth State Championships MN-2021-09 Minnesota
04/24/2021 1st Annual Heart of Texas TX-2021-11 Texas
04/24/2021 Pennsylvania State Championships PA-2021-05 Pennsylvania
04/18/2021 New Jersey Rona Wrecker NJ-2021-01 New Jersey
04/17/2021 West Virginia State Championship WV-2021-01 West Virginia
04/17/2021 Wooder Ice Classic PA-2021-08 Pennsylvania
04/17/2021 Full Send Invitational MI-2021-02 Michigan
04/17/2021 Capital City Barbell Championship FL-2021-12 Florida
04/17/2021 Reboot 2021 WA-2021-01 Washington
04/17/2021 PowerMania MMXXI OH-2021-04 Ohio
04/17/2021 Revenge of the Kilo Monster CO-2021-01 Colorado
04/17/2021 SBWC Spring Classic NY-2021-04 New York
04/12/2021 Neenah High School Nationals Meet Qualifier WI-2021-05 Wisconsin
04/10/2021 Wyoming Open WY-2021-02 Wyoming
04/10/2021 Springfield Showdown MO-2021-02 Missouri
04/10/2021 39th Annual USA Powerlifting Florida State Championships FL-2021-07 Florida
04/10/2021 New Hampshire State Championships NH-2021-01 New Hampshire
04/08/2021 Collegiate and Junior Nationals NS-2021-01 Louisiana
04/03/2021 Covington Qualifier LA-2021-09 Louisiana
04/03/2021 Minnesota State Bench Press Championship MN-2021-04 Minnesota
04/03/2021 Battle at the Anvil AK-2021-05 Alaska
03/28/2021 Virginia March Open VA-2021-03 Virginia
03/28/2021 Masked Madness AZ-2021-03 Arizona
03/28/2021 Chicagoland Mens Raw Open IL-2021-01 Illinois
03/27/2021 Baystate Junior and Teen Invitational MA-2021-03 Massachusetts
03/27/2021 Ultimate Warrior MI-2021-01 Michigan
03/27/2021 Idaho State Championships ID-2021-01 Idaho
03/27/2021 Iron Ice Novice Classic MN-2021-02 Minnesota
03/27/2021 Legacy Series #2 MO-2021-05 Missouri
03/21/2021 Pittsburgh Spring Classic PA-2021-03 Pennsylvania
03/21/2021 6th Annual USA Powerlifting Orlando Open Championships FL-2021-07 Florida
03/20/2021 Germantown High School-Teen National Qualifier WI-2021-13 Wisconsin
03/20/2021 Northeast Iron Beast Winter Classic VIII NY-2021-03 New York
03/20/2021 Philadelphia Love Championship PA-2021-13 Pennsylvania
03/20/2021 Battle on the Border SC-2021-02 South Carolina
03/20/2021 WARCAT's Battle of the Bay CA-2021-03 California
03/20/2021 29th Annual USA Powerlifting Police/Firefighter National Championships NS-2021-07 Florida
03/20/2021 Absolute Power Spring Fling CA-2021-05 California
03/20/2021 29th Annual USA Powerlifting Military National Championships NS-2021-07 Florida
03/20/2021 Massachusetts Spring Classic MA-2021-02 Massachusetts
03/20/2021 Iron City Open AL-2021-02 Alabama
03/13/2021 Bad Hand Invitational MO-2021-03 Missouri
03/13/2021 Sandoval Strength Systems Rookie Meet TX-2021-07 Texas
03/13/2021 Beginner's Brawl OH-2021-03 Ohio
03/13/2021 Madness Open WI-2021-03 Wisconsin
03/06/2021 Buckeye Qualifier OH-2021-08 Ohio
03/06/2021 Battle on the Border TX-2021-06 Texas
03/06/2021 Winneconne High School National Qualifier WI-2021-09 Wisconsin
03/06/2021 CT Spring Classic CT02921-01 Connecticut
03/06/2021 Cajun Pride Closed Qualifier LA-2021-05 Louisiana
02/27/2021 Iron Office Winter Classic CA-2021-01 California
02/27/2021 Texas Strength Classic TX-2021-01 Texas
02/27/2021 Fairbanks Winter Classic AK-2021-01 Alaska
02/21/2021 Bearkat Classic TX-2021-12 Texas
02/21/2021 Georgia Winter Classic GA-2021-01 Georgia
02/21/2021 Mill City Classic MA-2021-01 Massachusetts
02/21/2021 Legacy Series 1 MO-2021-04 Missouri
02/20/2021 3rd Annual USA Powerlifting Jacksonville Open Championships FL-2021-05 Florida
02/14/2021 Midwest Collegiate Regionals NE-2021-04 Nebraska
02/13/2021 High School Barbell Bash SC-2021-01 South Carolina
02/13/2021 Virginia Novice Open 1 VA-2021-01 Virginia
02/13/2021 Beyond Limits Classic OH-2021-02 Ohio
02/12/2021 Germantown High School National Qualifier WI-2021-10 Wisconsin
02/07/2021 Laconia HS/Teen Open WI-2021-02 Wisconsin
02/06/2021 SD High School Nationals Qualifier SD-2021-01 South Dakota
02/06/2021 Red River Showdown TX-2021-03 Texas
02/06/2021 Liberty Bell Classic PA-2021-02 Pennsylvania
02/06/2021 Mississippi Championship MS-2021-01 Mississippi
02/06/2021 Louisiana State Championship LA-2021-01 Louisiana
01/31/2021 Pure Focus Winter Classic NJ-2021-03 New Jersey
01/30/2021 Star City Showdown NE-2021-03 Nebraska
01/30/2021 Lake Pleasant Classic AZ-2021-01 Arizona
01/23/2021 Bethlehem Barbell Basement Bash NY-2021-05 New York
01/23/2021 WI State Championship WI-2021-01 Wisconsin
01/23/2021 Iowa State Open IA-2021-01 Iowa
01/23/2021 4th Annual USA Powerlifting Southwest Florida Open Championships FL-2021-04 Florida
01/16/2021 Wyoming State Championships WY-2021-01 Wyoming
01/16/2021 New Year Open OH-2021-01 Ohio
01/16/2021 4th Annual Mustache Mayhem NY-2021-02 New York
01/16/2021 Winter Games of Texas TX-2021-02 Texas
01/16/2021 Chiseled Winter Classic MD-2021-01 Maryland
01/16/2021 Elk Mound HS Nationals WI-2021-07 Wisconsin
01/16/2021 Barbells and Brews AL-2021-01 Alabama
01/09/2021 Boynton Barbell Center Championship FL-2021-03 Florida
01/09/2021 DCF Philly January Jawn PA-2021-01 Pennsylvania
01/09/2021 Virginia New Years Open VA-2021-01 Virginia
12/19/2020 Connecticut GPT Invitational CT-2020-14 Connecticut
12/19/2020 Festivus for the Rest of Us NM-2020-04 New Mexico
12/19/2020 2nd Annual USA Powerlifting Arkansas State Open Powerlifting Championships AR-2020-01 Arkansas
12/19/2020 Jingle Jam NY-2020-04 New York
12/13/2020 Snowflake Showdown CT-2020-09 Connecticut
12/13/2020 SC State championship SC-2020-03 South Carolina
12/13/2020 Suwanee Holiday Havoc GA-2020-08 Georgia
12/13/2020 29th Annual USA Powerlifting Florida Senior Games Championship FL-2020-16 Florida
12/12/2020 VA Holiday Havoc VA-2020-11 Virginia
12/12/2020 Power for a Purpose WV-2020-02 West Virginia
12/12/2020 Winter Wrath OH-2020-11 Ohio
12/12/2020 MO River Open MO-2020-10 Missouri
12/12/2020 MA and RI State Championships MA-2020-01 Massachusetts
12/12/2020 Liftmas Open WI-2020-17 Wisconsin
12/12/2020 Collegiate Cup and Texas Open TX-2020-27 Texas
12/12/2020 Iron Office Last Stand CA-2020-19 California
12/06/2020 Long Island Winter Showdown III NY-2020-13 New York
12/05/2020 Granite State Grand Prix IV NH-2020-05 New Hampshire
12/05/2020 Kansas State Championship KS-2020-03 Kansas
12/05/2020 Mecca's Holiday Hoist ID-2020-04 Idaho
12/05/2020 Winter War of Waco TX-2020-18 Texas
12/05/2020 3rd Annual USA Powerlifting Greater Tampa Classic Championships FL-2020-15 Florida
12/05/2020 Maryland State Benchpress MD-2020-05 Maryland
12/05/2020 Michigan State Championships MI-2020-12 Michigan
11/21/2020 CT Knock Out Breast Cancer CT-2020-13 Connecticut
11/21/2020 Missouri Valley College Invite MO-2020-11 Missouri
11/21/2020 Gainsgiving Open WI-2020-08 Wisconsin
11/21/2020 3rd Annual USA Powerlifting North Florida Open Championships FL-2020-13 Florida
11/21/2020 Sioux Empire Open SD-2020-03 South Dakota
11/21/2020 Pelican State Open / LA Collegiate Champs LA-2020-08 Louisiana
11/20/2020 2020 Collegiate Nationals NS-2020-05 Pennsylvania
11/15/2020 RevFit Closed MS-2020-04 Mississippi
11/15/2020 IStep Veterans Day Meet MD-2020-07 Maryland
11/15/2020 17th Annual Florida Collegiate State Open Championships FL-2020-06 Florida
11/15/2020 WSS Power Fest AZ-2020-07 Arizona
11/15/2020 Aggie Quarantine Classic TX-2020-31 Texas
11/14/2020 Blue Mountain Collegiate Cup and Open MS-2020-03 Mississippi
11/14/2020 Warrior Collegiate Open NE-2020-05 Nebraska
11/14/2020 Ottawa University Collegiate Challenge KS-2020-02 Kansas
11/14/2020 Philadelphia Freedom Championship PA-2020-04 Pennsylvania
11/14/2020 Barrels and Bars OH-2020-10 Ohio
11/14/2020 Virginia Winter Wrecker VA-2020-10 Virginia
11/14/2020 StrengthBuilt Rookie Meet TX-2020-26 Texas
11/14/2020 Veteran's Day Open CA-2020-17 California
11/14/2020 Rumble in the Jungle TX-2020-30 Texas
11/13/2020 New Jersey State Championship NJ-2020-04 New Jersey
11/08/2020 Pittsburgh Fall Classic PA-2020-07 Pennsylvania
11/07/2020 Brawl in the Falls TX-2020-15 Texas
11/07/2020 Built Strong MO-2020-06 Missouri
11/07/2020 Battle on the Border NC-2020-01 North Carolina
11/07/2020 Granite State Invitational NH-2020-04 New Hampshire
11/07/2020 Viking Strength Sports Veterans Day Open GA-2020-06 Georgia
11/01/2020 Minnesota Ladies of Iron MN-2020-03 Minnesota
10/31/2020 Cowboy State Raw WY-2020-02 Wyoming
10/31/2020 Monsters Bash MN-2020-11 Minnesota
10/31/2020 El Dia de los Deadlift CT-2020-12 Connecticut
10/31/2020 Odyssey Barbell Club Classic MA-2020-11 Massachusetts
10/31/2020 Alaska Fall Classic AK-2020-04 Alaska
10/25/2020 American Iron and Nevada High School Championships NV-2020-01 Nevada
10/24/2020 Halloween Havoc III NY-2020-14 New York
10/24/2020 Silverback Challenge 11 TN-2020-04 Tennessee
10/18/2020 38th Annual USA Powerlifting Florida State Championships FL-2020-09 Florida
10/18/2020 Nightmare Before Liftmass CO-2020-06 Colorado
10/17/2020 Oklahoma State Championships OK-2020-02 Oklahoma
10/17/2020 West Texas Open TX-2020-23 Texas
10/17/2020 Rage Against the Barbell OH-2020-04 Ohio
10/17/2020 Maine State Championship ME-2020-01 Maine
10/17/2020 Philadelphia Fall Showdown PA-2020-12 Pennsylvania
10/10/2020 Midwest Primetime MO-2020-09 Missouri
10/10/2020 Virginia Novice Open 2 VA-2020-09 Virginia
09/26/2020 Due North Feats of Strength MI-2020-11 Michigan
09/26/2020 Palmetto Classic SC-2020-05 South Carolina
09/26/2020 Absolute Recomp Rookie Meet TX-2020-02 Texas
09/26/2020 2nd Annual USA Powerlifting Ocala Open Super Total X3 Championships FL-2020-14 Florida
09/26/2020 CT Fall Classic CT-2020-08 Connecticut
09/19/2020 Brother Bennett MS-2020-02 Mississippi
09/19/2020 Thunder Open CO-2020-05 Colorado
09/19/2020 920 Raw Open WI-2020-15 Wisconsin
09/19/2020 Thunder Open CO-2020-07 Colorado
09/12/2020 Michigan Rookie Rumble MI-2020-09 Michigan
09/12/2020 Virginia Fall Finale VA-2020-07 Virginia
09/12/2020 Baltimore Full-Lift Open MD-2020-04 Maryland
09/12/2020 Stars and Stripes Open WI-2020-07 Wisconsin
09/12/2020 Iron Wars TX-2020-14 Texas
09/05/2020 PRs On The Platform MO-2020-08 Missouri
09/05/2020 Power Mountain Showcase NC-2020-04 North Carolina
08/29/2020 Montana State Championships MT-2020-01 Montana
08/29/2020 Ohio State Championship OH-2020-03 Ohio
08/29/2020 Ohio Open OH-2020-09 Ohio
08/29/2020 Elevate Barbell Championship CO-2020-03 Colorado
08/22/2020 Massachusetts Summer Showdown MA-2020-04 Massachusetts
08/22/2020 Alaska State Championship AK-2020-02 Alaska
08/22/2020 Alabama State Championships AL-2020-02 Alabama
08/22/2020 Dennis Gleason Memorial CT-2020-07 Connecticut
08/15/2020 Summer Slam Record Breakers PA-2020-11 Pennsylvania
08/15/2020 Michigan Summer Classic MI-2020-05 Michigan
08/09/2020 Pure Focus Shore Classic NJ-2020-03 New Jersey
08/08/2020 Return to the Platform CA-2020-15 California
08/08/2020 Vice City 2020 FL-2020-10 Florida
08/08/2020 Adventures of Yokey the Bear CO-2020-01 Colorado
08/02/2020 Dallas Champions TX-2020-24 Texas
08/01/2020 Motor City Summer Showdown MI-2020-04 Michigan
08/01/2020 Southern States Championships FL-2020-17 Florida
07/25/2020 Avenger Showndown PA-2020-10 Pennsylvania
07/18/2020 PowerMania MMXX OH-2020-05 Ohio
07/18/2020 Words Have Weight SC-2020-02 South Carolina
07/18/2020 Mecca's Classic ID-2020-03 Idaho
07/18/2020 New Hampshire and Vermont State Championship NH-2020-02 New Hampshire
07/18/2020 DC Barbell Club Pro Invitational PA-2020-08 Pennsylvania
07/11/2020 Summer Raid WV-2020-01 West Virginia
07/11/2020 22nd Street Barbell Classic IA-2020-04 Iowa
07/11/2020 The Madness Open WI-2020-06 Wisconsin
07/05/2020 9th Annual Central Florida Open Championships FL-2020-08 Florida
06/27/2020 Iron City Open AL-2020-01 Alabama
06/27/2020 Capital City Classic TX-2020-16 Texas
06/27/2020 SC Upstate Classic SC-2020-01 South Carolina
06/20/2020 North Carolina Quailifier NC-2020-03 North Carolina
03/22/2020 5th Annual Orlando The City Beautiful Open Championships FL-2020-05 Florida
03/21/2020 Carolina Qualifier SC-2020-04 South Carolina
03/21/2020 Military-Police-Firefighter National Championships NS-2020-06 Florida
03/14/2020 Baystate No Frills Qualifier MA-2020-09 Massachusetts
03/14/2020 Battle on the Border TX-2020-21 Texas
03/14/2020 Sandoval Strength Systems Rookie Meet TX-2020-03 Texas
03/14/2020 Squats and Science Championship NY-2020-10 New York
03/14/2020 Top Crop Barbell Open KS-2020-01 Kansas
03/14/2020 Quad City Throwdown IA-2020-02 Iowa
03/08/2020 Arnold Pro Deadlift USAPL-2020-06 Ohio
03/08/2020 Arnold SBD Pro American USAPL-2020-07 Ohio
03/07/2020 Arnold Con-Cret Pro Bench Bash USAPL-2020-02 Ohio
03/07/2020 Arnold A7 Pro Raw Challenge USAPL-2020-03 Ohio
03/07/2020 Arnold Grand Prix by SBD USAPL-2020-04 Ohio
03/07/2020 Washington State Championship WA-2020-02 Washington
03/07/2020 WHSPA State Powerlifting Championships WI-2020-03 Wisconsin
03/06/2020 Arnold Battle of the Regions USAPL-2020-01 Ohio
03/01/2020 10th Annual Ryan Moore New England States High School Championships MA-2020-05 Massachusetts
03/01/2020 Pennsylvania State Championships PA-2020-06 Pennsylvania
03/01/2020 Texas Strength Classic TX-2020-04 Texas
02/29/2020 PF Opener WI-2020-09 Wisconsin
02/29/2020 Liberty Bell Classic PA-2020-03 Pennsylvania
02/29/2020 Virginia Single Lift State Championships VA-2020-02 Virginia
02/29/2020 Wyoming State Championships WY-2020-01 Wyoming
02/29/2020 4th Annual Capital City Barbell Championships FL-2020-02 Florida
02/29/2020 Minnesota State Bench Press Championship MN-2020-01 Minnesota
02/29/2020 No Frills Leap Day Classic OH-2020-08 Ohio
02/29/2020 Boss of NorCal Winter Classic CA-2020-04 California
02/25/2020 South Dakota High School Qualifier SD-2020-02 South Dakota
02/23/2020 Lake Pleasant Classic AZ-2020-02 Arizona
02/23/2020 Aggie Showdown TX-2020-11 Texas
02/23/2020 Colorado State Championships CO-2020-02 Colorado
02/22/2020 Death Valley Lift O Mania LA-2020-06 Louisiana
02/22/2020 Ivy League Invitational II NY-2020-09 New York
02/22/2020 Fairbanks Winter Classic AK-2020-01 Alaska
02/22/2020 3D Fit Games MI-2020-02 Michigan
02/22/2020 Shreveport Qualifier LA-2020-12 Louisiana
02/22/2020 7th Annual Northeast Winter Classic MA-2020-07 Massachusetts
02/22/2020 Northeast Collegiate Regional Championship MA-2020-06 Massachusetts
02/22/2020 High School National Qualifier WI-2020-05 Wisconsin
02/16/2020 UTDPL Classic TX-2020-07 Texas
02/15/2020 Swolemates Challenge TN-2020-01 Tennessee
02/15/2020 CT Heartbreakers CT-2020-10 Connecticut
02/15/2020 New York State Championships NY-2020-02 New York
02/15/2020 Necedah Ntl Teen Qualifier WI-2020-14 Wisconsin
02/15/2020 Terrapin Open MD-2020-01 Maryland
02/15/2020 Woodward Academy Invitational IA-2020-03 Indiana
02/15/2020 Wisconsin State Collegiate Championship WI-2020-02 Wisconsin
02/15/2020 Southern Barbelle Classic TX-2020-09 Texas
02/09/2020 Garden State Winter War NJ-2020-02 New Jersey
02/09/2020 3rd Annual Mustache Mayhem NY-2020-06 New York
02/08/2020 Wolfpack High School Open MA-2020-08 Massachusetts
02/08/2020 Mississippi Championship MS-2020-01 Mississippi
02/08/2020 Beyond Limits Classic OH-2020-02 Ohio
02/08/2020 Wildcat Open Powerlifting and Bench Press Championship KY-2020-02 Kentucky
02/08/2020 Covington Qualifier LA-2020-10 Louisiana
02/08/2020 Georgia State Championships GA-2020-01 Georgia
02/08/2020 4th Annual New Mexico State Championship NM-2020-01 New Mexico
02/08/2020 Idaho State Championships ID-2020-01 Idaho
02/02/2020 Star City Showdown NE-2020-03 Nebraska
02/01/2020 Tacoma Rookie Competition WA-2020-01 Washington
02/01/2020 Central Collegiate Cup NE-2020-01 Nebraska
02/01/2020 Iron Ice Novice Classic MN-2020-05 Minnesota
02/01/2020 3rd Annual Southwest Florida Open Championships FL-2020-03 Florida
02/01/2020 Central Oregon Classic OR-2020-01 Oregon
02/01/2020 Rapides Qualifier LA-2020-11 Louisiana
02/01/2020 Odyssey Barbell Winter Open NH-2020-01 New Hampshire
01/26/2020 Great Northwest Border Battle WA-2020-06 Washington
01/25/2020 SBWC Box of Rats Invitational NY-2020-01 New York
01/25/2020 Honolulu Night Lift HI-2020-01 Hawaii
01/25/2020 Michigan High School Qualifier MI-2020-01 Michigan
01/25/2020 East Tennessee Winter Classic TN-2020-03 Tennessee
01/25/2020 Ruston Qualifier LA-2020-09 Louisiana
01/25/2020 Iowa State Championship IA-2020-01 Iowa
01/25/2020 WI State Championship WI-2020-01 Wisconsin
01/25/2020 2nd Annual Jacksonville Open Championships FL-2020-04 Florida
01/25/2020 Collegiate Keystone Cup PA-2020-06 Pennsylvania
01/19/2020 Wicked Strong Women AZ-2020-01 Arizona
01/19/2020 7th Annual St. John's High School Classic MA-2020-03 Massachusetts
01/19/2020 Winter Games of Texas TX-2020-01 Texas
01/18/2020 Virginia Winter Open VA-2020-01 Virginia
01/18/2020 Chiseled Winter Classic MD-2020-02 Maryland
01/18/2020 New Year Open OH-2020-01 Ohio
01/18/2020 Northeast Iron Beast Pro Winter Classic VII NY-2020-03 New York
01/18/2020 AZ High School Championship AZ-2020-03 Arizona
01/18/2020 Missouri State Collegiate Championships MO-2020-01 Missouri
01/18/2020 Boynton Barbell Center Championship FL-2020-01 Florida
01/18/2020 Blueprint Collegiate Classic CA-2020-01 California
01/18/2020 Minnesota State High School Championships MN-2020-04 Minnesota
01/18/2020 WHG Winter Open & HS / Youth State Championships PA-2020-01 Pennsylvania
01/18/2020 Absolute Power New Year Classic CA-2020-08 California
01/18/2020 Louisiana State Championship LA-2020-02 Louisiana
01/18/2020 Winter Classic CT-2020-02 Connecticut
01/12/2020 New England Open CT-2020-01 Connecticut
01/11/2020 Strive To Be Fit CA-2020-03 California
01/11/2020 Central Mass Open MA-2020-02 Massachusetts
01/11/2020 Arsenal Athletics Indiana Icebreakers IN-2020-01 Indiana
12/21/2019 Winter Iron Open TX-2019-33 Texas
12/21/2019 Cougar Classic TX-2019-35 Texas
12/14/2019 PF Series Final Meet 6 WI-2019-06 Wisconsin
12/14/2019 Albuquerque Barbell Invitational NM-2019-04 New Mexico
12/14/2019 18th Annual Team Phoenix Holiday Classic WA-2019-11 Washington
12/14/2019 Philadelphia Love Championship PA-2019-15 Pennsylvania
12/14/2019 27th Annual Florida Senior Games Championships FL-2019-16 Florida
12/14/2019 Collegiate Cup & Texas Open TX-2019-27 Texas
12/14/2019 Snowball Showdown CT-2019-08 Connecticut
12/14/2019 Annapolis Holiday Classic MD-2019-07 Maryland
12/14/2019 United Barbell Winter Classic NY-2019-19 New York
12/13/2019 LA Tech Rookie Meet LA-2019-18 Louisiana
12/08/2019 Western MASSacre MA-2019-10 Massachusetts
12/08/2019 Midwest Senior States NE-2019-07 Nebraska
12/08/2019 Chicagoland Men's Raw Novice IL-2019-06 Illinois
12/08/2019 Long Island Winter Showdown II NY-2019-14 New York
12/08/2019 New Jersey Collegiate Invitational Championship NJ-2019-03 New Jersey
12/08/2019 Rhode Island Winter Equinox RI-2019-02 Rhode Island
12/07/2019 Day of Infamy OH-2019-13 Ohio
12/07/2019 Trojan Iron War WY-2019-03 Wyoming
12/07/2019 Warrior Collegiate Open NE-2019-06 Nebraska
12/07/2019 Power For A Purpose WV-2019-01 West Virginia
12/07/2019 Virginia Holiday Havoc VA-2019-09 Virginia
12/07/2019 Land of 10000 Plates Collegiate Raw Invitational MN-2019-16 Minnesota
12/07/2019 Michigan State Championship MI-2019-06 Michigan
12/07/2019 Meccas Holiday Hoist ID-2019-05 Idaho
12/07/2019 Sonoran Desert Showdown AZ-2019-07 Arizona
12/07/2019 Shreveport Showdown LA-2019-17 Louisiana
12/07/2019 Kansas State Championship KS-2019-04 Kansas
12/07/2019 South Carolina State Championships SC-2019-03 South Carolina
12/07/2019 2nd Annual Greater Tampa Classic Championships FL-2019-14 Florida
12/07/2019 Season of Strength GA-2019-09 Georgia
12/07/2019 1st Annual Winter War of Waco TX-2019-32 Texas
12/07/2019 Beast of the Metro East IL-2019-07 Illinois
12/07/2019 California Winter Classic CA-2019-21 California
12/07/2019 Kilos on the Coosa AL-2019-04 Alabama
12/07/2019 19th Annual Ketchikan Winter Meet AK-2019-06 Alaska
11/30/2019 Maryland Bench Open MD-2019-03 Maryland
11/23/2019 Southside Fall Classic AK-2019-05 Alaska
11/23/2019 WARCAT Open 2019 CA-2019-20 California
11/23/2019 Pelican State Open and Louisiana Collegiate Championships LA-2019-11 Louisiana
11/23/2019 Longhorn Open TX-2019-34 Texas
11/23/2019 Boss of NorCal 11 CA-2019-22 California
11/23/2019 WI Collegiate Cup WI-2019-23 Wisconsin
11/22/2019 American Iron and Nevada High School Championships NV-2019-02 Nevada
11/18/2019 40th World Open Championships Dubai UAE IPF
11/17/2019 Chicagoland Women's Raw Novice IL-2019-05 Illinois
11/17/2019 Lift for Pits 4 OR-2019-05 Oregon
11/16/2019 RMLC Championships CO-2019-08 Colorado
11/16/2019 Glass City Open OH-2019-10 Ohio
11/16/2019 Rio Grande Valley Fall Classic TX-2019-13 Texas
11/16/2019 Oklahoma State Championships OK-2019-01 Oklahoma
11/10/2019 New Jersey Iron Gobbler Championship NJ-2019-05 New Jersey
11/10/2019 MIA Classic FL-2019-13 Florida
11/10/2019 Baystate Series #5 MA-2019-12 Massachusetts
11/10/2019 16th Annual Florida Collegiate Championships FL-2019-15 Florida
11/10/2019 Veterans Championships PA-2019-10 Pennsylvania
11/10/2019 Pittsburgh Fall Classic PA-2019-17 Pennsylvania
11/09/2019 Brawl in the Falls TX-2019-20 Texas
11/09/2019 Raw Collegiate Cup MA-2019-11 Massachusetts
11/09/2019 Music City Classic TN-2019-06 Tennessee
11/09/2019 Midwestern Collegiate Cup OH-2019-12 Ohio
11/09/2019 3rd Annual Fall Classic MN-2019-15 Minnesota
11/09/2019 CT Veteran's Day Meet & Bench Press Championships CT-2019-01 Connecticut
11/09/2019 3rd Annual I-STEP Veterans Day MD-2019-09 Maryland
11/09/2019 Salute to Service III NY-2019-18 New York
11/09/2019 Iron Office Veterans Day Open CA-2019-14 California
11/09/2019 Southern States Border Wars TN-2019-05 Tennessee
11/09/2019 Power On The Plains AL-2019-05 Alabama
11/09/2019 San Diego Validus Open II CA-2019-16 California
11/02/2019 QC Iron Thriller IA-2019-06 Iowa
11/02/2019 WSS Backyard Power Fest AZ-2019-08 Arizona
11/02/2019 Strengthbuilt Rookie Meet TX-2019-28 Texas
11/02/2019 Central Wisconsin Fall Classic WI-2019-22 Wisconsin
11/02/2019 Fall Festival of Power NC-2019-04 North Carolina
11/02/2019 Iron Lion PA-2019-19 Pennsylvania
10/27/2019 Pure Focus Fall Classic NJ-2019-09 New Jersey
10/27/2019 SBWC High School Fall Classic NY-2019-21 New York
10/26/2019 PF Series Meet 5 WI-2019-02 Wisconsin
10/26/2019 Battle in the Valley OH-2019-08 Ohio
10/26/2019 Midland Collegiate Cup NE-2019-08 Nebraska
10/26/2019 Monsters Bash 2019 MN-2019-11 Minnesota
10/26/2019 SCS Fall Fest CA-2019-19 California
10/26/2019 Halloween Havoc II NY-2019-15 New York
10/26/2019 For Whom The Barbell Tolls GA-2019-08 Georgia
10/26/2019 Liftoberfest WA-2019-10 Washington
10/26/2019 Bonica Brown Showdown 2019 TX-2019-30 Texas
10/26/2019 Cowboy Open LA-2019-16 Louisiana
10/24/2019 14th Annual IPF/NAPF North American Bench Press Championships NAPF
10/19/2019 Philadelphia Fall Showdown PA-2019-16 Pennsylvania
10/19/2019 Virginia Winter Wrecker VA-2019-08 Virginia
10/19/2019 FIBO-USA Global Fitness Expo Championships FL-2019-06 Florida
10/16/2019 2019 Raw Nationals NS-2019-05 Illinois
10/13/2019 Stars and Stripes PA-2019-14 Pennsylvania
10/12/2019 Muscle Beach Powerlifting Classic TX-2019-25 Texas
10/12/2019 Michigan Rookie Rumble MI-2019-07 Michigan
10/07/2019 World Masters Equipped Championships Potchefstroom South Africa IPF
10/06/2019 Mass Barbell Open MA-2019-09 Massachusetts
10/06/2019 Sun Devil Classic AZ-2019-09 Arizona
10/05/2019 Mammoth Open TX-2019-22 Texas
10/05/2019 Bat City Classic TX-2019-29 Texas
10/05/2019 Baltimore Open MD-2019-04 Maryland
10/05/2019 Masters of Iron Showdown AK-2019-04 Alaska
10/05/2019 Western Wisconsin Open WI-2019-21 Wisconsin
09/29/2019 Attack of the Kilo Monster CO-2019-06 Colorado
09/29/2019 Iron Assault MN-2019-13 Minnesota
09/29/2019 Warrior Classic HI-2019-03 Hawaii
09/29/2019 Ocala Open Super Total X3 Championships FL-2019-12 Florida
09/28/2019 West Texas Open TX-2019-26 Tennessee
09/28/2019 Spokane Rookie Meet WA-2019-09 Washington
09/28/2019 Virginia Novice Open VA-2019-07 Virginia
09/28/2019 Michigan Iron Monger MI-2019-02 Michigan
09/28/2019 Arkitect Fitness Open NH-2019-06 New Hampshire
09/28/2019 SBWC Fall Classic NY-2019-20 New York
09/22/2019 New Jersey Heavy Metal Classic NJ-2019-08 New Jersey
09/21/2019 Beyond Limits Fall Classic OH-2019-11 Ohio
09/21/2019 Equinox Open OR-2019-03 Oregon
09/21/2019 Saturday Night Open CA-2019-17 California
09/15/2019 Maine Summer Classic ME-2019-03 Maine
09/15/2019 Rochester Rumble II NY-2019-17 New York
09/14/2019 Brother Bennett MS-2019-03 Mississippi
09/14/2019 Kansas Klassic KS-2019-03 Kansas
09/14/2019 Kentucky State Championships KY-2019-02 Kentucky
09/14/2019 Texas Lean Fit Rooke Meet TX-2019-31 Texas
09/14/2019 Strength Shop Summer Slam IN-2019-04 Indiana
09/14/2019 Choice City Classic CO-2019-07 Colorado
09/14/2019 Deadlift or Die WA-2019-08 Washington
09/14/2019 Deadlift or Die Rep Off WA-2019-08 Washington
09/08/2019 Whippany Athletic Club Summer Showdown NJ-2019-07 New Jersey
09/08/2019 New Mexico State Fair Bench Press Championship NM-2019-03 New Mexico
09/08/2019 Island Qualifier HI-2019-04 Hawaii
09/07/2019 Missouri Last Chance Qualifier MO-2019-04 Missouri
09/07/2019 Domination Power Classic ID-2019-04 Idaho
09/07/2019 Iron Wars TX-2019-12 Texas
09/07/2019 Stars And Stripes Open WI-2019-12 Wisconsin
09/07/2019 New Mexico State Fair Powerlifting Championship NM-2019-03 New Mexico
09/06/2019 New Mexico State Fair Deadlift Championship NM-2019-03 New Mexico
09/01/2019 SOMD Heavy Metal Movers MD-2019-01 Maryland
09/01/2019 New Orleans Invitational LA-2019-13 Louisiana
08/31/2019 Winston Salem Classic NC-2019-03 North Carolina
08/31/2019 2019 Bench Nationals NS-2019-02 South Dakota
08/31/2019 Ohio Summer Showdown OH-2019-09 Ohio
08/26/2019 World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Championships Regina- Canada IPF
08/24/2019 CT Summer Showdown CT-2019-07 Connecticut
08/24/2019 PF Series Meet 4 WI-2019-09 Wisconsin
08/24/2019 2019 Unreal BarBellum MI-2019-09 Michigan
08/24/2019 Montana State Championships MT-2019-02 Montana
08/24/2019 Southwest Regionals RG-2019-04 Arizona
08/24/2019 Mid-Atlantic Regionals RG-2019-08 Pennsylvania
08/17/2019 Lake Superior Open MN-2019-14 Minnesota
08/17/2019 Wolf Open WI-2019-13 Wisconsin
08/17/2019 Patriot Power Open NE-2019-04 Nebraska
08/17/2019 Iron Open TX-2019-19 Texas
08/17/2019 WillPower Bench Press Invitational CA-2019-18 California
08/17/2019 Monadnock Summer Slam NH-2019-05 New Hampshire
08/17/2019 Southeast Regionals RG-2019-06 Florida
08/10/2019 Lake City Push-Pull MN-2019-12 Minnesota
08/10/2019 Southern Regionals RG-2019-03 Texas
08/06/2019 17th Annual NAPF North American Regional Championships
08/04/2019 Midwest Regionals RG-2019-07 Illinois
08/03/2019 Virginia Shockwave Showdown VA-2019-12 Virginia
08/03/2019 5 Bar Showdown GA-2019-07 Georgia
07/28/2019 Rocky Mountain State Games CO-2019-05 Colorado
07/27/2019 Northwest Regionals RG-2019-01 Washington
07/27/2019 Northeast Regionals RG-2019-02 Connecticut
07/27/2019 Arkansas State Championships AR-2019-01 Arkansas
07/27/2019 Fresno Summer Classic CA-2019-13 California
07/22/2019 4th University Powerlifting Cup IPF
07/20/2019 South Texas Showdown TX-2019-18 Texas
07/20/2019 Palmetto Classic SC-2019-02 South Carolina
07/20/2019 2nd Annual Eat Rite Sports Expo NY-2019-11 New York
07/14/2019 Ray Williams Classic FL-2019-11 Florida
07/13/2019 Nebraska State Bench Championships NE-2019-05 Nebraska
07/13/2019 Virginia Summer Slam VA-2019-11 Virginia
07/13/2019 Liberty Games NY-2019-12 New York
07/13/2019 DC Barbell Club Pro Invitational PA-2019-08 Pennsylvania
07/13/2019 Central Regionals RG-2019-05 Minnesota
07/13/2019 In the Pines AZ-2019-06 Arizona
07/13/2019 Summer Classic LA-2019-12 Louisiana
07/13/2019 Free the Iron CA-2019-05 California
07/13/2019 Kenai Peninsula Rumble AK-2019-03 Alaska
07/06/2019 Kabuki Strength Summer Classic OR-2019-04 Oregon
07/06/2019 Limitless Open WI-2019-17 Wisconsin
07/06/2019 Summer Raid WV-2019-02 West Virginia
07/06/2019 8th Annual Central Florida Open Championships FL-2019-09 Florida
07/06/2019 Summer Power Fest TX-2019-21 Texas
06/29/2019 Team Cup Challenge WA-2019-06 Washington
06/29/2019 Citizen's Gym River City Classic KY-2019-01 Kentucky
06/29/2019 New York State Bench Press Championships NY-2019-13 New York
06/29/2019 California State Championships CA-2019-02 California
06/29/2019 Tri-Star Classic AL-2019-03 Alabama
06/22/2019 2019 Calcasieu Cup LA-2019-07 Louisiana
06/22/2019 PF Series Meet 3 WI-2019-03 Wisconsin
06/22/2019 Central Texas Classic TX-2019-04 Texas
06/22/2019 RPG BarBellum MI-2019-01 Michigan
06/22/2019 Des Moines Open IA-2019-05 Iowa
06/22/2019 Y-Town Throwdown OH-2019-07 Ohio
06/22/2019 Southern Gulf Coast Classic Championships FL-2019-10 Florida
06/15/2019 Nevada State Championships NV-2019-01 Nevada
06/15/2019 Seattle Summer Classic WA-2019-07 Washington
06/15/2019 Summer Blastoff IA-2019-04 Iowa
06/15/2019 CBC Powerlifting Championships TX-2019-06 Texas
06/15/2019 New York State Championships NY-2019-16 New York
06/15/2019 Annapolis Novice Open MD-2019-06 Maryland
06/09/2019 Rumble at the Brewery ME-2019-04 Maine
06/08/2019 The Mecca Gym's Iron Inferno ID-2019-03 Idaho
06/08/2019 Badger Open 2019 WI-2019-14 Wisconsin
06/08/2019 Twin Cities Open MN-2019-04 Minnesota
06/08/2019 NC State Championships NC-2019-02 North Carolina
06/08/2019 4th Annual Battle at the Beach VA-2019-10 Virginia
06/08/2019 Prescott Bar Buster AZ-2019-05 Arizona
06/08/2019 Rumble on the Riverfront DE-2019-01 Delaware
06/08/2019 Team Rohr Bench Press & Deadlift Challenge GA-2019-05 Georgia
06/08/2019 York Powerlifting Championships PA-2019-04 Pennsylvania
06/04/2019 IPF 7th World Classic Championships - Helsingborg Sweden IPF
06/02/2019 5th Annaul Freedom Classic IN-2019-05 Indiana
06/02/2019 2019 Massachusetts and Rhode Island State Championships RI-2019-01 Rhode Island
06/01/2019 2nd Annual Camellia City Invitational LA-2019-15 Louisiana
06/01/2019 Kansas Heavy Metal Open KS-2019-02 Kansas
06/01/2019 Gulf Breeze Open FL-2019-07 Florida
06/01/2019 Cowboy State Raw WY-2019-02 Wyoming
06/01/2019 New Jersey State Championship NJ-2019-03 New Jersey
06/01/2019 Missouri State Championships MO-2019-02 Missouri
06/01/2019 Odyssey Barbell Spring Open NH-2019-04 New Hampshire
06/01/2019 No Frills Bench Qualifier SD-2019-02 South Dakota
05/25/2019 Meet Me at the Bar TX-2019-05 Texas
05/25/2019 Philadelphia Freedom Championship PA-2019-06 Pennsylvania
05/25/2019 Ignite Your Power TX-2019-23 Texas
05/25/2019 Boss of NorCal 10 CA-2019-04 California
05/18/2019 Mississippi Championship MS-2019-01 Mississippi
05/18/2019 Mayhem Open WI-2019-11 Wisconsin
05/18/2019 Ohio State Championships OH-2019-05 Ohio
05/18/2019 Exile Bench - Deadlift Raw Open MD-2019-05 Maryland
05/18/2019 Silverback Challenge TN-2019-04 Tennessee
05/18/2019 Granite City Open MN-2019-09 Minnesota
05/18/2019 PA State BP/DL Championships PA-2019-12 Pennsylvania
05/18/2019 IPF Classic World Bench Press Championships - Tokyo Japan IPF
05/18/2019 IPF Equipped World Bench Press Championships - Tokyo Japan IPF
05/18/2019 Alaska State Championship AK-2019-02 Alaska
05/11/2019 South Padre Island Showdown TX-2019-14 Texas
05/11/2019 Western NY Championships NY-2019-04 New York
05/11/2019 Dallas Champions 2019 TX-2019-24 Texas
05/10/2019 2019 Open Nationals NS-2019-04 Illinois
05/05/2019 Pure Focus Classic NJ-2019-06 New Jersey
05/05/2019 Gorilla Warfare III: Final Conflict CO-2019-03 Colorado
05/04/2019 New York Ladies of Iron NY-2019-09 New York
05/04/2019 East Texas Open TX-2019-09 Texas
05/04/2019 Washington Ladies of Iron WA-2019-02 Washington
05/04/2019 Ohio Ladies of Iron OH-2019-04 Ohio
05/04/2019 Minnesota Ladies of Iron MN-2019-06 Minnesota
05/04/2019 Spring BarBellum MI-2019-04 Michigan
05/04/2019 LA State Games LA-2019-04 Louisiana
05/04/2019 Virginia Ladies of Iron and Virginia State Championships VA-2019-03 Virginia
05/04/2019 Santa Cruz Spring Open CA-2019-11 California
05/04/2019 Oregon Ladies of Iron OR-2019-02 Oregon
05/04/2019 Pennsylvania / New Jersey Ladies of Iron PA-2019-09 Pennsylvania
05/04/2019 Wisconsin Ladies of Iron WI-2019-18 Wisconsin
05/04/2019 Idaho Ladies of Iron ID-2019-02 Idaho
05/04/2019 Connecticut Ladies of Iron State Championships & May Showdown CT-2019-04 Connecticut
05/04/2019 Words Have Weight SC-2019-01 South Carolina
05/04/2019 MA & RI Ladies of Iron MA-2019-05 Massachusetts
05/04/2019 Bay State Series 3 MA-2019-05 Massachusetts
05/04/2019 United Ladies of Iron WA-2019-01 Washington
04/28/2019 Hawaii State/High School State Championships HI-2019-02 Hawaii
04/27/2019 PF Series Meet 2 WI-2019-04 Wisconsin
04/27/2019 2019 Louisiana RAW High School State Championship LA-2019-02 Louisiana
04/27/2019 San Diego Validus Open CA-2019-01 California
04/27/2019 Nebraska State Championship NE-2019-01 Nebraska
04/27/2019 Texas State Championships TX-2019-08 Texas
04/27/2019 SBWC Spring Classic NY-2019-06 New York
04/27/2019 Illinois State Championships IL-2019-04 Illinois
04/27/2019 AZ State Championship AZ-2019-02 Arizona
04/27/2019 District Open DC-2019-01 Washington DC
04/20/2019 New Hampshire & Vermont State Championships NH-2019-03 New Hampshire
04/20/2019 Ironclub Collegiate Open CA-2019-12 California
04/20/2019 Louisiana Legend Qualifier LA-2019-05 Louisiana
04/13/2019 Spring Break Throwdown II NY-2019-02 New York
04/13/2019 Springfield Showdown MO-2019-01 Missouri
04/13/2019 Tennessee and Surrounding States Championship TN-2019-02 Tennessee
04/13/2019 Empire Classic WA-2019-04 Washington
04/13/2019 Battle By The Bridge MN-2019-10 Minnesota
04/13/2019 920 Raw Open WI-2019-19 Wisconsin
04/12/2019 2019 Collegiate Nationals NS-2019-03 Ohio
04/07/2019 Delaware State Championship DE-2019-02 Delaware
04/07/2019 New England Spring Classic MA-2019-03 Massachusetts
04/06/2019 Iron Triathlon TX-2019-16 Texas
04/06/2019 Maine State Championship ME-2019-02 Maine
04/06/2019 Motor City BarBellum MI-2019-05 Michigan
04/06/2019 Virginia Richmond Open VA-2019-06 Virginia
04/06/2019 Georgia Spring Open GA-2019-02 Georgia
04/06/2019 37th Annual Florida State Championships Fl-2019-05 Florida
04/06/2019 Maryland State Championships MD-2019-02 Maryland
03/31/2019 SoCal Spring Open CA-2019-06 California
03/30/2019 American Strength Masters Brawl MN-2019-08 Minnesota
03/30/2019 Oregon State Championship OR-2019-01 Oregon
03/28/2019 2019 High School Nationals NS-2019-01 Louisiana
03/24/2019 Baystate Athletic Club Series Meet# 2 MA-2019-07 Massachusetts
03/24/2019 Men's Chicagoland Raw Open IL-2019-03 Illinois
03/24/2019 Whippany Athletic Club Spring Smash NJ-2019-01 New Jersey
03/23/2019 Prime Performance Push Pull MT-2019-01 Montana
03/23/2019 Battle on the Border TX-2019-07 Texas
03/23/2019 Battle On The Border NC-2019-01 North Carolina
03/23/2019 Squats & Science Championship NY-2019-08 New York
03/23/2019 Madness Open WI-2019-10 Wisconsin
03/23/2019 Iron City Open AL-2019-02 Alabama
03/17/2019 4th Annual Orlando Open Championships FL-2019-08 Florida
03/16/2019 2019 Military Nationals NS-2019-07 Texas
03/16/2019 Top Crop Barbell Open KS-2019-01 Kansas
03/16/2019 Capital City Classic TX-2019-03 Texas
03/16/2019 Old School Irons of March OH-2019-06 Ohio
03/16/2019 Dragon Open MN-2019-03 Minnesota
03/16/2019 Elevate Barbell Championship CO-2019-01 Colorado
03/16/2019 3rd Annual New Mexico State Championship NM-2019-01 New Mexico
03/16/2019 Pennsylvania State Championships PA-2019-03 Pennsylvania
03/16/2019 South Dakota State Championships SD-2019-01 South Dakota
03/16/2019 California State Games CA-2019-08 California
03/10/2019 Gentry Gym Spring Break Bash TX-2019-11 Texas
03/10/2019 9rd Annual Ryan Moore New England States Open High School Championship MA-2019-08 Massachusetts
03/09/2019 Family Fitness Works Classic IN-2019-01 Indiana
03/09/2019 Virginia Military and First Responder State Championships VA-2019-05 Virginia
03/09/2019 Iowa State Championships IA-2019-02 Iowa
03/09/2019 March Mayhem High School Only AZ-2019-04 Arizona
03/09/2019 Georgia High School State Championship GA-2019-03 Georgia
03/09/2019 Alaska Fairbanks Showdown AK-2019-01 Alaska
03/03/2019 Arnold - Battle of the Regions Ohio
03/03/2019 Arnold - Pro Deadlift Ohio
03/02/2019 Arnold - Grand Prix by SBD Ohio
03/02/2019 Arnold - Titan Pro Bench Bash Ohio
03/02/2019 WHSPA State Championship WI-2019-16 Wisconsin
03/02/2019 Fresno March Madness CA-2019-10 California
03/02/2019 CT Spring Classic CT-2019-02 Connecticut
03/02/2019 Arnold - SBD Pro American Ohio
03/02/2019 3rd Annual Capital City Barbell Championships FL-2019-04 Florida
03/01/2019 Arnold - A7 Raw Challenge Ohio
02/24/2019 Texas Strength Classic TX-2019-10 Texas
02/24/2019 2019 Illinois Women's Raw Open IL-2019-02 Illinois
02/24/2019 Pittsburgh Spring Classic PA-2019-07 Pennsylvania
02/23/2019 WI High School National Qualifier WI-2019-15 Wisconsin
02/23/2019 Wyoming State Championship WY-2019-01 Wyoming
02/23/2019 3D Fit BarBellum MI-2019-08 Michigan
02/23/2019 Virginia Novice Open VA-2019-05 Virginia
02/23/2019 Indiana State Powerlifting Championship IN-2019-02 Indiana
02/23/2019 Jacksonville Open Championships FL-2019-03 Florida
02/23/2019 Boss of NorCal Winter Championship 2019 CA-2019-03 California
02/23/2019 Arlington Strength Raw Classic TX-2019-17 Texas
02/17/2019 Island Qualifier HI-2019-01 Hawaii
02/17/2019 MN State Men's Powerlifting Championships MN-2019-02 Minnesota
02/17/2019 2019 Aggie Showdown TX-2019-15 Texas
02/16/2019 Swolemates Challenge TN-2019-01 Tennessee
02/16/2019 Pelican State Meet LA-2019-01 Louisiana
02/16/2019 2nd Annual Mustache Mayhem NY-2019-03 New York
02/16/2019 Washington State Championship WA-2019-05 Washington
02/16/2019 Murder of Crows Open NY-2019-10 New York
02/16/2019 MN Women's State Championship MN-2019-01 Minnesota
02/16/2019 2019 Heartbreakers CT-2019-03 Connecticut
02/16/2019 2019 Winter Classic and Northeast Collegiate Regional MA-2019-06 Massachusetts
02/16/2019 RM Østafjell Styrkeløft utstyrsfritt Norway
02/16/2019 Idaho State Championships ID-2019-01 Idaho
02/10/2019 Last Chance Qualifier Road to Collegiates MO-2019-03 Missouri
02/10/2019 Convoy Strength Open CA-2019-05 California
02/09/2019 Liberty Bell Classic PA-2019-06 Pennsylvania
02/09/2019 PF Series Meet 1 WI-2019-05 Wisconsin
02/09/2019 Beyond Limits Classic OH-2019-03 Ohio
02/09/2019 Calvary Qualifier LA-2019-14 Louisiana
02/09/2019 Nor'Easter Bench Bashand Deadlift MA-2019-01 Massachusetts
02/09/2019 6th Annual High School Elite Cup MA-2019-02 Massachusetts
02/09/2019 Woodward Academy Invitational IA-2019-03 Iowa
02/09/2019 Lake Pleasant Classic AZ-2019-03 Arizona
02/09/2019 Central Louisiana High School Nationals Qualifier LA-2019-10 Louisiana
02/09/2019 Covington Qualifier LA-2019-08 Louisiana
02/09/2019 Georgia State Championships Ga-2019-04 Georgia
02/09/2019 Keystone Collegiate Cup PA-2019-11 Pennsylvania
02/09/2019 Colorado State Championships CO-2019-02 Colorado
02/03/2019 Hattiesburg Closed QT MS-2019-03 Mississippi
02/02/2019 2019 Youth Nationals NS-2019-06 Louisiana
02/02/2019 Nebraska Collegiate State Championships NE-2019-03 Nebraska
02/02/2019 Abington Heights Invitational PA-2019-05 Pennsylvania
02/02/2019 SBWC Box of Rats Invitational NY-2019-07 New York
02/02/2019 Alabama State Championship AL-2019-01 Alabama
02/01/2019 West Monroe High School Nationals Qualifier LA-2019-09 Louisiana
01/27/2019 Granite State Grand Prix III NH-2019-01 New Hampshire
01/27/2019 Illinois Raw Collegiate Power Meet IL-2019-01 Illinois
01/26/2019 Happy New Year WI-2019-07 Wisconsin
01/26/2019 Limitless Rookie Open WI-2019-08 Wisconsin
01/26/2019 12th Annual Capital City Clash NE-2019-02 Nebraska
01/26/2019 Des Moines Classic IA-2019-01 Iowa
01/26/2019 Spartan Open CA-2019-09 California
01/26/2019 Virginia Winter Open 2 VA-2019-02 Virginia
01/26/2019 Boynton Barbell Championship FL-2019-01 Florida
01/20/2019 Winter Games of Texas TX-2019-01 Texas
01/19/2019 2nd Southwest Florida Championships FL-2019-02 Florida
01/19/2019 P.O.D. Winter Seasonal TX-2019-02 Texas
01/19/2019 Southeast Collegiate Clash GA-2019-01 Georgia
01/19/2019 Tacoma Rookie Comp WA-2019-03 Washington
01/19/2019 Minnesota State Bench Press Championships MN-2019-07 Minnesota
01/19/2019 Louisiana State Meet LA-2019-03 Louisiana
01/19/2019 Virginia High School and Collegiate State Championships VA-2019-01 Virginia
01/19/2019 South Bay Classic CA-2019-07 California
01/19/2019 Northeast Iron Beast Winter Classic VI NY02019-01 New York
01/19/2019 WI State Championship WI-2019-01 Wisconsin
01/19/2019 WHG Winter Open PA-2019-02 Pennsylvania
01/19/2019 Southern New England Open CT-2019-05 Connecticut
01/13/2019 6th Annual St. John's High School Classic MA-2019-04 Massachusetts
01/13/2019 Garden State Winter War NJ-2019-02 New Jersey
01/12/2019 MN State High School Championship MN-2019-05 Minnesota
01/12/2019 Iron and Ice Push Pull Meet AZ-2019-01 Arizona
01/12/2019 United Barbell Classic NY-2019-05 New York
01/05/2019 2019 Michigan HS Qualifier MI-2019-03 Michigan
01/05/2019 East Regional High School Qualifier LA-2019-06 Louisiana
12/16/2018 3rd Annual Merry LIftmas IN-2018-04 Indiana
12/15/2018 Philadelphia Love Championship PA-2018-10 Pennsylvania
12/15/2018 Trojan Iron War WY-2018-03 Wyoming
12/15/2018 Pure Fitness Series Final Meet WI-2018-11 Wisconsin
12/15/2018 Southside Fall/Winter Classic AK-2018-04 Alaska
12/15/2018 Virginia Holiday Havoc VA-2018-08 Virginia
12/15/2018 Cougar Classic TX-2018-30 Texas
12/15/2018 South Carolina State Championships SC-2018-04 South Carolina
12/15/2018 Winter Iron Open TX-2018-29 Texas
12/15/2018 Big 3 Open CA-2018-24 California
12/14/2018 Louisiana Tech Rookie Meet LA-2018-14 Louisiana
12/09/2018 Chaos Winter Classic MA-2018-11 Massachusetts
12/09/2018 Sonoran Desert Showdown AZ-2018-08 Arizona
12/09/2018 2018 New Jersey Collegiate Invitational Championship NJ-2018-08 New Jersey
12/08/2018 2018 Elite Physique Open NM-2018-02 New Mexico
12/08/2018 Land of 10000 Plates Collegiate Raw Invitational MN-2018-13 Minnesota
12/08/2018 Krampus Classic OH-2018-08 Ohio
12/08/2018 Power for a Purpose WV-2018-02 West Virginia
12/08/2018 Winter Swolestice CA-2018-21 California
12/08/2018 Warrior Collegiate Open NE-2018-04 Nebraska
12/08/2018 Midwest Senior States NE-2018-05 Nationals
12/08/2018 Season of Strength GA-2018-10 Georgia
12/08/2018 2018 Central Mass Open MA-2018-09 Massachusetts
12/08/2018 Winter Wars 2018 ID-2018-06 Idaho
12/08/2018 Southern Border Wars TN-2018-04 Tennessee
12/08/2018 Beast of the Metro East IL-2018-07 Illinois
12/08/2018 18th Annual Ketchikan Winter Meet AK-2018-05 Alaska
12/08/2018 Team Phoinix Holiday Classic WA-2018-07 Washington
12/02/2018 Long Island Winter Showdown NY-2018-14 New York
12/02/2018 Murder of Crows December Open NY-2018-18 New York
12/02/2018 California Winter Classic CA-2018-22 California
12/01/2018 2018 Brother Bennett MS-2018-04 Mississippi
12/01/2018 Michigan State Meet MI-2018-04 Michigan
12/01/2018 2018 New England Open Championship CT-2018-06 Connecticut
12/01/2018 Kansas State Championship KS-2018-05 Kansas
12/01/2018 Shreveport Showdown LA-2018-13 Louisiana
12/01/2018 2018 Collegiate Cup & Texas Open TX-2018-21 Texas
12/01/2018 Kilos On The Coosa AL-2018-03 Alabama
12/01/2018 Maryland Bench Open MD-2018-03 Maryland
12/01/2018 2018 Wisconsin Collegiate State Championship WI-2018-24 Wisconsin
12/01/2018 Solcana Deadlift Meet MN-2018-12 Minnesota
12/01/2018 Greater Tampa Open Championships FL-2018-13 Florida
11/24/2018 Queen City Throwdown ME-2018-04 Maine
11/18/2018 Baystate Series #1 MA-2018-10 Massachusetts
11/18/2018 Thanksgiving Throwdown CA-2018-23 California
11/18/2018 New Jersey Iron Gobbler NJ-2018-06 New Jersey
11/18/2018 15th Annual USA Powerlifting Florida Collegiate Championships FL-2018-12 Florida
11/17/2018 Abbeville Open and LA Collegiate Championships LA-2018-10 Louisiana
11/17/2018 Brawl in the Falls TX-2018-22 Texas
11/17/2018 Arizona 2018 Fall Classic AZ-2018-06 Arizona
11/17/2018 Boss of Norcal 8 CA-2018-06 California
11/17/2018 RMLC Championships CO-2018-05 Colorado
11/17/2018 Gainsgiving Open WI-2018-23 Wisconsin
11/11/2018 Missouri Collegiate Championships MO-2018-04 Missouri
11/11/2018 2018 Raw Collegiate Cup MA-2018-08 Massachusetts
11/10/2018 2nd Annual USA Powerlifting Champion's Fall Classic MN-2018-11 Minnesota
11/10/2018 2nd Annual I STEP Invitational USA Powerlifting Veterans Day Meet MD--2018-08 Maryland
11/10/2018 Iron Office Veterans Day Open CA-2018-20 California
11/10/2018 Salute to Service II NY-2018-09 New York
11/10/2018 QC Iron Thriller IA-2018-06 Iowa
11/10/2018 Eau Claire Open WI-2018-22 Wisconsin
11/10/2018 Veterans Day Championships PA-2018-18 Pennsylvania
11/10/2018 Lift for Pit 3 OR-2018-06 Oregon
11/10/2018 Longhorn Open TX-2018-26 Texas
11/10/2018 Savage Open GA-2018-08 Georgia
11/05/2018 2018 World Open Championships
11/04/2018 2018 Fall Pittsburgh Raw Open PA-2018-19 Pennsylvania
11/03/2018 Michigan Teen and Youth State Meet MI-2018-10 Michigan
11/03/2018 Ivy League Invitational Championships NY-2018-17 New York
11/03/2018 Granite State Grand Prix II NH-2018-05 New Hampshire
11/03/2018 Fall Festival of Power NC-2018-03 North Carolina
11/03/2018 Rio Grande Valley Fall Classic TX-2018-28 Texas
10/28/2018 Iron Lion Open PA-2018-21 Pennsylvania
10/27/2018 Pure Fitness Series Meet 5 WI-2018-10 Wisconsin
10/27/2018 2018 Midwestern Collegiate Cup OH-2018-6 Ohio
10/27/2018 American Strength Monsters Bash 2018 MN-2018-10 Minnesota
10/27/2018 Rove Open 2018 ID-2018-04 Idaho
10/27/2018 SBWC Fall Classic NY-2018-16 New York
10/27/2018 Kenai Peninsula Rumble AK-2018-03 Alaska
10/27/2018 Ray Williams Classic 2018 TX-2018-25 Texas
10/25/2018 13th NAPF North American Regional Bench Press Championships
10/20/2018 Muscle Beach Powerlifting Classic TX-2018-24 Texas
10/20/2018 Pioneer Valley Open MA-2018-06 Massachusetts
10/20/2018 Milwaukee Collegiate Cup WI-2018-19 Wisconsin
10/20/2018 Virginia Winter Wrecker VA-2018-06 Virginia
10/20/2018 Halloween Havoc at the Rock PA-2018-20 Pennsylvania
10/20/2018 Push Pull for Pink TX-2018-27 Texas
10/13/2018 Philadelphia Fall Showdown PA-2018-13 Pennsylvania
10/13/2018 Michigan Iron Monger MI-2018-05 Michigan
10/11/2018 2018 Raw Nationals NS-2018-02 Washington
10/07/2018 Chicagoland Mens Raw Novice IL-2018-06 Illinois
10/07/2018 Stars and Stripes Rookie Championships PA-2018-17 Pennsylvania
10/06/2018 Western Wisconsin Open WI-2018-21 Wisconsin
10/06/2018 Baltimore Open MD-2018-04 Maryland
10/06/2018 Sunshine State Championships FL-2018-10 Florida
10/02/2018 IPF World Masters Chamionships IPF
09/29/2018 Music City Classic TN-2018-05 Tennessee
09/29/2018 Back to Old School Bash OH-2018-07 Ohio
09/29/2018 Solcana Novice Meet MN-2018-07 Minnesota
09/29/2018 Liftoberfest WA-2018-08 Washington
09/29/2018 Miami Classic FL-2018-09 Florida
09/23/2018 Apeman Strong Fest 2.0 AZ-2018-05 Arizona
09/23/2018 New Jersey Heavy Metal Classic NJ-2018-05 New Jersey
09/22/2018 Family Fitness Work Summer Bash IN-2018-03 Indiana
09/22/2018 2nd Annual Phoenix Task Force Powerlifting Festival NH-2018-04 New Hampshire
09/22/2018 Southern Barbelle Classic TX-2018-23 Texas
09/22/2018 Virginia Fall FInale VA-2018-07 Virginia
09/22/2018 Myrtle Beach Bar Bash SC-2018-03 South Carolina
09/16/2018 Colorado Fall Open III: License to Lift CO-2018-04 Colorado
09/15/2018 Michigan Rookie Rumble MI-2018-08 Michigan
09/15/2018 Kansas Klassic KS-2018-04 Kansas
09/15/2018 Iron Wars TX-2018-18 Texas
09/15/2018 Spokane Rookie Competition WA-2018-06 Washington
09/15/2018 Powerlifting for Pups GA-2018-09 Georgia
09/15/2018 SCS Classic CA-2018-11 California
09/15/2018 Bench Press Nationals NS-2018-03 Pennsylvania
09/09/2018 2018 Chicagoland Women's Raw Open IL-2018-05 Illinois
09/09/2018 Stars And Stripes Open WI-2018-20 Wisconsin
09/08/2018 Maine Summer Classic ME-2018-03 Maine
09/08/2018 New Mexico State Fair Deadlift Invitational NM-2018-03 New Mexico
09/08/2018 CBUS Lifting Co Fall Classic OH-2018-02 Ohio
09/08/2018 Fortius Labor and Lift Open CA-2018-17 California
09/03/2018 World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Championships IPF
09/02/2018 Nola Invitational LA-2018-08 Louisiana
09/01/2018 Fall Filibuster DC-2018-02 Washington DC
09/01/2018 2nd Annual North Florida Open Championships FL-2018-11 Florida
08/26/2018 Whippany Athletic Club Fall Power Fest NJ-2018-04 New Jersey
08/25/2018 Pure Fitness Series Meet 4 WI-2018-09 Wisconsin
08/25/2018 Raw Ruckus ID-2018-05 Idaho
08/25/2018 Anchored Open CA-2018-19 California
08/25/2018 Kabuki Strength Fall Classic OR-2018-05 Oregon
08/25/2018 Wolf Open WI-2018-18 Wisconsin
08/18/2018 El Paso Iron Open TX-2018-18 Texas
08/18/2018 Noonan Barbell Raw Open MN-2018-09 Minnesota
08/18/2018 Big Iron Classic MT-2018-03 Montana
08/18/2018 Southeast Regional RG-2018-03 North Carolina
08/18/2018 Northeast Regionals RG-2018-05 Connecticut
08/11/2018 Southwest Regional Championships RG-2018-07 Arizona
08/11/2018 Kentucky State Championship KY-2018-03 Kentucky
08/11/2018 Southern Regional Championships RG-2018-01 Texas
08/05/2018 SoCal Powerlifting Open CA-2018-15 California
08/05/2018 Mid-AtlanticRegionals RG-2018-04 Pennsylvania
08/04/2018 22nd Street Barbell Open IA-2018-05 Indiana
08/04/2018 Unreal BarBellum MI-2018-07 Michigan
08/04/2018 Dog Days of Summer Powerlifting OH-2018-05 Ohio
08/04/2018 Kansas City Metro Classic KS-2018-03 Kansas
08/04/2018 Twin Ports Raw Open MN-2018-06 Minnesota
07/29/2018 Rocky Mountain State Games CO-2018-03 Colorado
07/28/2018 Granite State Grand Prix NH-2018-03 New Hampshire
07/28/2018 Rev Fit Open MS-2018-03 Mississippi
07/28/2018 Northwest Regionals RG-2018-06 Washington
07/28/2018 Buffalo Sports Expo NY-2018-12 New York
07/28/2018 Central Cali Throwdown CA-2018-18 California
07/21/2018 Arizona 4th Annual Route 66 Classic AZ-2018-07 Arizona
07/21/2018 South Texas Showdown TX-2018-17 Texas
07/21/2018 5 Bar Showdown GA-2018-06 Georgia
07/21/2018 Palmetto Classic SC-2018-02 South Carolina
07/21/2018 CT Summer Showdown CT-2018-05 Connecticut
07/15/2018 Summer Classic LA-2018-12 Louisiana
07/15/2018 7th Annual USA Powerlifting Central Florida Open Championships FL-2018-08 Florida
07/14/2018 DC Barbell Club Pro Invitational PA-2018-14 Pennsylvania
07/14/2018 Rumble on Pratt Street MD-2018-06 Maryland
07/14/2018 Virginia Summer Slam VA-2018-05 Virginia
07/14/2018 Midwest & Central Super Regionals RG-2018-02 Missouri
07/14/2018 California State Games CA-2018-09 California
07/09/2018 3rd University Powerlifting Cup IPF
07/07/2018 Liberty Games NY-2018-15 New York
07/07/2018 WHG Summer Slam PA-2018-12 Pennsylvania
07/07/2018 Summer Raid WV-2018-01 West Virginia
07/01/2018 Bridgetown Barbell B-Q OR-2018-02 Oregon
06/30/2018 Vermont State Championships VT-2018-01 Vermont
06/30/2018 Hawaii State Championship HI-2018-03 Hawaii
06/30/2018 Summer Power Fest TX-2018-16 Texas
06/24/2018 New Jersey State Championship NJ-2018-03 New Jersey
06/23/2018 Pure Fitness Series Meet 3 WI-2018-08 Wisconsin
06/23/2018 Meet Me at the Bar TX-2018-19 Texas
06/23/2018 Baystate Invitational MA-2018-07 Massachusetts
06/23/2018 Calcasieu Cup LA-2018-06 Louisiana
06/23/2018 Southwest Florida Championships FL-2018-06 Florida
06/23/2018 RPG BarBellum MI-2018-03 Michigan
06/23/2018 Summer Slam CA-2018-16 California
06/17/2018 Dallas Equipped 2018 TX-2018-10 Texas
06/16/2018 Med City Raw Open MN-2018-08 Minnesota
06/16/2018 Iowa State Championships IA-2018-04 Iowa
06/16/2018 BP & DL Challenge GA-2018-02 Georgia
06/16/2018 Nevada State Championships NV-2018-01 Nevada
06/09/2018 Twin Cities Open MN-2018-01 Minnesota
06/09/2018 Badger Open WI-2018-03 Wisconsin
06/09/2018 BFE Classic ID-2018-02 Idaho
06/09/2018 Battle at the Beach VA-2018-04 Virginia
06/09/2018 Seattle Strength and Power WA-2018-05 Washington
06/06/2018 6th IPF World Classic Championships IPF
06/03/2018 Massachusetts And Rhode Island State Championship RI-2018-02 Rhode Island
06/02/2018 Prescott Bar Buster AZ-2018-03 Arizona
06/02/2018 Gulf Breeze Open FL-2018-05 Florida
06/02/2018 Life Liberty & The Pursuit Of Three White Lights PA-2018-16 Pennsylvania
06/02/2018 1St Annual Camellia City Invitational LA-2018-11 Louisiana
06/02/2018 SSP Bench Press Deadlift and Push-Pull Championship FL-2018-07 Florida
06/02/2018 NY State Champonships NY-2018-01 New York
06/02/2018 NC State Championships NC-2018-02 North Carolina
06/02/2018 Limitless Open WI-2018-14 Wisconsin
06/02/2018 Kansas Heavy Metal Open KS-2018-02 Kansas
05/26/2018 Spring Raw Classic 2018 ID-2018-03 Idaho
05/26/2018 2018 Central Texas Classic TX-2018-07 Texas
05/26/2018 2018 Ohio State Championship OH-2018-03 Ohio
05/26/2018 Boss Of Norcal 7 CA-2018-05 California
05/19/2018 PA State BP DL Championships PA-2018-06 Pennsylvania
05/19/2018 Long Island Spring Showdown NY-2018-13 New York
05/19/2018 Women Of Steel Showdown WI-2108-12 Wisconsin
05/18/2018 2018 Open Nationals NS-2018-04 Washington
05/14/2018 3rd IPF World Classic Bench Press IPF
05/12/2018 Kilodelphia Iron Open PA-2018-05 Pennsylvania
05/12/2018 Barbells On The Boardwalk CA-2018-02 California
05/12/2018 36th Annual Florida State Championships FL-2018-03 Florida
05/12/2018 2018 Maryland State Championship MD-2018-07 Maryland
05/12/2018 Rochester Rumble NY-2018-11 New York
05/12/2018 Tennessee And Surrounding States Championship TN-2018-03 Tennessee
05/12/2018 2018 Arlington Strength Raw Classic TX-2018-15 Texas
05/06/2018 Connecticut State Championship and May Showdown CT-2018-03 Connecticut
05/05/2018 Alaska State Championships AK-2018-02 Alaska
05/05/2018 Pure Fitness Series Meet 2 WI-2018-07 Wisconsin
05/05/2018 2018 East Texas Open TX-2018-03 Texas
05/05/2018 2018 Philadelphia Freedom Championship PA-2018-11 Pennsylvania
05/05/2018 Roswell Barbell's Atlanta Women's Open GA-2018-07 Georgia
05/05/2018 2018 Missouri State Championships MO-2018-03 Missouri
05/05/2018 2018 Louisiana State Games LA-2018-04 Louisiana
04/29/2018 2018 Spring Barbellum MI-2018-02 Michigan
04/28/2018 2018 CBC Powerlifting Championships TX-2018-06 Texas
04/28/2018 2018 Los Angeles Collegiate Battle CA-2018-13 California
04/28/2018 2018 District Open DC-2018-01 Washington DC
04/28/2018 2018 SBWC Spring Classic NY-2018-06 New York
04/28/2018 MadCity Open WI-2018-04 Wisconsin
04/28/2018 Gorilla Warfare II: Pandora's Box CO-2018-02 Colorado
04/28/2018 2018 Louisiana Legend Qualifier LA-2018-07 Louisiana
04/28/2018 Nebraska State Championship NE-2018-02 Nebraska
04/28/2018 2018 New Hampshire State Championships NH-2018-01 New Hampshire
04/28/2018 2018 Hawaii High School Championship HI-2018-02 Hawaii
04/23/2018 World Bench Press Championships IPF
04/21/2018 Wasatch Valley Champs UT-2018-01 Utah
04/21/2018 2018 American Strength Masters Brawl MN-2018-04 Minnesota
04/21/2018 Words Have Weight SC-2018-01 South Carolina
04/19/2018 2018 Collegiate Nationals NS-2018-01 Texas
04/14/2018 2018 Battle On The Border TX-2018-12 Texas
04/14/2018 2018 Empire Classic WA-2018-03 Washington
04/14/2018 Montana State Championships MT-2018-01 Montana
04/14/2018 Spring Break Throwdown NY-2018-02 New York
04/14/2018 Georgia Spring Open GA-2018-03 Georgia
04/14/2018 2018 Arizona State Championship AZ-2018-02 Arizona
04/14/2018 California State Championship CA-2018-08 California
04/14/2018 2018 Illinois State Championships IL-2018-04 Illinois
04/14/2018 5Th Annual Nova Open VA-2018-03 Virginia
04/08/2018 2018 Delaware State Championship DE-2018-01 Delaware
04/08/2018 2018 New England Spring Classic MA-2018-05 Massachusetts
04/07/2018 2018 Raw High School State Championship LA-2018-05 Louisiana
04/07/2018 2018 CBUS Lifting Co Spring Classic OH-2018-01 Ohio
04/07/2018 Exile Open MD-2018-02 Maryland
04/07/2018 Texas State Championships TX-2018-13 Texas
04/07/2018 Battle At The Brickyard ME-2018-02 Maine
04/07/2018 Oregon State Championships OR-2018-01 Oregon
04/07/2018 Pennsylvania States PA-2018-02 Pennsylvania
04/07/2018 920 Raw Open WI-2018-15 Wisconsin
03/31/2018 The Athletix Open CA-2018-10 California
03/31/2018 2018 Easter Open TX-2018-11 Texas
03/31/2018 2nd Annual Capital City Barbell Championships FL-2018-04 Florida
03/31/2018 St. Patrick's Day Open OR-2018-03 Oregon
03/31/2018 2018 Mississippi Championships MS-2018-01 Mississippi
03/24/2018 Kenai Peninsula Classic AK-2018-01 Alaska
03/24/2018 Springfield Showdown MO-2018-01 Missouri
03/24/2018 2018 Seattle Rookie Competition WA-2018-04 Washington
03/24/2018 Battle on the Border NC-2018-01 North Carolina
03/24/2018 Et Tu Brute Strength MD-2018-01 Maryland
03/24/2018 Iron City Open AL-2018-02 Alabama
03/22/2018 2018 High School National Championships NS-2018-05 Wisconsin
03/19/2018 2018 Bare Bones Qualifier TX-2018-14 Texas
03/18/2018 2018 Heart of Texas Open TX-2018-08 Texas
03/18/2018 2018 Whippany Athletic Club Spring Classic NJ-2018-01 New Jersey
03/18/2018 Pittsburgh Barbell Spring Open 2018 PA-0218-08 Pennsylvania
03/18/2018 Chicagoland Men's Raw Open IL-2018-02 Illinois
03/18/2018 Chicagoland Men's Raw Open IL-2018-02 Illinois
03/17/2018 New Mexico State Championship NM-2018-01 New Mexico
03/17/2018 Georgia High School State Championships GA-2018-04 Georgia
03/17/2018 Minnesota Men's State Championship MN-2018-05 Minnesota
03/17/2018 South Dakota State Powerlifting Championships SD-2018-01 South Dakota
03/17/2018 St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Throwdown PA-2018-15 Pennsylvania
03/17/2018 Southern Iron Open and Special Olympic Fundraiser TN-2018-02 Tennessee
03/11/2018 2018 WHSPA State Championship WI-2018-01 Wisconsin
03/11/2018 2018 Spring Break Bash TX-2018-05 Texas
03/11/2018 8th Annual Ryan Moore New England States High School States Championships MA-2018-04 Massachusetts
03/10/2018 2018 Squats & Science Championship NY-2018-08 New York
03/10/2018 March Mayhem AZ-2018-04 Arizona
03/10/2018 Quad City Throw Down IA-2018-02 Iowa
03/10/2018 Cowboy State Raw WY-2018-02 Wyoming
03/10/2018 2018 March Madness CA-2018-12 California
03/10/2018 26th Military National Championships NS-2018-08 Florida
03/10/2018 3rd Annual Orlando Open Powerlifting Championships FL-2018-02 Florida
03/10/2018 Top Crop Barbell Open KS-2018-01 Kansas
03/10/2018 2018 Idaho State Championships ID-2018-01 Idaho
03/10/2018 2018 Virginia State Championships VA-2018-01 Virginia
03/04/2018 The Arnold - Pro Deadlift USAPL-2018-03 Ohio
03/04/2018 The Arnold - NextLifter Ohio Classic Push-Pull USAPL-2018-04 Ohio
03/04/2018 The Arnold - Titan Pro Bench Bash NAPF Ohio
03/03/2018 The Arnold - SBD Pro American USAPL-2018-02 Ohio
03/03/2018 The Arnold - Grand Prix by SBD NAPF Ohio
03/03/2018 The Arnold - SSP Nutrition Pro Raw Bench NAPF Ohio
03/03/2018 2018 Illinois Collegiate Meet IL-2018-03 Illinois
03/03/2018 Connecticut Spring Classic CT-2018-02 Connecticut
03/02/2018 The Arnold - A7 Bar Grip Pro Raw Challenge USAPL-2018-01 Ohio
02/25/2018 6th Annual Winter Classic RI-2018-01 Rhode Island
02/25/2018 2018 Texas Strength Classic TX-2018-04 Texas
02/24/2018 Give Me Liberty or Give Me No Lift PA-2018-03 Pennsylvania
02/24/2018 Boss of Norcal 6 Winter Championship CA-2018-03 California
02/24/2018 Capital City Clash NE-2018-01 Nebraska
02/24/2018 2018 Maine State Championships ME-2018-01 Maine
02/18/2018 Bulldog Qualifier MS-2018-02 Mississippi
02/18/2018 Winter Open PA-2018-01 Pennsylvania
02/18/2018 Glen Mills Invitational PA-2018-09 Pennsylvania
02/18/2018 2018 Murder of Crows Barbell Club Open NY-2018-05 New York
02/18/2018 River's Edge 2018 MO-2018-02 Missouri
02/17/2018 2018 Family Fitness Works Classic IN-2018-02 Indiana
02/17/2018 2018 Pelican State Open LA-2018-03 Louisiana
02/17/2018 2018 Aggie Showdown TX-2018-02 Texas
02/17/2018 Northeast Collegiate Championships CT-2018-04 Connecticut
02/17/2018 Washington State Championship WA-2018-01 Washington
02/17/2018 2018 Kim & Ray Speed Power Strength Invitational CA-2018-07 California
02/17/2018 Commodore Classic TN-2018-01 Tennessee
02/17/2018 2018 Mustache Mayhem NY-2018-04 New York
02/17/2018 2018 Island Qualifier HI-2018-01 Hawaii
02/16/2018 2018 Youth Nationals NS-2018-06 Washington
02/13/2018 SD High School Qualifier SD-2018-02 South Dakota
02/11/2018 High School National Qualifier WI-2018-06 Wisconsin
02/11/2018 5th Annual High School Elite Cup MA-2018-01 Massachusetts
02/11/2018 2018 Garden State Winter War NJ-2018-02 New Jersey
02/11/2018 2018 Liberty Bell Classic PA-2018-04 Pennsylvania
02/11/2018 2018 CO State Championships CO-2018-01 Colorado
02/10/2018 2018 Lake Pleasant Classic AZ-2018-01 Arizona
02/10/2018 MN High School State Championship MN-2018-02 Minnesota
02/10/2018 PF Open Series #1 WI-2018-05 Wisconsin
02/10/2018 Georgia State Championships GA-2018-01 Georgia
02/10/2018 Woodward Academy Invitational IA-2018-03 Iowa
02/10/2018 Terrapin Open MD-2018-05 Maryland
02/10/2018 City of Lights Invitational LA-2018-02 Louisiana
02/04/2018 2018 Whitehall/Indee High School Meet WI-2018-13 Wisconsin
02/03/2018 2018 SBWC Winter Invitational NY-2018-07 New York
02/03/2018 2018 Beyond Limits Classic OH-2018-04 Ohio
02/03/2018 2018 MoreyMayhem BarBellum MI-2018-01 Michigan
02/03/2018 Alabama State Championship AL-2018-01 Alabama
02/03/2018 Covington Qualifier LA-2018-09 Louisiana
02/03/2018 Spartan Open CA-2018-04 California
02/03/2018 2018 Kentucky Open KY-2018-01 Kentucky
01/28/2018 2018 Illinois Womens Raw Open IL-2018-01 Illinois
01/27/2018 Butte Barbell Push/Pull MT-2018-02 Montana
01/27/2018 Gorilla House Championships PA-2018-07 Pennsylvania
01/27/2018 Happy New Year WI-2018-14 Wisconsin
01/27/2018 Hoosier Open IN-2018-01 Indiana
01/27/2018 Arkitect Open NH-2018-02 New Hampshire
01/27/2018 2018 Cyclone Classic IA-2018-01 Iowa
01/20/2018 Wisconsin Open State Championships WI-2018-02 Wisconsin
01/20/2018 Wisconsin Rookie State Championships WI-2018-02 Wisconsin
01/20/2018 2018 Michigan High School Qualifier MI-2018-06 Michigan
01/20/2018 Tacoma "Rookie" Competition WA-2018-02 Washington
01/20/2018 Northeast Iron Beast Winter Classic V NY-2018-03 New York
01/20/2018 Atlanta Winter Smash GA-2018-05 Georgia
01/20/2018 Mean Green Raw Classic TX-2018-09 Texas
01/20/2018 MN Womens State Championship MN-2018-03 Minnesota
01/14/2018 UBC New Years Powerlifting Championship CPU
01/14/2018 3rd Annual Worcester Open MA-2018-03 Massachusetts
01/14/2018 2018 OK State Championships OK-2018-01 Oklahoma
01/14/2018 2018 Winter Games of Texas TX-2018-01 Texas
01/13/2018 2018 Wyoming State Championship WY-2018-01 Wyoming
01/13/2018 2018 Boynton Barbell Center Championship FL-2018-01 Florida
01/13/2018 2018 Louisiana State Meet LA-2018-01 Louisiana
01/13/2018 2018 Virginia Winter Open VA-2018-02 Virginia
01/13/2018 LiftingLarge Open CA-2018-01 California
01/13/2018 5th Annual Saint John's Raw High School Classic MA-2018-02 Massachusetts
01/13/2018 CT Winter Classic CT-2018-01 Connecticut
12/17/2017 2017 Chicagoland Mens Raw Novice IL-2017-08 Illinois
12/16/2017 2017 Philadelphia Love Championship PA-2017-17 Pennsylvania
12/16/2017 2nd Annual Orlando Open Championships FL-2017-09 Florida
12/16/2017 2017 Winter Iron Open TX-2017-14 Texas
12/16/2017 Pure Fitness Open December WI-2017-19 Wisconsin
12/16/2017 Southside Christmas Classic AK-2017-11 Alaska
12/16/2017 Blizzard Open WI-2017-14 Wisconsin
12/16/2017 2017 South Dakota SD-2017-03 South Dakota
12/16/2017 NorCal Winter Classic CA-2017-12 California
12/10/2017 Midwest Senior States NE-2017-04 Nebraska
12/10/2017 Holiday Havoc PA-2017-12 Pennsylvania
12/09/2017 2017 Power for a Purpose WV-2017-02 West Virginia
12/09/2017 Pounds for Paws MN-2017-13 Minnesota
12/09/2017 South Carolina State Championship SC-2017-01 South Carolina
12/09/2017 Warrior Collegiate Open NE-2017-03 Nebraska
12/09/2017 17th Annual Ketchikan Winter Meet AK-2017-13 Alaska
12/09/2017 2017 Equinox Open MD-2017-08 Maryland
12/09/2017 LA Tech Rookie Meet LA-2017-12 Louisiana
12/09/2017 2017 Holiday Classic TX-2017-19 Texas
12/08/2017 2017 American Open NS-2017-04 California
12/03/2017 2017 New Jersey Collegiate Invitational Championship NJ-2017-07 New Jersey
12/03/2017 SCI-Graterford Winter Powerlifting Meet PA-2017-20 Pennsylvania
12/02/2017 2017 New England Open MA-2017-07 Massachusetts
12/02/2017 Kansas State Championship KS-2017-03 Kansas
12/02/2017 2017 Michigan State Meet MI-2017-05 Michigan
12/02/2017 Merry Muscle Madness WA-2017-08 Washington
12/02/2017 Brother Bennett Memorial MS-2017-03 Mississippi
12/02/2017 2017 Army-Navy Invitational NY-2017-16 New York
12/02/2017 Wisconsin Collegiate State Championship WI-2017-18 Wisconsin
12/02/2017 2017 Texas Open & Collegiate Cup TX-2017-13 Texas
12/02/2017 Shreveport Showdown LA-2017-11 Louisiana
12/02/2017 2017 STS Lifts for Gifts OH-2017-09 Ohio
12/02/2017 Inaugural Virginia High School and Collegiate Championships VA-2017-05 Virginia
11/19/2017 Quad City Iron Thriller IA-2017-06 Iowa
11/19/2017 Stars and Stripes Championship PA-2017-11 Pennsylvania
11/18/2017 2017 RMLC Championships CO-2017-05 Colorado
11/18/2017 Long Island Gobbler Open NY-2017-14 New York
11/18/2017 Trojan Iron Wars WY-2017-04 Wyoming
11/18/2017 2017 Power Partners Raw Open TN-2017-03 Tennessee
11/18/2017 2017 Iron Empire Classic NH-2017-03 New Hampshire
11/18/2017 2017 Abbeville Open and Collegiate Championships LA-2017-05 Louisiana
11/18/2017 Longhorn Open TX-2017-17 Texas
11/18/2017 Ferrigno Legacy CA-2017-13 California
11/18/2017 Ironside Lift for Pits OR-2017-02 Oregon
11/13/2017 IPF Open World Championships IPF
11/12/2017 2017 New Jersey Iron Gobbler NJ-2017-02 New Jersey
11/12/2017 2017 Raw Collegiate Cup MA-2017-05 Massachusetts
11/11/2017 Rio Grande Valley Fall Classic TX-2017-16 Texas
11/11/2017 Champion's Fall Classic MN-2017-11 Minnesota
11/11/2017 Savage Open GA-2017-07 Georgia
11/11/2017 The Beast of the Metro East 2017 IL-2017-09 Illinois
11/11/2017 Arizona 2017 Fall Classic AZ-2017-06 Arizona
11/11/2017 Salute to Service NY-2017-12 New York
11/11/2017 Winter Wars 2017 ID-2017-05 Idaho
11/11/2017 I-STEP Inaugural Invitational Powerlifting Meet MD-2017-07 Maryland
11/11/2017 Boss of Norcal 5 CA-2017-05 California
11/05/2017 2017 No Frills Midwest Collegiate Cup OH-2017-08 Ohio
11/05/2017 Pittsburgh Raw Open PA-2017-18 Pennsylvania
11/05/2017 2017 Chicagoland Women's Raw Novice IL-2017-07 Illinois
11/04/2017 2017 Michigan Teen Meet MI-2017-12 Michigan
11/04/2017 Ivy League Championships II NY-2017-15 New York
11/04/2017 Eau Claire Open WI-2017-15 Wisconsin
11/04/2017 Fall Festival of Power NC-2017-03 North Carolina
11/04/2017 Undaunted Powerhouse Push-Pull ME-2017-01 Maine
11/04/2017 Iron Lion PA-2017-19 Pennsylvania
10/29/2017 2017 Delaware Fall Classic DE-2017-02 Delaware
10/28/2017 Tundra Rumble AK-2017-12 Alaska
10/28/2017 Finger Lakes Championships NY-2017-13 New York
10/28/2017 New England Showdown CT-2017-04 Connecticut
10/27/2017 2017 SBWC Fall Classic NY-2017-05 New York
10/27/2017 2017 NAPF Bench Press Championship NAPF
10/22/2017 Team Phoinix Halloween Havoc WA-2017-07 Washington
10/21/2017 Noonan Barbell Raw Open MN-2017-10 Minnesota
10/21/2017 2017 Michigan Iron Monger MI-2017-11 Michigan
10/21/2017 Power on the Platte NE-2017-05 Nebraska
10/14/2017 2017 Philadelphia Fall Championship PA-2017-14 Pennsylvania
10/14/2017 2017 Muscle Beach Powerlifting Classic TX-2017-08 Texas
10/10/2017 2017 Raw National Championships NS-2017-02 Florida
10/07/2017 Humanity Open CA-2017-10 California
10/01/2017 World Masters Championships IPF
09/30/2017 2017 Morey Mayhem BarBellum MI-2017-04 Michigan
09/30/2017 9th Annual Iron Wars TX-2017-12 Texas
09/30/2017 2017 Solcana Novice Meet MN-2017-09 Minnesota
09/30/2017 14th Annual Florida Collegiate Championships FL-2017-08 Florida
09/30/2017 2017 Anthracite Open PA-2017-16 Pennsylvania
09/30/2017 CT Bench Press Against Breast Cancer CT-2017-07 Connecticut
09/30/2017 Western Wisconsin Open WI-2017-12 Wisconsin
09/24/2017 2017 New Jersey Heavy Metal Classic NJ-2017-04 New Jersey
09/23/2017 2017 Michigan Rookie Rumble MI-2017-09 Michigan
09/23/2017 Apeman Strong Fest AZ-2017-07 Arizona
09/23/2017 Phoenix Taskforce Powerlifting Festival NH-2017-02 New Hampshire
09/17/2017 Supertotal Weekend KY-2017-02 Kentucky
09/16/2017 Pure Fitness Open Fall WI-2017-16 Wisconsin
09/16/2017 2017 Spokane WA-2017-06 Washington
09/16/2017 Kansas Klassic KS-2017-02 Kansas
09/16/2017 2nd Annual Colorado Fall Open CO-2017-04 Colorado
09/16/2017 Powerlifting For Pups GA-2017-08 Georgia
09/16/2017 Deadlift & Push Pull Nationals NS-2017-08 Pennsylvania
09/10/2017 2017 Virginia Last Chance Qualifier VA-2017-04 Virginia
09/10/2017 2017 Lehigh Valley Championships PA-2017-13 Pennsylvania
09/10/2017 2017 Whippany Athletic Club Fall Power Fest NJ-2017-05 New Jersey
09/09/2017 Connecticut Fall Classic CT-2017-05 Connecticut
09/09/2017 2017 CBUS Lifting Co Fall Classic OH-2017-04 Ohio
09/09/2017 Charm City Classic MD-2017-06 Maryland
09/09/2017 2017 Benchpress Nationals NS-2017-07 Texas
09/09/2017 Santa Cruz Strength Fall Classic CA-2017-09 California
09/03/2017 Florida Last Chance Qualifier FL-2017-07 Florida
09/03/2017 2017 New Orleans Invitational LA-2017-04 Louisiana
09/02/2017 2017 El Paso Iron Open TX-2017-15 Texas
09/02/2017 2017 Central Region Championship RG-2017-03 Minnesota
08/28/2017 World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Championships IPF Florida
08/27/2017 Bring A Volunteer Last Minute Qualifier GA-2017-09 Georgia
08/27/2017 Last Chance Qualifier 2017 MO-2017-02 Missouri
08/27/2017 Sun Devil Classic AZ-2017-04 Arizona
08/26/2017 Wolf Open WI-2017-06 Wisconsin
08/26/2017 JBC Invitational MN-2017-12 Minnesota
08/26/2017 2017 OK Summer Bash OK-2017-03 Oklahoma
08/26/2017 Big Iron Classic MT-2017-02 Montana
08/26/2017 Baltimore Open MD-2017-03 Maryland
08/26/2017 Texas Raw Championships TX-2017-05 Texas
08/20/2017 Juggernaut Summer Open CA-2017-11 California
08/19/2017 2017 Northeast Regional Championships RG-2017-04 Massachusetts
08/19/2017 2017 Mid-West Regional Championship RG-2017-01 Ohio
08/19/2017 Palmetto Classic SC-2017-03 South Carolina
08/19/2017 Summer Raid WV-2017-03 West Virginia
08/06/2017 2017 NJ Last Chance Qualifier NJ-2017-08 New Jersey
08/05/2017 2017 Southeastern Regional Championships RG-2017-08 Florida
08/05/2017 Southern Regional Championships RG-2017-06 Mississippi
08/05/2017 Northwest Regional Championship RG-2017-02 Idaho
08/05/2017 Minnesota Summer Push/Pull Classic MN-2017-08 Minnesota
08/04/2017 2017 Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship RG-2017-05 New Jersey
07/30/2017 2017 Rocky Mountain State Games CO-2017-03 Colorado
07/24/2017 World Games 2017 Wroclaw (Poland) IWG
07/22/2017 Sweet Applewood Open WI-2017-13 Wisconsin
07/22/2017 3rd Annual Route 66 Classic AZ-2017-05 Arizona
07/22/2017 Connecticut Summer Showdown CT-2017-03 Connecticut
07/22/2017 Limitless Push/Pull WI-2017-17 Wisconsin
07/15/2017 2017 Rochester Hills BarBellum MI-2017-03 Michigan
07/15/2017 2017 Massachusetts Quickie Qualifier MA-2017-06 Massachusetts
07/15/2017 Women of Steel Summer Showdown MN-2017-06 Minnesota
07/15/2017 2017 DC Barbell Club PRO Invitational PA-2017-09 Pennsylvania
07/15/2017 2017 Summer Power Fest TX-2017-04 Texas
07/15/2017 CA State Games & USA Masters Games CA-2017-06 California
07/15/2017 Rumble on Pratt Street MD-2017-04 Maryland
07/15/2017 2nd Annual Justin Maile Classic AK-2017-10 Alaska
07/15/2017 2017 Louisiana Summer Classic LA-2017-06 Louisiana
07/15/2017 Wolf Pack Bench Open WI-2017-09 Wisconsin
07/10/2017 2nd University Powerlifting Cup - Potchefstroom (South Africa) IPF
07/09/2017 6th Annual Central Florida Open Championships FL-2017-05 Florida
07/08/2017 Liberty Games 2017 NY-2017-10 New York
07/08/2017 2017 Iowa State Championship IA-2017-03 Iowa
07/08/2017 5 Bar Showdown! GA-2017-06 Georgia
07/08/2017 NW Regionals Last Chance Qualifier ID-2017-04 Idaho
07/07/2017 2017 Southwest Regional RG-2017-07 Nevada
07/04/2017 15th Annual NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships NAPF/FESUPO Florida
06/25/2017 2017 Independence Championships PA-2017-10 Pennsylvania
06/24/2017 Kentucky State Raw Champs KY-2017-03 Kentucky
06/24/2017 2017 Calcasieu Cup LA-2017-10 Louisiana
06/24/2017 Seattle Summer Classic WA-2017-05 Washington
06/24/2017 Northern Indiana Bench & Deadlift Championships IN-2017-01 Indiana
06/17/2017 2017 Missouri State Championships MO-2017-01 Missouri
06/17/2017 Quad Cities Summer Blastoff IA-2017-05 Iowa
06/17/2017 2017 Vermont State Championships VT-2017-01 Vermont
06/17/2017 Klubbstevne Norway
06/15/2017 5th IPF World Classic Championships - Minsk \ Belarus IPF
06/10/2017 Badger Open 2017 WI-2017-08 Wisconsin
06/10/2017 2nd Annual Battle at the Beach VA-2017-03 Virginia
06/10/2017 2017 North Carolina State Championships NC-2017-01 North Carolina
06/10/2017 Dirty South Bench Press & Deadlift Challenge GA-2017-05 Georgia
06/10/2017 Twin Ports Raw Open MN-2017-05 Minnesota
06/10/2017 Syracuse Summer Showdown NY-2017-11 New York
06/10/2017 Boynton Barbell Center Invitational FL-2017-06 Florida
06/10/2017 NorCal Open CA-2017-08 California
06/03/2017 2017 Unreal BarBellum MI-2017-08 Michigan
06/03/2017 BFE Classic ID-2017-02 Idaho
06/03/2017 2017 New Jersey State Championships NJ-2017-06 New Jersey
06/03/2017 2017 Non-Resident Ohio State Championship OH-2017-02 Ohio
06/03/2017 Kansas Heavy Metal Open KS2017-01 Kansas
06/03/2017 Gulf Breeze Open FL-2017-04 Florida
06/03/2017 2017 Ohio State Championships OH-2017-01 Ohio
06/03/2017 2017 Texas State Powerlifting Championships TX-2017-08 Texas
05/27/2017 2017 Philadelphia Freedom Championship PA-2017-04 Pennsylvania
05/27/2017 Ketchikan 21st Spring Meet AK-2017-09 Alaska
05/27/2017 Boss of Norcal 4 CA-2017-04 California
05/27/2017 2017 Nevada State Championship NV-2017-01 Nevada
05/22/2017 IPF World Men's Bench Press Championships - Lithuania IPF
05/20/2017 2017 Bench press & Deadlift PA State Championships PA-2017-05 Pennsylvania
05/19/2017 35th Annual Open National Championship NS-2017-03 Florida
05/13/2017 Westchester County Championships II NY-2017-07 New York
05/13/2017 Team Cup Challenge WA-2017-04 Washington
05/13/2017 2017 Maryland State Championships MD-2017-05 Maryland
05/13/2017 MHB Spring Raw Classic ID-2017-02 Idaho
05/06/2017 2017 Husky Invitational AK-2017-08 Alaska
05/06/2017 2017 American Strength Master's Brawl MN-2017-03 Minnesota
05/06/2017 2017 STS Ohio Spring Classic OH-2017-07 Ohio
05/06/2017 2017 Atlanta Women's Open GA-2017-04 Georgia
05/06/2017 Illinois State Meet 2017 IL-2017-06 Illinois
05/06/2017 2017 LA State Games LA-2017-02 Louisiana
05/06/2017 2017 Massachusetts and Rhode Island State Championships RI-2017-01 Rhode Island
05/06/2017 Connecticut State Championships and Spring Classic CT-2017-01 Connecticut
05/06/2017 Milwaukee Open WI-2017-10 Wisconsin
04/30/2017 2017 Delaware State Championship DE-2017-01 Delaware
04/30/2017 2017 All Midwest Bench and Deadlift IL-2017-03 Illinois
04/29/2017 Tennessee State Championship TN-2017-01 Tennessee
04/29/2017 2017 Central Texas Classic TX-2017-07 Texas
04/29/2017 2017 SBWC Spring Classic NY-2017-02 New York
04/29/2017 Pure Fitness Spring Open WI-2017-11 Wisconsin
04/29/2017 2017 Spring Natural and Fit BarBellum MI-2017-01 Michigan
04/29/2017 2017 New Hampshire State Championship NH-2017-01 New Hampshire
04/29/2017 Nebraska State Championships NE-2017-02 Nebraska
04/29/2017 Gorilla Warfare CO-2017-02 Colorado
04/29/2017 2017 California State Championship CA-2017-07 California
04/29/2017 Pacific Invitationals AUS
04/23/2017 2017 Dallas Open TX-2017-11 Texas
04/23/2017 SCI- Graterford Meet PA-2017-08 Pennsylvania
04/23/2017 Pittsburgh Raw Open PA-2017-07 Pennsylvania
04/22/2017 Capital City Barbell Raw Powerlifting Championship FL-2017-03 Florida
04/22/2017 2017 Alaska State Championship AK-2017-01 Alaska
04/22/2017 2017 Empire Classic WA-2017-03 Washington
04/22/2017 2017 Twin Cities Open MN-2017-07 Minnesota
04/22/2017 2017 CBC Powerlifting Championships TX-2017-10 Texas
04/22/2017 4th Annual NoVa Open VA-2017-02 Virginia
04/17/2017 2nd IPF World Classic Bench Press - Killeen - USA IPF Texas
04/15/2017 Buffalo Battle at the Border NY-2017-06 New York
04/08/2017 2017 Battle on the Border SC-2017-02 South Carolina
04/08/2017 2017 Pennsylvania State Championship PA-2017-03 Pennsylvania
04/08/2017 2017 Arizona State Championship AZ-2017-02 Arizona
04/07/2017 2017 Collegiate National Championship NS-2017-01 Texas
04/01/2017 2017 Mississippi Championship MS-2017-02 Mississippi
04/01/2017 2017 Kalamazoo BarBellum MI-2017-06 Michigan
04/01/2017 District Open DC-2017-01 Washington DC
04/01/2017 2017 Oregon State Championships OR-2017-01 Oregon
04/01/2017 Georgia Spring Open GA-2017-03 Georgia
04/01/2017 2017 CBUS Lifting Co Spring Classic OH-2017-03 Ohio
03/29/2017 High School Raw & Equipped Nationals NS-2017-05 Pennsylvania
03/26/2017 35th Annual Florida State Championships FL-2017-02 Florida
03/25/2017 2017 Kenai Peninsula Classic AK-2017-06 Alaska
03/25/2017 Squats & Science Powerlifting Championship NY-2017-09 New York
03/25/2017 Iron City Open AL-2017-01 Alabama
03/25/2017 2017 South Dakota State Championships SD-2017-01 South Dakota
03/19/2017 2017 Whippany Athletic Club Spring Classic NJ-2017-03 New Jersey
03/19/2017 Men's Chicagoland Raw Open IL-2017-02 Illinois
03/18/2017 Exile Open MD-2017-02 Maryland
03/18/2017 2017 New Mexico Open State Championships NM-2017-01 New Mexico
03/18/2017 2017 Washington State Championships WA-2017-01 Washington
03/18/2017 920 Raw Open WI-2017-05 Wisconsin
03/12/2017 7th Annual Ryan Moore New England States Open High School Championshp MA-2017-02 Massachusetts
03/12/2017 University Academy Qualifier LA-2017-09 Louisiana
03/11/2017 2017 Military Nationals NS-2017-06 Nationals
03/11/2017 Cajun Pride National Qualifier LA-2017-08 Louisiana
03/11/2017 2017 Wisconsin State High School Championships WI-2017-01 Wisconsin
03/11/2017 2017 Cowboy State Raw WY-2017-02 Wyoming
03/11/2017 2017 Woodward Academy High School Invitational IA-2017-04 Iowa
03/11/2017 2017 Spring Forward Championship NY-2017-01 New York
03/05/2017 Arnold - Titan Pro Bench Bash USAPL-2017-01 Ohio
03/05/2017 Arnold - Slingshot Pro Deadlift USAPL-2017-01 Ohio
03/05/2017 Arnold - NextLifter Ohio Classic USAPL-2017-01 Ohio
03/04/2017 2017 Minnesota State Men's Powerlifting Championships MN-2017-04 Minnesota
03/04/2017 Quad City Throw Down IA-2017-02 Iowa
03/04/2017 2017 Arlington Strength Raw Classic TX-2017-03 Texas
03/04/2017 Arnold - SSP Nutrition Pro Raw Bench USAPL-2017-01 Ohio
03/04/2017 Arnold - Grand Prix USAPL-2017-01 Ohio
03/04/2017 Arnold - Slingshot Pro American USAPL-2017-01 Ohio
03/03/2017 Arnold - A7 Bar Grip Pro Raw Challenge USAPL-2017-01 Ohio
03/03/2017 2017 Southern Iron Raw Open TN-2017-02 Tennessee
02/26/2017 2017 Bare Bones Qualifier TX-2017-09 Texas
02/26/2017 Cudahy High School National Qualifier WI-2017-07 Wisconsin
02/26/2017 2017 Texas Strength Classic TX-2017-06 Texas
02/25/2017 South Dakota High School Qualifier SD-2017-02 South Dakota
02/25/2017 Terrapin Open MD-2017-01 Maryland
02/25/2017 Tempe Classic AZ-2017-03 Arizona
02/25/2017 2017 Michigan High School Qualifier MI-2017-07 Michigan
02/25/2017 Alabama State Championships AL-2017-02 Alabama
02/25/2017 2017 Virginia State Championship VA-2017-01 Virginia
02/25/2017 5th Annual Winter Classic MA-2017-03 Massachusetts
02/25/2017 2017 Liberty Bell Classic PA-2017-01 Pennsylvania
02/25/2017 3rd Frostbite Challenge AK-2017-03 Alaska
02/25/2017 Idaho State Championships ID-2017-01 Idaho
02/19/2017 2017 Brand X Method Teen Junior Championship CA-2017-01 California
02/19/2017 2017 Murder of Crows Open NY-2017-08 New York
02/18/2017 2017 Glen Mills Invitational PA-2017-06 Pennsylvania
02/18/2017 2017 Aggie Showdown TX-2017-02 Texas
02/18/2017 Connecticut Winter Invitational CT-2017-02 Connecticut
02/18/2017 Youth Nationals NS-2017-06 California
02/18/2017 2017 Minnesota Women's State Championship MN-2017-01 Minnesota
02/18/2017 Pelican State Open & Free High School Qualifier LA-2017-01 Louisiana
02/12/2017 4th Annual Elite High School Cup MA-2017-04 Massachusetts
02/12/2017 Illinois Women's Raw Open IL-2017-01 Illinois
02/11/2017 Montana State Championships MT-2017-01 Montana
02/11/2017 2017 Pure Fitness Open WI-2017-03 Wisconsin
02/11/2017 2017 Colorado State Championships CO-2017-01 Colorado
02/05/2017 2017 SBWC Winter Invitational NY-2017-04 New York
02/04/2017 2017 Minnesota High School State Championship MN-2017-02 Minnesota
02/04/2017 Winter Open PA-2017-02 Pennsylvania
02/04/2017 Georgia State Championships GA-2017-02 Georgia
02/04/2017 Georgia High School State Championships GA-2017-01 Georgia
02/04/2017 Beyond Limits Classic OH-2017-05 Ohio
02/04/2017 South Louisiana High School Qualifier LA-2017-07 Louisiana
02/04/2017 2017 Silver Star Open WI-2017-04 Wisconsin
01/29/2017 Reykjavík International Games
01/29/2017 2017 Spartan Open CA-2017-03 California
01/28/2017 Arizona Winter High School Championships & Open AZ-2017-01 Arizona
01/28/2017 Kentucky Open Raw Championship KY-2017-01 Kentucky
01/28/2017 Northeast Iron Beast Classic IV NYS Championships NY-2017-03 New York
01/28/2017 2017 Wisconsin State Open WI-2017-02 Wisconsin
01/22/2017 2017 Garden State Winter War NJ-2017-01 New Jersey
01/22/2017 Juggernaut Winter Open CA-2017-02 California
01/21/2017 2017 North Mississippi Championships MS-2017-01 Mississippi
01/21/2017 2017 "Rookie" Competition WA-2017-02 Washington
01/21/2017 Boynton Barbell Center Powerlifting Championship FL-2017-01 Florida
01/21/2017 2017 Des Moines Metro Classic IA-2017-01 Iowa
01/21/2017 2017 Oklahoma State Championships OK-2017-01 Oklahoma
01/21/2017 2017 Tenth Annual Capital City Clash NE-2017-01 Nebraska
01/15/2017 Illinois Collegiate Powerlifting Meet IL-2017-04 Illinois
01/15/2017 2017 Winter Games of Texas TX-2017-01 Texas
01/14/2017 St John's High School Raw Classic MA-2017-01 Massachusetts
01/14/2017 2017 Louisiana State Championship LA-2017-03 Louisiana
01/14/2017 Worcester Open MA-2017-01 Massachusetts
01/07/2017 Wyoming State Powerlifting & BP Championships WY-2017-01 Wyoming
12/17/2016 2016 Winter Pure Fitness Open WI-2016-15 Wisconsin
12/17/2016 2016 Philadelphia LOVE Championship PA-2016-12 Pennsylvania
12/17/2016 2016 SkillCom Competition NV-2016-02 Nevada
12/16/2016 2016 High School Raw Nationals NS-2016-09 Nationals
12/11/2016 Midwest Senior States NE-2016-05 Nebraska
12/10/2016 2016 Sioux Empire Push-Pull Open SD-2016-03 South Dakota
12/10/2016 Power for a Purpose WV-2016-01 West Virginia
12/10/2016 Brother Bennett Memorial MS-2016-04 Mississippi
12/10/2016 2016 Michigan No Frills Meet #2 MI-2016-08 Michigan
12/10/2016 Team Phoinix Holiday Classic 2016 WA-2016-06 Washington
12/10/2016 2016 Holiday Havoc PA-2016-17 Pennsylvania
12/10/2016 Powerlifting for Pink GA-2016-08 Georgia
12/10/2016 La Tech Intersquad Meet LA-2016-10 Louisiana
12/10/2016 Beast of the Metro East IL-2016-08 Illinois
12/10/2016 16th Ketchikan Winter Meet AK-2016-14 Alaska
12/10/2016 Next Level Fitness Lift4Life Raw Open MN-2016-08 Minnesota
12/10/2016 Blizzard Classic WI-2016-14 Wisconsin
12/09/2016 2016 American Open/Police + Fire Nationals NS-016-07 Nationals
12/09/2016 2016 Southeast Regionals RG-2016-06 Florida
12/04/2016 No Frills Red Hawke Open OH-2016-10 Ohio
12/04/2016 New Jersey Collegiate Invitational Championship NJ-2016-08 New Jersey
12/04/2016 2016 California Winter Classic CA-2016-10 California
12/03/2016 Kansas State Open KS-2016-03 Kansas
12/03/2016 2016 Maryland Collegiate Duel MD-2016-07 Maryland
12/03/2016 2016 Southside Fall Classic AK-2016-10 Alaska
12/03/2016 Winter Wars ID-2016-04 Idaho
12/03/2016 Southern Regional Championships RG-2016-03 Texas
12/03/2016 2016 New England Open RI-2016-03 Rhode Island
12/02/2016 2016 Colorado State Championships CO-2016-04 Colorado
11/20/2016 13th Annual Florida Collegiate Powerlifting Championships FL-2016-08 Florida
11/19/2016 Abbeville Open & Louisiana Collegiate Championship LA-2016-08 Louisiana
11/19/2016 2016 Trojan Iron Wars WY-2016-03 Wyoming
11/19/2016 Power on the Platte NE-2016-04 Nebraska
11/19/2016 2016 Longhorn Open TX-2016-15 Texas
11/19/2016 2016 Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Regionals RG-2016-05 Regionals
11/19/2016 Deadlift and Push-Pull Nationals NS-2016-10 Nationals
11/14/2016 2016 IPF Open Worlds Florida
11/13/2016 New Jersey Iron Gobbler Championship NJ-2016-04 New Jersey
11/12/2016 2016 SoHi Fall Classic AK-2016-15 Alaska
11/12/2016 Solcana Open Bench Press Championship MN-2016-09 Minnesota
11/12/2016 Ivy League Championship NY-2016-13 New York
11/12/2016 Connecticut Deadlift Against Diabetes CT-2016-05 Connecticut
11/12/2016 Arizona 2016 Fall Classic AZ-2016-06 Arizona
11/12/2016 Iron Lion 2016 PA-2016-16 Pennsylvania
11/06/2016 Chicago Raw Novice IL-2016-07 Illinois
11/05/2016 New Hampshire State Championships NH-2016-02 New Hampshire
11/05/2016 Fall Festival of Power NC-2016-03 North Carolina
11/05/2016 2016 SBWC Fall Classic NY-2016-07 New York
11/05/2016 2016 Northwest Regional Championships RG-2016-01 Regionals
11/05/2016 2016 Mid-West & Central Region Championships RG-2016-02 Regionals
11/05/2016 2016 Virginia State Championship VA-2016-05 Virginia
11/05/2016 Michigan Powerlifting & BP State Championships MI-2016-05 Michigan
11/05/2016 2016 Raw Collegiate Cup TX-2016-10 Texas
11/04/2016 Rise of the Dead Push Pull TX-2016-13 Texas
10/30/2016 Pittsburgh Raw Open PA-2016-14 Pennsylvania
10/29/2016 Western Wisconsin Open WI-2016-11 Wisconsin
10/28/2016 2016 NAPF Bench Press Championships (San Jose - Costa Rica) NAPF
10/25/2016 Southwest Regionals & Ferrigno Power Classic RG-2016-04 Regionals
10/22/2016 Noonan Barbell Raw Open MN-2016-03 Minnesota
10/13/2016 Raw Nationals 2016 NS-2016-04 Georgia
10/08/2016 Connecticut Bench Press Against Breast Cancer CT-2016-04 Connecticut
10/03/2016 IPF Master Worlds (Tallinn Estonia)
10/02/2016 New York State Championships NY-2016-01 New York
09/25/2016 2016 New Jersey Heavy Metal Classic NJ-2016-06 New Jersey
09/25/2016 10th Annual South Florida Open Powerlifting Championships FL-2016-06 Florida
09/25/2016 Colorado Fall Open CO-2016-03 Colorado
09/24/2016 Lake Pleasant Classic AZ-2016-04 Arizona
09/24/2016 Alaska Muscle Fall Raw Open AK-2016-12 Alaska
09/24/2016 Grand Rapids BarBellum MI-2016-07 Michigan
09/24/2016 2016 Pure Fitness Open WI-2016-10 Wisconsin
09/24/2016 Boss of Norcal 3 CA-2016-05 California
09/24/2016 2016 Solcana Novice Meet MN-2016-07 Minnesota
09/18/2016 2016 New Mexico Fall Classic NM-2016-02 New Mexico
09/18/2016 Windy City Raw Bench IL-2016-06 Illinois
09/18/2016 SCI-Graterford Powerlifting Meet PA-2016-13 Pennsylvania
09/17/2016 Buffalo Fall Powerfest NY-2016-12 New York
09/17/2016 Best in the Midwest Raw Deadlift Challenge KS-2016-02 Kansas
09/17/2016 2016 Right to Bear Iron CA-2016-09 California
09/17/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting 8th Annual Iron Wars TX-2016-11 Texas
09/11/2016 2016 NJ State Push-Pull Championships NJ-2016-07 New Jersey
09/11/2016 No Frills Quest Qualifier GA-2016-09 Georgia
09/11/2016 USA Powerlifting Connecticut Last Show for Nationals CT-2016-03 Connecticut
09/10/2016 Bench Press Nationals NS-2016-05 Nationals
09/10/2016 Michigan BarBellum MI-2016-09 Michigan
09/10/2016 Southern Indiana Fall Raw Classic IN-2016-02 Indiana
09/10/2016 Squats & Science Raw Powerlifting Challenge NY-2016-11 New York
09/04/2016 New Orleans Invitational LA-2016-09 Louisiana
09/03/2016 2016 Last Chance Qualifier MO-2016-02 Missouri
08/29/2016 IPF SubJr-Junior Worlds - Szczyrk Poland
08/28/2016 Late Summer Qualifier TX-2016-14 Texas
08/27/2016 M'powered Raw Ruckus ID-2016-02 Idaho
08/27/2016 Newport Open RI-2016-02 Rhode Island
08/27/2016 2016 Bucks County Powerlifting Meet PA-2016-06 Pennsylvania
08/27/2016 USA Powerlifting Summer End WA-2016-05 Washington
08/25/2016 3rd Alaska State Fair Challenge AK-2016-13 Alaska
08/20/2016 Maryland State Championship MD-2016-06 Maryland
08/20/2016 Twin Cities Open MN-2016-06 Minnesota
08/20/2016 Wolf Open WI-2016-05 Wisconsin
08/15/2016 14th Annual North American Championships
08/13/2016 Northern NY Championships NY-2016-10 New York
08/13/2016 Powerlifting for Pups GA-2016-05 Georgia
08/13/2016 Juggernaut Summer Showdown CA-2016-08 California
08/13/2016 4th Annual Patriot Open NE-2016-02 Nebraska
08/13/2016 2016 Palmetto Classic SC-2016-02 South Carolina
08/13/2016 3rd Annual NoVa Open VA-2016-04 Virginia
08/06/2016 Montana State Raw Championship MT-2016-01 Montana
08/06/2016 Iron Works Open XII MI-2016-03 Michigan
08/06/2016 Summer Classic PA-2016-09 Pennsylvania
08/05/2016 34th Annual New Jersey State Championships NJ-2016-05 New Jersey
07/30/2016 Staten Island Championships NY-2016-08 New York
07/30/2016 2016 Procrastinators Championships NC-2016-01 North Carolina
07/30/2016 2016 Iowa State Open IA-2016-02 Iowa
07/30/2016 Ohio State Championship OH-2016-04 Ohio
07/30/2016 Rocky Mountain State Games CO-2016-02 Colorado
07/23/2016 Border Bash "Alabama vs Georgia" AL-2016-02 Alabama
07/23/2016 Washington State Junior & Collegiate Open WA-2016-04 Washington
07/23/2016 PurePowerlifting Summer Classic PA-2016-11 Pennsylvania
07/23/2016 5th Annual Central Florida Powerlifting Championships FL-2016-05 Florida
07/23/2016 2016 WHSPA Raw State Championship WI-2016-13 Wisconsin
07/23/2016 PurePowerlifting Summer Classic PA-2016-11 Pennsylvania
07/16/2016 Louisiana Summer Classic LA-2016-04 Louisiana
07/16/2016 Baltimore Raw Full-Lift Open MD-2016-04 Maryland
07/16/2016 920 Raw Open WI-2016-09 Wisconsin
07/16/2016 Soldotna Stars Summer Classic AK-2016-11 Alaska
07/16/2016 Mississippi Bench & Powerlifting Championships MS-2016-02 Mississippi
07/16/2016 Women of Steel Summer Showdown MN-2016-05 Minnesota
07/16/2016 2016 Summer Power Fest TX-2016-05 Texas
07/16/2016 2016 Virginia Beach Battle VA-2016-03 Virginia
07/16/2016 2016 California State Games CA-2016-07 California
07/11/2016 1st IPF University Powerlifting World Cup
07/09/2016 Liberty Games NY-2016-09 New York
07/09/2016 Kilo Classic GA-2016-07 Georgia
07/09/2016 2nd Annual Route 66 Classic AZ-2016-05 Arizona
06/18/2016 IPF Classic Worlds Texas
06/11/2016 2016 Twin Ports Raw Open MN-2016-02 Minnesota
06/11/2016 Badger Open 2016 WI-2016-06 Wisconsin
06/11/2016 37th Annual Sunshine State Games FL-2016-04 Florida
06/11/2016 Alaska Deadlift Invitational AK-2016-06 Alaska
06/11/2016 Åpent stevne Norway
06/10/2016 Summer Showdown GA-2016-04 Georgia
06/05/2016 New Jersey Summer Classic NJ-2016-02 New Jersey
06/04/2016 Lift4Life Meet 2016 OH-2016-08 Ohio
06/04/2016 Kansas Heavy Metal Open KS-2016-01 Kansas
06/04/2016 MI Ironman Push/Pull or Bench Only Championships MI-2016-04 Michigan
06/04/2016 2016 Missouri State Open MO-2016-01 Missouri
06/04/2016 Fit Expo Pro Deadlift ID-2016-01 Idaho
06/04/2016 2016 North Carolina State Championships NC-2016-02 North Carolina
05/29/2016 2016 Central Texas Classic TX-2016-09 Texas
05/28/2016 Idaho RAW Classic ID-2016-03 Idaho
05/28/2016 Nevada State Championships NV-2016-01 Nevada
05/28/2016 MA and RI Open State Championships RI-2016-01 Rhode Island
05/28/2016 35th Annual Florida State Powerlifting Championship FL-2016-03 Florida
05/21/2016 Philadelphia Freedom Championship PA-2016-05 Pennsylvania
05/20/2016 USA Powerlifting Open Nationals NS-2016-01 Colorado
05/15/2016 IPF Classic Bench Worlds - South Africa
05/14/2016 2nd Annual Boynton Barbell Raw Powerlifting Championship FL-2016-02 Florida
05/14/2016 Westchester Championships NY-2016-06 New York
05/14/2016 2016 Louisiana State Games LA-2016-05 Louisiana
05/14/2016 Boss of NorCal CA-2016-04 California
05/14/2016 Pennsylvania State BP/DL Championships PA-2016-01 Pennsylvania
05/07/2016 Granite State Open NH-2016-01 New Hampshire
05/07/2016 3rd Annual Connecticut Spring Classic CT-2016-02 Connecticut
05/07/2016 Lift for Life GA-2016-03 Georgia
05/07/2016 2016 CBC Powerlifting Championships TX-2016-06 Texas
05/07/2016 Empire Classic Powerlifting Championships WA-2016-02 Washington
05/07/2016 19th Ketchikan Spring Powerlifting Meet AK-2016-09 Alaska
04/30/2016 Nebraska State Championships & Husker Open NE-2016-03 Nebraska
04/30/2016 SBWC Spring Classic NY-2016-03 New York
04/30/2016 32nd Alaska State Championship AK-2016-07 Alaska
04/30/2016 Spring Fling at CrossFit Future OH-2016-06 Ohio
04/30/2016 2016 Illinois State Championships IL-2016-05 Illinois
04/30/2016 Arizona High School Championship & Spring Open AZ-2016-03 Arizona
04/30/2016 2016 Island Qualifier HI-2016-01 Hawaii
04/24/2016 Inaugural MASS Weekend Powerlifting Meet VA-2016-02 Virginia
04/23/2016 2016 Cudahy Open WI-2016-07 Wisconsin
04/23/2016 Southeast RAW Showdown MN-2016-04 Minnesota
04/23/2016 Explosive Mechanics Day of Mayhem GA-2016-06 Georgia
04/19/2016 IPF Bench Worlds - Rodby Denmark
04/18/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Bare Bones Qualifer TX-2016-12 Texas
04/17/2016 RevFit Closed Meet MS-2016-03 Mississippi
04/16/2016 2016 California State Championships CA-2016-03 California
04/16/2016 All Midwest Raw Bench IL-2016-03 Illinois
04/16/2016 ABBRx Natural and Fit USA Powerlifting Meet MI-2016-01 Michigan
04/16/2016 2016 Equinox Open MD-2016-05 Maryland
04/14/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals NS-2016-06 Nationals
04/09/2016 Texas State Championships TX-2016-03 Texas
04/03/2016 USA Powerlifting Mean Green Classic TX-2016-07 Texas
04/02/2016 Arizona State Championships AZ-2016-02 Arizona
04/02/2016 Oregon State Championships OR-2016-01 Oregon
04/02/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Midtown Spring Fling CA-2016-06 California
04/02/2016 Georgia Spring Open GA-2016-02 Georgia
04/02/2016 USA Powerlifting Zephyrs Fitness Open OH-2016-07 Ohio
04/02/2016 Southern Indiana Spring Classic IN-2016-01 Indiana
04/01/2016 USA Powerlifting High School Nationals NS-2016-02 Nationals
03/26/2016 USA Powerlifting Penn State - State Penn Throw Down PA-2016-08 Pennsylvania
03/26/2016 USA Powerlifting Pelican State Open and National Meet Qualifier LA-2016-02 Louisiana
03/20/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Whippany Athletic Club Spring Classic NJ-2016-03 New Jersey
03/20/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Orlando Open Championships FL-2016-01 Florida
03/19/2016 USA Powerlifting Eastern Bench Open MD-2016-03 Maryland
03/19/2016 USA Powerlifting Duke City Showdown NM-2016-01 New Mexico
03/19/2016 USA Powerlifting Battle on the Border X SC-2016-01 South Carolina
03/19/2016 USA Powerlifting North MS Championships MS-2016-01 Mississippi
03/19/2016 Western NY Championships NY-2016-05 New York
03/19/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Brand X Method youth/teen/junior Showdown CA-2016-02 California
03/19/2016 USA Powerlifting Pennsylvania States Championships PA-2016-04 Pennsylvania
03/19/2016 USA Powerlifting Military Nationals NS-2016-03 Nationals
03/13/2016 6th Annual Ryan Moore New England Open High School Championship MA-2016-03 Massachusetts
03/13/2016 USA Powerlifting Texas Strength Classic TX-2016-04 Texas
03/12/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Anchorage High School Classic AK-2016-05 Alaska
03/12/2016 USA Powerlifting Michigan Annual MI-2016-02 Michigan
03/12/2016 2016 Cowboy State Raw USA Powerlifting Meet WY-2016-04 Wyoming
03/12/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Cajun Pride LA-2016-06 Louisiana
03/12/2016 SCI-Graterford USA Powerlifting Meet PA-2016-07 Pennsylvania
03/12/2016 USA Powerlifting Glen Mills High School National Qualifying Meet PA-2016-10 Pennsylvania
03/11/2016 WHSPA State Meet WI-2016-03 Wisconsin
03/06/2016 Arnold - NextLifter Ohio Classic Push-pull USAPL-2016-01 Ohio
03/06/2016 Arnold - SlingShot Pro Deadlift USAPL-2016-01 Ohio
03/06/2016 Arnold - Titan Pro Raw Bench Bash USAPL-2016-01 Ohio
03/06/2016 USA Powerlifting Chicagoland Men's Open Power IL-2016-02 Illinois
03/05/2016 Arnold - SlingShot Pro American USAPL-2016-01 Ohio
03/05/2016 Arnold - SSP Nutrition Pro Raw Bench USAPL-2016-01 Ohio
03/05/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Terrapin Open MD-2016-02 Maryland
03/05/2016 2016 Alaska Muscle Raw AK-2016-04 Alaska
03/04/2016 Arnold - Pro Raw Challenge USAPL-2016-01 Ohio
03/04/2016 2016 South Dakota USA Powerlifting Bench Press and Powerlifting Championships SD-2016-01 South Dakota
02/28/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Bare Bones Qualifier TX-2016-08 Texas
02/28/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Spartan Raw Championships CA-2016-01 California
02/27/2016 2016 South Milwaukee USA Powerlifting National Qualifier WI-2016-08 Wisconsin
02/27/2016 USA Powerlifting Winter Classic MA-2016-02 Massachusetts
02/27/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Collegiate Qualifier OH-2016-05 Ohio
02/27/2016 USA Powerlifting Kenai Classic AK-2016-03 Alaska
02/27/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Naturally Hardcore Classic CT-2016-01 Connecticut
02/20/2016 Woodward Academy USA Powerlifting High School Meet IA-2016-01 Iowa
02/20/2016 USA Powerlifting Washington State Championship WA-2016-03 Washington
02/20/2016 USA Powerlifting 2016 Richmond Open VA-2016-01 Virginia
02/20/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Aggie Showdown TX-2016-02 Texas
02/20/2016 USA Powerlifting Alabama State Championships AL-2016-01 Alabama
02/20/2016 USA Powerlifting ​Minnesota State & Midwest Open 2016 MN-2016-01 Minnesota
02/20/2016 3rd Frostbite Challenge AK-2016-01 Alaska
02/14/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Youth National Championships NS-2016-08 Nationals
02/14/2016 USA Powerlifting Cenla High School Qualifying Meet LA-2016-07 Louisiana
02/13/2016 USA Powerlifting Ohio High School State Championship OH-2016-03 Ohio
02/13/2016 USA Powerlifting Citadel Nutrition Open GA-2016-01 Georgia
02/13/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Northeast Regional Championships NY-2016-04 New York
02/13/2016 USA Powerlifting South Louisiana Qualifier LA-2016-03 Louisiana
02/13/2016 USA Powerlifting High School Qualifier SD-2016-02 South Dakota
02/13/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting RMLC Championships CO-2016-01 Colorado
02/13/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting River's Edge IL-2016-04 Illinois
02/07/2016 3rd Annual Elite Sports & Fitness High School USA Powerlifting Open MA-2016-04 Massachusetts
02/06/2016 USA Powerlifting Pure Fitness Open WI-2016-04 Wisconsin
02/06/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Winter Open Championship PA-2016-03 Pennsylvania
01/31/2016 USA Powerlifting Illinois Women's Raw Open & Bench IL-2016-01 Illinois
01/30/2016 USA Powerlifting No Frills Blizzard Buster OH-2016-01 Ohio
01/30/2016 Athens Winter Showdown MD-2016-01 Maryland
01/30/2016 Reykjavik International Games
01/24/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Garden State Winter War NJ-2016-01 New Jersey
01/23/2016 USA Powerlifting 59 Bus Brewery Winter Classic AZ-2016-01 Arizona
01/23/2016 USA Powerlifting Southside Winter Classic AK-2016-02 Alaska
01/23/2016 Northeast Iron Beast USA Powerlifting Winter Classic III NY-2016-02 New York
01/23/2016 Ninth Annual USA Powerlifting Capitol City Clash NE-2016-01 Nebraska
01/17/2016 USA Powerlifting Winter Games of Texas TX-2016-01 Texas
01/16/2016 USA Powerlifting Wisconsin State Open WI-2015-01 Wisconsin
01/16/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Louisiana State Championship LA-2016-01 Louisiana
01/16/2016 2016 USA Powerlifting Energy New Year Open OH-2016-02 Ohio
01/16/2016 USA Powerlifting Liberty Bell Classic PA-2016-02 Pennsylvania
01/16/2016 St. John's High School Classic and Worcester Open MA-2016-01 Massachusetts
01/09/2016 USA Powerlifting Trojan Iron Wars WY-2016-02 Wyoming
12/26/2015 USA Powerlifting Legends' Iron Christmas LA-2015-10 Louisiana
12/19/2015 Texas Regional Championships TX-2015-07 Texas
12/13/2015 2015 Southeastern USA Regional Championships FL-2015-08 Florida
12/13/2015 2015 USA Powerlifting Stars and Stripes Bench Press & Deadlift Championships PA-2015-10 Pennsylvania
12/12/2015 2015 USA Powerlifting Idaho State Powerlifting Championships ID-2015-02 Idaho
12/12/2015 USA Powerlifting Region VI Championship MS-2015-03 Mississippi
12/12/2015 USA Powerlifting Blizzard Classic WI-2015-11 Wisconsin
12/12/2015 USA Powerlifting Future Winter Meltdown OH-2015-04 Ohio
12/12/2015 USA Powerlifting Georgia & Southern States GA-2015-05 Georgia
12/12/2015 The USA Powerlifting Senior Powerlifting Championships MN-2015-06 Minnesota
12/12/2015 USA Powerlifting South Carolina State Championship SC-2015-02 South Carolina
12/05/2015 West Coast Regionals NV-2015-03 Nevada
12/05/2015 USAPL Kansas State Open KS-2015-02 Kansas
12/05/2015 USAPL Colorado State Championships CO-2015-05 Colorado
12/05/2015 La Tech Collegiate USA Powerlifting Qualifier LA-2015-11 Louisiana
12/05/2015 USA Powerlifting Team Phoinix Holliday Classic WA-2015-09 Washington
12/05/2015 Ketchikan Winter USA Powerlifting Meet AK-2015-11 Alaska
12/05/2015 USA Powerlifting Sioux Empire Push Pull SD-2015-03 South Dakota
12/05/2015 USA Powerlifting Northern California Regionals CA-2015-06 California
12/04/2015 14th Annual USAPL American Open Powerlifting Championships NS-2015-07 Nationals
11/21/2015 USAPL Louisiana Open & Collegiate Regionals LA-2015-08 Louisiana
11/21/2015 AZ Fall Championships AZ-2015-04 Arizona
11/21/2015 5th Annual Wyoming State USAPL Powerlifting Championships WY-2015-02 Wyoming
11/21/2015 USAPL Dena'ina Powerlifting Challenge AK-2015-09 Alaska
11/21/2015 USA Powerlifting Maryland State Championship MD-2015-09 Maryland
11/14/2015 2015 USAPL Virginia State Championships VA-2015-04 Virginia
11/14/2015 2015 Michigan Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships MI-2015-05 Michigan
11/14/2015 USAPL Power on the Platte NE-2015-04 Nebraska
11/14/2015 USA Powerlifting MUWC Red Hawk Open OH-2015-06 Ohio
11/14/2015 2015 USAPL Fall Classic/SoCal Regional CA-2015-05 California
11/14/2015 2015 USAPL Longhorn Open TX-2015-09 Texas
11/14/2015 Southside Winter Classic AK-2015-08 Alaska
11/09/2015 IPF Open Worlds Championships - Hamm (Luxembourg)
11/07/2015 USAPL Connecticut Strength Sports Festival CT-2015-04 Connecticut
11/07/2015 2015 USAPL Battle of Belleville IL-2015-02 Illinois
11/07/2015 USAPL Fall Festival of Power NC-2015-03 North Carolina
11/07/2015 USAPL Wild West Showdown NV-2015-04 Nevada
11/07/2015 3rd Annual USAPL Powerlifting for Pink GA-2015-04 Georgia
11/07/2015 USAPL Connecticut Strength Sports Festival CT-2015-04 Connecticut
11/07/2015 2015 USAPL Iron Lion PA-2015-09 Pennsylvania
11/07/2015 USAPL Raw Collegiate Cup TX-2015-08 Texas
10/31/2015 USAPL Western Wisconsin Open WI-2015-09 Wisconsin
10/31/2015 Western Wisconsin Open - sactioned by USAPL WI-2015-09 Wisconsin
10/25/2015 USA Powerlifting Windy City Open Raw Bench IL-2015-03 Illinois
10/25/2015 12th Annual Florida Collegiate Powerlifting Championship FL-2015-06 Florida
10/24/2015 USAPL Battle by the Island OH-2015-07 Ohio
10/24/2015 2015 USAPL 7th Annual Columbia City Classic Powerlifting and BP/DL WA-2015-06 Washington
10/15/2015 2015 Raw Nationals NS-2015-06 Nationals
10/10/2015 Noonan Barbell USAPL Raw Open MN-2015-05 Minnesota
10/03/2015 Northeast Iron Beast Fall USAPL Push/Pull NY-2015-09 New York
09/28/2015 2015 IPF World Masters Championships IPF Colorado
09/26/2015 Solcana Beginners USA Powerlifting Meet MN-2015-04 Minnesota
09/26/2015 USAPL Kalamazoo Klassic III MI-2015-06 Michigan
09/26/2015 3rd Top of the World Powerlifting Challenge AK-2015-07 Alaska
09/26/2015 9th Annual USAPL South Florida Open Powerlifting Championships FL-2015-05 Florida
09/26/2015 Iron Wars TX-2015-06 Texas
09/25/2015 Arnold Classic Europe
09/20/2015 2015 USAPL Colosseum Clash MD-2015-08 Maryland
09/19/2015 USAPL Route 66 Classic AZ-2015-05 Arizona
09/19/2015 Pure Fitness Open WI-2015-07 Wisconsin
09/19/2015 USAPL TEF Meet CT-2015-05 Connecticut
09/16/2015 NAPF Pan American & South American Championships Classic
09/15/2015 USAPL Warrior Closed IN-2015-01 Indiana
09/12/2015 2015 USAPL CA Barbell LCQ CA-2015-07 California
09/12/2015 SBWC Raw Open Powerlifting Fall Classic 2015 NY-2015-08 New York
09/12/2015 USAPL Separation Training Power Team Last Minute Qualifier PA-2015-08 Pennsylvania
09/11/2015 Last Man Standing Qualifier AK-2015-10 Alaska
09/05/2015 USAPL Legend's RAW National Qualifier LA-2015-08 Louisiana
09/05/2015 2015 USAPL Push Pull Nationals NS-2015-08 Nationals
08/31/2015 2015 IPF SubJr/Junior Worlds - Prague/ Czech Republic
08/29/2015 Music City Open TN-2015-02 Tennessee
08/29/2015 2015 Great Lakes Sports Festival USAPL Pro Raw Deadlift USAPL-2015-02 Pennsylvania
08/29/2015 No Frills WI-2015-10 Wisconsin
08/29/2015 USAPL Bench Press Nationals NS-2015-02 Nationals
08/27/2015 Alaska State Fair PL Challenge AK-2015-07 Alaska
08/22/2015 2015 USAPL Future Summer Shakedown OH-2015-05 Ohio
08/22/2015 Wolf Open WI-2015-06 Wisconsin
08/22/2015 New England Open ME-2015-01 Maine
08/22/2015 2015 Summers End WA-2015-03 Washington
08/15/2015 NE USAPL Patriot Open NE-2015-03 Nebraska
08/15/2015 2015 USAPL Limitless Championship NY-2015-07 New York
08/08/2015 Powerlifting For Pups GA-2015-03 Georgia
08/01/2015 New Jersey State Championships NJ-2015-01 New Jersey
08/01/2015 Ironwork's Open 2015 MI-2015-01 Michigan
07/26/2015 2015 Brown's Gym Qualifier for Nationals PA-2015-07 Pennsylvania
07/25/2015 Rocky Mountain State Games CO-2015-04 Colorado
07/25/2015 Central Florida Championship FL-2015-04 Florida
07/25/2015 Mississippi State Champioship MS-2015-02 Mississippi
07/25/2015 Summer Splash USAPL Powerlifting Meet WI-2015-08 Wisconsin
07/19/2015 SSPT Invitational MD-2015-06 Maryland
07/18/2015 Gym and TLS Raw Challenge PA-2015-06 Pennsylvania
07/18/2015 CA State Games Powerlifting CA-2015-03 California
07/18/2015 2015 Louisiana Summer Classic LA-2015-04 Louisiana
07/12/2015 2015 USAPL Ohio State Championships OH-2015-01 Ohio
07/11/2015 Liberty Games NY-2015-03 New York
07/11/2015 USAPL Baltimore Raw Open MD-2015-02 Maryland
07/11/2015 2015 Summer Power Fest TX-2015-03 Texas
07/07/2015 13th Annual IPF/NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships
07/04/2015 The Freedom Lift AZ-2015-03 Arizona
06/28/2015 SBWC Summer Invitational 2015 NY-2015-06 New York
06/27/2015 Seattle Summer Classic 2015 WA-2015-08 Washington
06/27/2015 USAPL NorCal Open CA-2015-04 California
06/26/2015 Summer Showdown GA-2015-02 Georgia
06/20/2015 2015 USAPL MO State/Midwest Open MO-2015-01 Missouri
06/13/2015 36th USAPL Florida Sunshine Games FL-2015-03 Florida
06/13/2015 Badger Open 2015 WI-2015-05 Wisconsin
06/06/2015 KS Heavy Metal Open KS-2015-01 Kansas
06/05/2015 2015 IPF Classic (Raw) Worlds
05/30/2015 7th Annual Ironman (Push/Pull) Meet MI-2015-03 Michigan
05/30/2015 USAPL Syke Out Classic MD-2015-04 Maryland
05/30/2015 2015 USAPL North Carolina State Championships NC-2015-02 North Carolina
05/30/2015 MA & RI Open State Championships RI-2015-01 Massachusetts
05/30/2015 USAPL Twin Ports Raw Open MN-2015-02 Minnesota
05/30/2015 USAPL Nevada State & West Coast Classic NV-2015-02 Nevada
05/23/2015 Battle of Legends LA-2015-05 Louisiana
05/23/2015 USAPL Boss of Norcal CA-2015-02 California
05/23/2015 Ketchikan USA Powerlifting AK-2015-05 Alaska
05/23/2015 Idaho Raw Classic ID-2015-01 Idaho
05/20/2015 IPF Bench Worlds - Open SubJr Junior
05/16/2015 015 USAPL Pennsylvania State Bench Press and Deadlift PA-2015-05 Pennsylvania
05/16/2015 USAPL Delaware Dungeon Invitational OH-2015-03 Ohio
05/15/2015 USAPL Men's and Women's Nationals NS-2015-02 Texas
05/09/2015 2015 USAPL Border Bash AL-2015-02 Alabama
05/02/2015 Orange County Powerlifting Championships NY-2015-02 New York
05/02/2015 31st Alaska Powerlifting Championship AK-2015-02 Alaska
05/02/2015 TSI & Metaboloic Technologies Pro Deadlift WA-2015-01 Washington
05/02/2015 Spring Power Challenge WA-2015-01 Washington
05/01/2015 Nasjonalt utstyrsfritt styrkeløft Norway
04/26/2015 1st Annual USAPL North Florida Open Powerlifting Championships FL-2015-07 Florida
04/25/2015 Arizona State Championships AZ-2015-02 Arizona
04/25/2015 2015 MS No Frills Meet MS-2015-02 Mississippi
04/25/2015 4th Annual Southeastern USA Regional High School Championships FL-2015-07 Florida
04/25/2015 SBWC Raw Open Powerlifting Spring Classic 2015 NY-2015-04 New York
04/25/2015 2015 USAPL Texas State Championships TX-2015-04 Texas
04/25/2015 SBWC Raw Open Powerlifting Spring Classic 2015 New York
04/25/2015 2015 NE State Championship & Midwest Open NE-2015-02 Nebraska
04/25/2015 2015 USAPL Texas State Championships TX-2015-04 Texas
04/25/2015 2015 Illinois States and Great Rivers Open IL-2015-01 Illinois
04/18/2015 USAPL Terrapin Invitational MD-2015-07 Maryland
04/18/2015 PA State Championships PA-2015-02 Pennsylvania
04/18/2015 18th Annual Battle of the Great Lakes Ohio
04/18/2015 2015 Pioneer Peak Power Fest AK-2015-04 Alaska
04/16/2015 IPF Master Benchpress Worlds Colorado
04/11/2015 2015 Kenai PL Challenge AK-2015-03 Alaska
04/11/2015 2015 CA State Championship CA-2015-01 California
04/11/2015 2015 Equinox Open MD-2015-05 Maryland
04/10/2015 2015 USAPL Collegiate Nationals NS-2015-01 Georgia
03/28/2015 2015 Southwest Regional Championships NV-2015-01 Nevada
03/27/2015 USA Powerlifting High School Nationals 2015 NS-2015-03 Nationals
03/22/2015 Cajun pride LA-2015-03 Louisiana
03/21/2015 Battle on the Border IX NC-2015-01 North Carolina
03/21/2015 1st Annual ABBRx Natural and Fit USAPL Raw Powerlifting Meet MI -2015-01 Michigan
03/21/2015 USAPL EASTERN REGIONALS MD-2015-01 Maryland
03/15/2015 5th Annual Ryan Moore N.E. Open High School Championships MA-2015-01 Massachusetts
03/14/2015 Woodward Academy High School Open IA-2015-02 Iowa
03/14/2015 SE States BP NS-2015-04 Georgia
03/14/2015 WHSPA State Meet WI-2015-02 Wisconsin
03/14/2015 2015 Florida State Championships FL-2015-01 Florida
03/14/2015 2015 Military Nationals NS-2015-04 Nationals
03/13/2015 2015 SD State Meet Bench SD-2015-01 South Dakota
03/13/2015 2015 SD State Meet PL SD-2015-01 South Dakota
03/13/2015 2 MAN QUALIFIER NY-2015-05 New York
03/11/2015 Covington USAPL Qualifier LA-2015-06 Louisiana
03/08/2015 2015 Texas Strength Classic TX-2015-01 Texas
03/06/2015 2015 Arnold - Pro American USAPL-2015-01 Nationals
03/06/2015 2015 Arnold - Pro Raw Challenge USAPL-2015-01 Nationals
03/06/2015 2015 Arnold - Pro Raw Bench USAPL-2015-01 Nationals
02/28/2015 USAPL Pirates Powerlifting Championship WA-2015-02 Washington
02/28/2015 South Milwaukee High School USAPL Qualifier WI-2015-04 Wisconsin
02/28/2015 Cowboy State Raw WY-2015-01 Wyoming
02/28/2015 USAPL MI No Frills Meet MI-2015-02 Michigan
02/28/2015 Central PA Invitational PA-2015-03 Pennsylvania
02/28/2015 2015 USAPL Georgia Spring Open GA-2015-01 Georgia
02/28/2015 VA Classic 2015 VA-2015-01 Virginia
02/28/2015 Winter Classic MA-2015-04 Massachusetts
02/28/2015 Navy USAPL Meet MD-2015-03 Maryland
02/21/2015 2015 Whitehall USAPL H.S. Meet WI-2015-03 Wisconsin
02/21/2015 2015 Alabama State Powerlifting Championship AL-2015-01 Alabama
02/21/2015 2015 South Dakota High School Qualifier SD-2015-02 South Dakota
02/21/2015 2015 Washington State Championships WA-2015-04 Washington
02/21/2015 Minnesota State Powerlifting Open MN-2015-01 Minnesota
02/20/2015 2015 Glen Mills Schools Invitational PA-2015-04 Pennsylvania
02/15/2015 RMLC Championships CO-2015-03 Colorado
02/14/2015 USAPL NE Regional Collegiate Championships - Scranton PA-2015-01 Pennsylvania
02/14/2015 USAPL Valentine's Day Lover's Quarrel AZ-2015-01 Arizona
02/14/2015 USA Powerlifting 2015 Youth Nationals CO-2015-02 Nationals
02/14/2015 RMLC Raw Collegiate Invitational CO-2015-01 Colorado
02/13/2015 La Tech USAPL Collegiate Qualifier LA-2015-02 Louisiana
02/07/2015 RM Østafjell Norway
02/07/2015 2nd Frostbite Classic AK-2015-01 Alaska
02/07/2015 Team Phoinix Qualifyer 2015 WA-2015-07 Washington
01/25/2015 Northeast Iron Beast Winter Classic II NY-2015-01 New York
01/24/2015 USAPL NE Capital City Clash NE-2015-01 Nebraska
01/17/2015 USAPL Iowa Open IA-2015-01 Iowa
01/17/2015 WI State Open '15 WI-2015-01 Wisconsin
12/13/2014 2014 Idaho State Open/High School Championships ID-2014-02 Idaho
12/13/2014 South Carolina State Championships SC-2014-01 South Carolina
12/13/2014 2014 Holiday Classic TX-2014-08 Texas
12/12/2014 American Open NS-2014-04 Massachusetts
12/06/2014 2014 Colorado State Championships CO-2014-06 Colorado
12/06/2014 Army-Navy Powerlifting Meet MD-2014-05 Maryland
12/06/2014 Southside Winter Classic AK-2014-08 Alaska
12/06/2014 Texas Regional Championships TX-2014-06 Texas
12/06/2014 2014 Team Phoinix Holiday Classic WA-2014-06 Washington
12/06/2014 Minnesota Senior State Open MN-2014-04 Minnesota
12/06/2014 Wyoming State PL&BP Championships WY-2014-01 Wyoming
11/22/2014 USAPL 2014 AZ Fall Championship AZ-2014-01 Arizona
11/22/2014 2014 Stars and Stripes Squat- BP and DL Championships PA-2014-07 Pennsylvania
11/22/2014 2014 Longhorn Open TX-2014-07 Texas
11/22/2014 2014 New England Open PL Championships MA-2014-08 Massachusetts
11/16/2014 2014 Florida Collegiate FL-2014-04 Florida
11/15/2014 LOUISIANA COLLEGIATE REGIONALS LA-2014-08 Louisiana
11/15/2014 Raw Collegiate Cup MA-2014-07 Massachusetts
11/15/2014 2014 MO USAPL Rivers Edge IL-2014-03 Illinois
11/08/2014 Big Sky Raw Powerlifting Championships MT-2014-02 Montana
11/08/2014 USAPL 2014 Ohio State PL Championships OH-2014-03 Ohio
11/08/2014 2014 CA Fall Classic CA-2014-03 California
11/03/2014 IPF Open Worlds - Aurora - USA Colorado
11/01/2014 2014 FALL FESTIVAL OF POWER NC-2014-03 North Carolina
11/01/2014 Michigan State PL & BP Championships MI-2014-05 Michigan
11/01/2014 2014 Maryland State Powerlifting Championship MD-2014-04 Maryland
11/01/2014 Hudson Natural Open WI-2014-06 Wisconsin
10/26/2014 2014 Columbia City Classic WA-2014-07 Washington
10/25/2014 Vermont Fall Open VT-2014-01 Vermont
10/25/2014 USAPL Best of the Midwest IA-2014-02 Iowa
10/25/2014 2014 GA & Southern States BP & PL Championships GA-2014-08 Georgia
10/18/2014 Mile High Push Pull CO-2014-05 Colorado
10/18/2014 SBWC Raw Open Powerlifting Fall Classic 2014 NY-2014-06 New York
10/11/2014 2014 Alaska Fitness Expo AK-2014-06 Alaska
10/11/2014 Penn State Iron Lion Meet PA-2014-09 Pennsylvania
09/27/2014 2014 Top of the World - AK-2014-07 Alaska
09/27/2014 Kalamazoo Klassic II MI-2014-04 Michigan
09/21/2014 South Florida Open NS-2014-10 Florida
09/21/2014 South Florida Open NS-2014-10 Florida
09/21/2014 2014 IPF World Masters - Pilsen/ Czech Republic
09/21/2014 2014 USAPL Push-Pull & Deadlift Nationals NS-2014-10 Nationals
09/20/2014 IRON WARS TX-2014-04 Texas
09/20/2014 2014 Top of the World Powerlifting Classic AK-2014-07 Alaska
09/13/2014 New York State Championships 2014 NY-2014-04 New York
09/13/2014 Great Lakes Pro Deadlift USAPL-2014-02 Pennsylvania
08/23/2014 2014 Alaska State Fair AK-2014-03 Alaska
08/23/2014 2014 USAPL Bench Nationals NS-2014-01 Texas
08/23/2014 USAPL Summer End 2014 WA-2014-05 Washington
08/23/2014 2014 Alaska State Fair AK-2014-03 Alaska
08/23/2014 2014 USAPL Summer BP & PL Championships PA-2014-06 Pennsylvania
08/16/2014 NE USAPL Patriot Open NE-2014-03 Nebraska
08/16/2014 Newport Open RI-2014-01 Rhode Island
08/16/2014 Bull Stewart Battle on the Beach - Alki Classic WA-2014-04 Washington
08/16/2014 Twin Cities Open MN-2014-03 Minnesota
08/09/2014 Powerlifting for Pups GA-2014-04 Georgia
08/02/2014 Iron Works Open X MI-2014-03 Michigan
08/02/2014 2014 New Jersey State Championships NJ-2014-02 New Jersey
08/02/2014 Omro Summer Classic WI-2014-05 Wisconsin
07/26/2014 2014 USAPL Rocky Mountain State Games CO-2014-04 Colorado
07/17/2014 2014 Raw Nationals NS-2014-09 Colorado
07/12/2014 LOUISIANA SUMMER CLASSIC LA-2014-04 Louisiana
07/12/2014 2014 California State Games CA-2014-01 California
07/12/2014 2014 USAPL Summer Power Fest TX-2014-03 Texas
06/28/2014 Powerlifting for Pink GA-2014-07 Georgia
06/20/2014 32nd Annual USAPL Men's National Powerlifting Championships NS-2014-05 Pennsylvania
06/14/2014 2014 USAPL Seattle Summer Classic WA-2014-03 Washington
06/14/2014 Badger Open 2014 WI-2014-04 Wisconsin
06/14/2014 2014 Colosseum Push-Pull MD-2014-02 Maryland
06/14/2014 USA Powerlifting North Carolina State Championships NC-2014-02 North Carolina
06/14/2014 2014 USAPL Central Florida Open Powerlifting Championships FL-2014-03 Florida
06/01/2014 IPF Raw Worlds 2014 - Potchefstroom- South Africa
05/31/2014 2014 USAPL KANSAS HEAVY METAL KS-2014-01 Kansas
05/24/2014 2014 Annual Idaho Spring Classic Raw Powerlifting Championships ID-2014-01 Idaho
05/24/2014 2014 USAPL Boynton Barbell Center Raw Open Championships FL-2014-02 Florida
05/20/2014 IPF 2014 World BP - SubJr Jr O Masters - Rodby Denmark
05/17/2014 2014 Pennsylvania State Powerlifting Championships PA-2014-01 Pennsylvania
05/17/2014 Ketchikan Spring Powerlifting Meet AK-2014-04 Alaska
05/17/2014 2014 TWIN PORTS RAW OPEN MN-2014-02 Minnesota
05/17/2014 Illinois State/ Great Rivers Open IL-2014-02 Illinois
05/17/2014 2014 PA State Single Lift Championships PA-2014-01 Pennsylvania
05/16/2014 2014 Womens Nationals NS-2014-06 Louisiana
05/10/2014 2014 Hoosier Open IN-2014-01 Indiana
05/10/2014 5th Annual Ironman Push/Pull Meet MI-2014-02 Michigan
05/10/2014 USAPL Border Bash & Southeastern High School State Wars GA-2014-03 Georgia
05/04/2014 1st Annual USAPL Connecticut Spring Classic CT-2014-01 Connecticut
05/03/2014 2014 USAPL Mississippi State Championship MS-2014-02 Mississippi
05/02/2014 2014 USAPL Masters Nationals NS-2014-07 Texas
04/26/2014 Alaska State Championship AK-2014-02 Alaska
04/26/2014 2014 PATRIOT QUALIFIER LA-2014-07 Louisiana
04/26/2014 2014 USAPL Texas State Championships TX-2014-05 Texas
04/17/2014 IPF World Master Bench - Northumberland- Great Britain
04/12/2014 2014 Equinox Open MD-2014-01 Maryland
04/11/2014 2014 USAPL Collegiate Nationals NS-2014-03 Florida
04/05/2014 USAPL Georgia Spring Open GA-2014-02 Georgia
03/28/2014 2014 HS Nationals-JV NS-2014-02 Texas
03/28/2014 2014 HS Nationals-varsity NS-2014-02 Texas
03/22/2014 CAJUN PRIDE LA-2014-06 Louisiana
03/22/2014 USAPL Battle on the Border VIII NC-2014-01 North Carolina
03/15/2014 32nd Annual USAPL Florida State Powerlifting Championships FL-2014-01 Florida
03/15/2014 The Brother Bennett Memorial Powerlifting Meet MS-2014-01 Mississippi
03/15/2014 USAPL Alabama State Powerlifting Championship AL-2014-01 Alabama
03/14/2014 2014 South Dakota State Bench Press & Powerlifting Championships SD-2014-01 South Dakota
03/14/2014 2014 USAPL Military National Powerlifting Championships NS-2014-08 Texas
03/09/2014 2014 Last Chance Qualifier CO-2014-02 Colorado
03/09/2014 4th Annual Ryan Moore New England High School Championships MA-2014-06 Massachusetts
03/09/2014 Gulf Coast Championships TX-2014-01 Texas
03/08/2014 2014 Wisconsin High School State Championships WI-2014-02 Wisconsin
03/08/2014 2014 WOODWARD ACADEMY INVITATIONAL IA-2014-01 Iowa
03/08/2014 Covington Qualifier LA-2014-05 Louisiana
03/08/2014 The Guerilla Fitness Raw Nationals Qualifier NJ-2014-01 New Jersey
03/08/2014 USAPL Georgia High School State Championships GA-2014-05 Georgia
02/28/2014 Arnold USAPL-2014-01 Ohio
02/28/2014 Arnold - GNC Pro Deadlift USAPL-2014-01 Ohio
02/28/2014 Arnold - Ohio Invitational Ironman USAPL-2014-01 Ohio
02/28/2014 Arnold - Titan Pro Bench USAPL-2014-01 Ohio
02/28/2014 Arnold 2014-Pro Equipped USAPL-2014-01 Ohio
02/28/2014 Arnold 2014-Raw Challenge USAPL-2014-01 Ohio
02/28/2014 Arnold - SSP Nutrition Pro Raw Benchpress - USAPL-2014-01 Ohio
02/22/2014 2014 USAPL Aggie Showdown TX-2014-02 Texas
02/22/2014 2014 Whitehall USAPL High School Meet WI-2014-03 Wisconsin
02/22/2014 Albany Strength USAPL POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIP NY-2014-02 New York
02/22/2014 USA Powerlifting Frostbite Classic AK-2014-01 Alaska
02/22/2014 Winter Classic MA-2014-05 Massachusetts
02/22/2014 2014 Washington State Championships WA-2014-02 Washington
02/21/2014 LaTech Collegiate Qualifer LA-2014-02 Louisiana
02/15/2014 2014 South Dakota High School Qualifier SD-2014-02 South Dakota
02/15/2014 2014 USAPL California State Championships CA-2014-02 California
02/15/2014 Northeast Collegiate Conference Championship PA-2014-04 Pennsylvania
02/08/2014 Elite Sports & Fitness High School PL Open MA-2014-04 Massachusetts
02/07/2014 Lutcher High School Nationals Qualifier LA-2014-03 Louisiana
02/01/2014 2014 MN State Meet & Midwest Open Championships MN-2014-01 Minnesota
02/01/2014 2014 USAPL RMLC Championships CO-2014-01 Colorado
02/01/2014 Rocky Mountain Pro Bench CO-2014-06 Colorado
01/26/2014 2014 USA Powerlifting Winter Open / NE Regional / Raw Collegiate PL/BP/DL Championships - PA-2014-02 Pennsylvania
01/25/2014 USAPL GA Winter Classic & Single Ply Invitational GA-2014-01 Georgia
01/25/2014 2014 NE USAPL Capital City Clash NE-2014-01 Nebraska
01/20/2014 St. John's Classic MA-2014-01 Massachusetts
01/19/2014 Northeast Iron Beast Winter Classic NY-2014-01 New York
01/18/2014 Wisconsin State Open WI-2014-01 Wisconsin
01/11/2014 New England Open MA-2014-03 Massachusetts
12/14/2013 2013 USAPL Sunshine Games Powerlifting Championships 13-12-01 Florida
12/07/2013 2013 USAPL Southside Winter Classic AK-2013-03 Alaska
12/07/2013 2013 American Open
12/07/2013 2013 Colorado State Championships - CO-2013-03 Colorado
12/07/2013 USAPL Border Bash GA-2013-06 Georgia
12/07/2013 2013 Texas Regional Championships TX-2013-01 Texas
11/17/2013 First Annual Raw Collegiate Cup MA-2013-05 Massachusetts
11/09/2013 2013 USAPL Ohio State Meet OH-2013-02 Ohio
11/09/2013 2013 USAPL Georgia & Southern States GA-2013-04
11/06/2013 IPF Classic World Men's Championships- Russia/ Suzdal
11/05/2013 USAPL Push/Pull Spring Power Challenge
11/02/2013 2013 USAPL So Cal Regional Championships CA-2013-02
10/26/2013 2013 Mile High Push Pull CO-2013-02 Colorado
10/26/2013 Alaska Fitness Expo - GNC Alaska Bench Press Invitational AK-2013-04
10/26/2013 Alaska Fitness Expo - GNC Alaska Deadlift Invitational AK-2013-04 Alaska
10/12/2013 Indiana Powerfest IN-2013-01
10/08/2013 North Texas Showdown
09/28/2013 5th Annual Iron Wars TX-2013-02
09/14/2013 Top of the World Powerlifting Challenge AK-2013-02 Alaska
09/11/2013 Rivers Edge PL/BP
08/10/2013 Powerlifting for Pups GA-2013-03 Georgia
07/27/2013 2013 Rocky Mountain State Games CO-2013-01 Colorado
07/19/2013 2013 Raw Nationals NS-2013-03 Florida
07/13/2013 2013 CA State Games CA-2013-01 California
07/12/2013 Sioux Empire Bench Open
07/08/2013 2013 USAPL Central Florida Open Powerlifting Championships FL-2013-03 Florida
06/29/2013 2013 USAPL KANSAS HEAVY METAL OPEN 13-06-002
06/02/2013 2013 Massachusetts Open Massachusetts
06/02/2013 New Jersey State High School- Benchpress & PL Championships 13-06-01
05/18/2013 USAPL 2013 Women's National Championships - NS-2013-01 Nationals
05/11/2013 Twin Ports Raw Open 13-05-02
05/03/2013 Men's Masters Nationals 13-05-01 Nationals
04/27/2013 S.E HS State Wars AL-2013-01 Alabama
04/20/2013 2013 USAPL Alaska State Championships AK-2013-01 Alaska
04/20/2013 Powerlifting for Pink GA-2013-02 Georgia
04/13/2013 Rage in the Cage 2013 13-04-06
04/13/2013 2013 Battle of the Great Lakes 13-04-03
04/12/2013 Collegiate Nationals
04/08/2013 3rd Annual Boston Open
04/06/2013 2013 GA Spring Open - GA-2013-01 Georgia
04/06/2013 Richmond Open 4/14/13 13-04-01
04/05/2013 2013 High School Nationals - JV 13-04-04 Nationals
04/05/2013 2013 High School Nationals - Varsity 13-04-04 Nationals
04/05/2013 2013 High School Nationals - JV 13-04-04 Nationals
04/05/2013 2013 High School Nationals - Varsity 13-04-04 Nationals
03/24/2013 Cajun Pride 13-03-10
03/23/2013 2013 Battle on the Border VI 13-03-14
03/23/2013 2013 USAPL PA State Powerlifting Championship PA-2013-01
03/10/2013 3rd Annual Ryan Moore NE Open High School PL Championship 13-03-04
03/10/2013 Gulf Coast Championships 13-03-09
03/09/2013 Military Nationals Nationals
03/09/2013 USAPL Georgia High School State Championships 13-03-05 Georgia
03/08/2013 2013 USAPL Oklahoma State Championships
03/02/2013 WHSPA Girls State Meet 13-03-01
03/01/2013 Arnold Raw Challenge
03/01/2013 Arnold NAPF Equipped
03/01/2013 Arnold - Titan Pro Bench
03/01/2013 Arnold - Ohio Ironman
03/01/2013 Arnold - GNC Pro Deadlift
02/23/2013 31st Annual USAPL Florida State Powerlifting Championships 13-02-10 Florida
02/16/2013 2013 California State Powerlifting Championship 13-02-03 California
02/16/2013 USAPL "No Frills" Meet 13-02-04
01/03/2013 Army Black and Gold Meet
01/01/2013 2013 IPF World Games
01/01/2013 2013 IPF Junior & Subjunior Worlds
01/01/2013 USA Powerlifting Push-Pull and Deadlift National Championships
01/01/2013 22.00
01/01/2013 IPF Masters World Championship